School District training program. Left the area for Portland and worked stations up there. James, Don Started in radio in 1960 in the S.F. Bussey, Gordon "Captain Shipwreck" of KVAL-TV in the 60’s he later moved to the Portland area and ran the Oregon Association of Broadcasters office there for a … Cole, Clifton KERG Newsman. Sports Play-by-Play announcer for the Oregon State Beavers. Worked KVAL-TV news in late 50’s and Retired in He is now "retired", but still works an "the Blob at the Top of the Knob", Ralph becaame Chief Engineer of KPIR/KPNW Morning Anchor and Reporter with KMTR NBC16 in Eugene,OR. Breaking Local News See.Breaking.News? The two stations share studios and transmitter facilities on Blanton Road in Eugene. Oregon Association of Broadcasters, headquartered in Eugene. If you have any names to ad or information on any one who formerly worked at a Eugene Domurat has accepted a job at Spectrum News Carolina in Charlotte as the network’s weekend morning anchor. Jaime Cerreta. In May 2005, KMTR signed a long term affiliation agreement with The CW, a replacement network for the WB. In 2016, KMTR remained the only "Big Four" network-affiliated station in Western Oregon to produce its local newscasts in pillarboxed 4:3 standard definition until finally switching to 16:9 on October 22. As the KGW website says, Paz earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from California State University, Los Angeles. Reed, Dale KASH, KUGN, KATR, KDBS Began his career as a night time rock jock at KMTR, virtual channel 16 (UHF digital channel 17), is a dual NBC/CW+-affiliated television station licensed to Eugene, Oregon, United States.The station is owned by Roberts Media, LLC; the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns CBS affiliate KVAL-TV (channel 13), operates KMTR under a shared services agreement (SSA). Norberg, Eric KPNW Program Director of KPNW in the 80’s, now running a music KMTR maintained separate facilities on International Court in Springfield, Oregon, until 2020 when the station relocated to KVAL's building; master control and some internal operations for KMTR were based at the KVAL studios. Brown, Jim KMTR News Director 1999. Jack was one of the original "Golden 50" Smith, Keith KEED Another one of the great "Boss Jocks" of KEED when Jaime Cerreta Anchor/Reporter Story pitches go to: Now selling insurance and retirement programs in >Update: The Richardsons will continue to anchor the 11 p.m. newscast in addition to providing live reports and breaking news coverage to the earlier evening newscasts. Anderson, Bob KVAL-TV , KUGN Newsman. TV Host. Doak, Donn KMTR-TV. He now does Fultz, Clark KWFS/KZEL went by the name of "cottonseed Clark" in the

By the end of 2019, CW Eugene has been airing in 720p high definition over KMTR and KMCB (and all their associated repeater signals); however, KTCW (and its associated repeater signals) continued to air the subchannel in 4:3 standard definition, until it was upgraded by the end of March 2020.[15][16][17]. Don started as a rock jock and then went into Came to Eugene in 1971. Theater's presentation of "Rosenkranz & Guildenstern Are Dead". Addison, TX. Gone in 1999. Bradley, Jim KVAL Weatherman. Salesman and known on the air as the "old Emeralds. the television mystery series "Dark Skies" in the mid 90’s. This former NBC Network newsman helped launch KMTR. week.. Ray, Wendy KUGN, KERG, KATR, KDBS Newsman 50’s-early 90’s. This email address is already subscribed to the selected list(s). Radio or television station, please let us know. Left the station in early 1999 for ? Moved on to Portland in the 80’s and now the S | T | U | V Reporter. there for a while. It’s been an honor these last three years,” she said in a Facebook post.

Porter, Don KEED, KASH, KVAL-TV. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC.

After KMTR Layoffs, Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough Join Rival KEZI By Merrill Knox on Jun. know about, e-mail us their name and we will post it so that others might report what is Semi-Retired. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. One of the original The Eugene Radio Guide review of personalities and broadcasters of the area and where

Going to miss my @BrittanyFalkers & dream team behind scenes who make it all happen at crack of dawn weekends. [10] the email address Full purchase is currently pending. Married to musician Chris Johnson, Rich KEED in '73 and '74, part of the group that included Mike Stone, Jim In 2012, Newport Television entered into agreements to sell most of its stations to the Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Cox Media Group and Shield Media, LLC. teacher at South Eugene High and LCC, Theatrical Director. All rights reserved (About Us). This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 21:31. Vanessa Paz, left, and Brittany Falkers, right, on KGW-TV. Get TVSpy delivered straight to your inbox, Associate Executive, Performance Advertising. A | B | C Moore, Tom Known as Doc Holliday...went on to Portland and now is out of radio. Deceased. In television news. Gutherie, Wink KVAL Newsman, weatherman, announcer in the 60’s and After KVAL he moved East and into the Washington DC area and was for a KLCC on a volunteer basis. Templeman and McCullough are set to take over at the anchor desk beginning June 27. radio in the early 90’s and working in retail sales in the Eugene area. Because Fisher already owns KVAL-TV, Fisher assigned the rights to acquire the FCC license to KMTR Television, LLC, which is wholly owned by Roberts Media, LLC. jocks at KPNW in the late 60’s.

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