“Even though change is happening all around us, some things remain the same. ENDTIMES NEWS AND PROPHECY LASER FOCUSED ON WHAT'S IMPORTANT!

In a controversial interview with Lisa Guerrero of “Inside Edition” last year, Copeland defended his belief that pastors like himself can live in luxury.

#satire #religimarole #kencopeland #billionaire #atheist #atheism, Kenneth Copeland - If You Lost Your Job in the Pandemic, “Don’t You Stop Tithing”, Photos by Freepik.com / Pexels.com / Pixabay.com / Freeimages.com, Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. In a statement emailed to The Christian Post on Tuesday, TBN Marketing Director Nate Daniels said the removal of Copeland’s programs, which will go into effect on Oct. 2, was part of several alterations. 17 U.S.C.

And you guessed it, It's money. The Pray is a parody blog and is not recommended for people under the age 18.

I get excited talking about it ‘cause I love it and I started out deep in debt with nothing.”, Last September, televangelist Benny Hinn, a purported faith healer and longtime proponent of the prosperity gospel, renounced the theology, declaring that the “Holy Ghost is just fed up with it.”. Does this sound like someone who is operating in victory? § 107, Do you have an idea for a story? Now he is asking his parishioners to fork over more money because Jesus doesn't want him losing to a woman. He needs deliverance! Please do your part today.

“The blessing of Abraham.

Anita Rivera is a full-time Christian Evangelist.

Founder and President of EMOAF Church and Open Your Eyes People broadcast. Copeland also confirmed the removal of his program on TBN in a statement posted on Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ website earlier this month. They believe in wealth,” said Copeland at the time.

Because when I read the Bible now, I don’t see the Bible in the same eyes I saw 20 years ago,” said Hinn last year in a Facebook Live broadcast. GOD’S LITTLE ANGELS ORPHANAGE PAKISTAN GLA also evangelizes the towns around Lahore and gives food to the poor and needy. Make him the first Billionaire Televangelist.

Significant Spike In Immigrants Illegally Crossing Into US Ahead Of Election. With a net worth of $760 Million dollars, Kenneth Copeland, of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, wants to be the first Billionaire televangelist and he got his permission to do so by none other than: Jesus Christ.

- YouTube This man is manipulated so grossly he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. A REVIEW, SUMMARY AND ORDER OF “THE KICK OFF EVENT” AND SOME EVENTS THAT WILL FOLLOW, UPDATED 12-8-18/ I SOUGHT THE HEAVENLY FATHER ABOUT THE TRUTH OF THE “FLAT EARTH” THEORY – Linda Hasche, UPDATED 6-2-19 LAST POST FOR NOW! Do you have an idea for a story?

If you go into the old covenant, do you think that the Jewish people believe that you should be broke? https://whistleblowerjeff.holyspiritwind.net/2018/10/listen-to-this-if-you-have-trouble-sleeping-h20n2-wine/. I saw the eyes and remembered this came up. “It’s a misunderstanding of the Bible. “Matt let me know they believe The LORD is taking TBN in a new direction, and our daily program, Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV), isn’t really a fit for their future programming,” Copeland wrote.

The Pray is a parody blog and is not recommended for people under the age 18. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

“As a part of this transition we chose to move away from telethons, upgraded to HD, expanded our streaming platforms, forged partnerships with family brands like K-LOVE, Museum of the Bible and others, and have replaced some programs with new original content from voices like Christine Caine, Mike Huckabee, Mike Rowe and more.”, Daniels also explained that it was “a very difficult decision” to drop Copeland and that programming by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church will replace “Believer’s Voice of Victory.”. Ken Copeland: Jesus Christ wants me to be the first Billionaire preacher. End Times News Ministry ministering in an impoverished Roma Gypsy community in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, 5/26/2019 — Extremely Large M8.0 Earthquake strikes Peru — Biggest on planet this Year – Dutchsinse, Pictures: Dam Failure, Peru earthquake; M8.0 felt as far as Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador – Mary Greeley News, Biblical Warnings, Teachings and Prophecies, War Will Not be Turned Back Now for it is Time, The Lord’s Perfect Sign Ends January 21, 2019, “2019 is Not the End but Your World Will Not be the Same as it has Been.”. Copeland, who has a reported net worth of around $300 million and is the owner of two private jets and two twin-engine planes, is a proponent of what is often pejoratively described as the prosperity gospel. Kenneth Copeland Ministries and TBN have had a business relationship for some 40 years, with the network airing Copeland’s “Believer’s Voice of Victory.”. Yet, He gave his disciples authority over them.

