So long as everyone keeps messily grinding through this God-awful pandemic, we can avoid a return to the dark days of March. We want to hear from you.

All Rights Reserved. And there's still no prospect of Congress passing the next Covid relief bill anytime soon.

Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. In the absence of more relief coming, the incoming economic data now take on extra significance for the market.

And that is the single most important factor to watch right now. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Pretty sure the age of disorder has already dawned.

Brian joined CNBC in 2011, where he is a financial journalist and news anchor.

Add it all up and the U.S. may be more dependent upon itself in the decade to come than it has been for years--if we don't tear ourselves apart first. On the one hand, we're worried their demand is weakening. Click here to listen to The Exchange as a podcast. If the shutdowns return, however, all bets are off. But that is one area, at least, where he doesn't expect the upcoming election to have much impact. 17 talking about this. In retaliation for us cracking down on their reporters earlier this year, apparently.

As President Trump said yesterday when asked about the subject, "It's called decoupling, so you'll start thinking about it...we will end our reliance on China.". The market jitters you could largely chalk up to Covid; most D.C. types are saying you can throw the chances for the political compromise needed to pass the next relief bill out the window now that the parties will be at each others' throats over filling Ginsburg's seat. Covid cases are surging to fresh highs in the U.S.--so why is the stock market taking it in stride?

Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis.

Even the markets appeared unnerved yesterday, with the Dow off nearly 1,000 points at the lows. Back in March, when Covid was first ascendant, we were often plunging one or two thousand points a day as the market ultimately tumbled 40%. For starters, the government (including the Fed) has already flooded the system with liquidity, so much so that households are sitting on roughly $1 trillion of "excess" savings, as discussed by Michael Darda of MKM Partners. One economist I know is warning people there's a 75% chance of a litigated election that could be drawn out for weeks. A Division of NBCUniversal. Meanwhile the Chinese have refused to renew press credentials for a few of the main U.S. journalists still left there, including reporters for The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Getty. His sources of disorder include not just the de-globalization mentioned above, but also inequality, climate angst, the priorities of younger policy makers, and the tech revolution ("Big cities were huge winners in the previous era, and this could now reverse" if work-from-home stays permanent, he notes). Or if you're a smaller firm dependent upon the globalized supply (and demand) chain. Italy imposes harshest coronavirus restrictions since spring. Little wonder that "deteriorating U.S./China relations and the reversal of unfettered globalization" is the first of eight themes Deutsche Bank lists today in its piece explaining that the "Age of Disorder" is coming. Still, that's not great news if you're one of the leading American multinationals, like Apple and Starbucks, dependent on both countries. The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (may she rest in peace) has sent shockwaves not just through Washington, but across the country since late Friday. Shares of Disney are leading the Dow. A Division of NBCUniversal.

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American Airlines, Starbucks, and Fox are leading the Nasdaq, as I write this. CNBC. He earned his wealth through his business and reporting expertise to various news outlets. P.S.

Kelly Evans @KellyCNBC. And as a result, we aren't seeing the kind of large-scale shutdowns that brought the economy to a sudden stop in March. So what gives?

9. There is still, thankfully, a "reopening" feel to the market overall today. And it puts the onus even more on the Fed--which has been trying to put the onus back on Congress--to do more as needed to support the recovery. Along with that, she was also the co-anchor Squawk on the Street and Worldwide Exchange. Put differently, it means 'markets want broad consensus.').

It's ugly out there in tech again today. On that note, the market isn't just worried today about the spread of Covid cases here, but also about the headlines from Europe.

(It's why the old saying on Wall Street also goes that 'markets love gridlock.' "Companies that have embraced globalization will be stuck in the middle if relations sour as we fear," Reid writes. Chevron is the second-worst performer in the Dow. But the laggards have a bit of a China bent to them. Got a confidential news tip?

Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Covid cases are surging to fresh highs in the U.S.--so why is the stock market taking it in stride? Eric Chemi is identified by his wife Kelly Evans, who is the co-host of CNBC business news channel's "Closing Bell". It's not just that the 7-day average in cases is already at a fresh high of nearly 69,000. Back to China, the newsflow shows just how complicated our relationship with that country is. Passionate about work: Kelly Evans speaks with iconic investor Stanley Druckenmiller on the stock market, tax reform and his stock picks. This is not a rare occurrence; it's happened 19 times before, according to Dan McLaughlin, including when John Adams appointed Chief Justice John Marshall even after he had lost his reelection bid to Jefferson. Sounds like a formula for another market collapse.

Republicans are gambling that voters don't want this and would prefer Ginsburg's seat to be filled, as is the tradition when the Senate is of the same party as the president in an election year vacancy. All Rights Reserved. According to Chase card data, as of mid-October, spending by Baby Boomers was still down 10% from a year earlier, while spending by Millennial and Gen Z cardholders was up 5.1%.

You've also got officials warning more or less that, to borrow Bill Ackman's memorable phrase, "hell is coming" this winter. (Published: 13 Dec 2017) Prior to joining CNBC, she was an economics reporter at the Wall Street, a journal where she wrote The Ahead Of The Tapes column. All Rights Reserved. To be sure, the "stay-at-home" plays like Zoom and DocuSign are down again today, but not by as much as we've seen; around 3.5% at last check.

Indeed, the "reopening" stocks were the worst performers yesterday, including cruise lines, airlines, casinos, and banks. It's one thing for people to start "sheltering in place" again by choice, and another if officials start doing blanket closures. The U.S. may be entering "our most dangerous time," former health official Andy Slavitt said today, in part because front-line healthcare workers are already exhausted from fighting Covid, he said. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where the SCOTUS replacement is relatively uneventful; Congress compromises to pass a Covid relief bill before the election; and we actually know the election results the night of November 3rd. Got a confidential news tip?

The former is already having an impact, in the form of a massive gap between spending by older and younger Americans. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. © 2020 CNBC LLC. The same theme as last week--the Nasdaq leading a sharp move lower--is back this week, but with a twist.

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