The scariest things in the universe are black holes – and here are 3... Full Speed Ahead: Trump To Enlist Local Police in Immigration Crackdown. Piles of bricks suddenly appearing in U.S. cities, The scariest things in the universe are black holes – and here are 3 reasons, Gambler Stakes $5 Million On Trump in the ‘largest political wager ever made’, ‘Just remember: 2021 could be even worse!’ Analyst warns of possible presidential race tie. Get Out Now!! “The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.”, “I tell you this day Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar for he is the last king of Babylon/America.”. How is he even a preacher in this state? I honestly felt sorry for him. “In pursuit of a new vision under Matt and Laurie Crouch’s leadership, TBN has been making changes to programming over the last several years,” Daniels said. PIPES International is a global Christian mission organization that partners with local churches in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States.

Abbot Sending 1,000 National Guard Troops To 5 Texas Cities…, Election Fears – Americans Frantically Buying Military Gear Before Upcoming 2020…, UFO bombshell: US Government retrieve physical proof of ‘vehicle not made…, New sex ed teaches New Jersey minors about sodomy and how…, 7.0 Earthquake Kills 14 in Turkey, More Than 250 Injured –…, African volcano lava rising at rapid rate in DISASTER warning –…, Endtime Ministries Founder and Prophetic Teacher Irvin Baxter Has Died of…, Authorities Investigate Mass Deaths of Sea Life Off The Coast of…, 2020 features first global Halloween Blue Moon since WWII, Police brace for potential Election Day unrest in a year when…, Donald Trump superfan who worshipped 6ft statue of President dies after…, Trump receives official endorsements from Taliban, KKK, Niece of Osama Bin…, Bubonic Plague alert sparks panic in Russia – fears people EATING…, Russian Arctic Rivers Run Red, Causing a State of Emergency, Locals Mesmerized as Caspian Sea Mysteriously Turns Blood Red [Watch], A Russian aircraft has just been shot down by Turkey, Military…, Apocalyptic fires cause devastation across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, Israel, UAE reach historic peace deal: ‘We can make a wonderful…, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to ANNEX both Judea and…, River in Israel Turns Red from Blood “Like the Plague in…, Earthquakes Hit both Vatican City and Israel at the Same Time. I don’t usually watch the videos here as I can more quickly read and I have to be wise with my time, but I just saw an article about this interview. Kenneth Copeland Ministries and TBN have had a business relationship for some 40 years, with the network airing Copeland’s “Believer’s Voice of Victory.” In a statement emailed to The Christian Post on Tuesday, TBN Marketing Director Nate Daniels said the removal of Copeland’s programs, which will go into effect on Oct. 2, was part of several alterations. He got the idea from Kylie Jenner, who was close to becoming a billionaire and her fans were just throwing money at her. This man is demonised.

Abraham was extremely wealthy and he had a covenant with God. WHISTLEBLOWER JEFF WILL NOT BE POSTING NEW ARTICLES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, REPTILIAN SNAKE EYES SEEN IN A MEGA PASTORS KENNETH COPELAND AND CREFLO DOLLAR **(MUST WATCH AND SHARE)** – Kerry-Ann Gidden, Prophecy Will Become Tomorrow’s Headlines even Before the Transformation of My Remnant Bride – Holy Spirit Wind, 5-27-19 ~ “Dungeons and Dragons WILL Become Your Reality.” – Linda Hasche, The GREAT ANOINTING Comes for the Battle Ahead – Elizabeth Marie, Update On Oroville and the Surrounding Lakes/Oroville Dam Concrete is Spalling!!!

Email me at religimarole@gmail.com. He looked at her bank account and at his bank account and it didn't seem fair to him that a woman, and one who's father is a sinner, should have more money than him.

That’s the glassy/glossy “Imnotallhere” eyes that I’ve seen in a few people. View openyoureyespeople.emoaf’s profile on Facebook, View OYEPBreakinNews’s profile on Twitter, View PureGraceEvangelism’s profile on YouTube, View +EvangelistAnitaFuentes/posts’s profile on Google+, Gov.

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