Your heartbeat sound like someone troubled.". "Are you really okay?"

Melody is a master musician who was transformed due to hearing one part of what is called the "Sonata of Darkness," a musical piece said to be created by the devil himself. Basho said lazily. Basically, the catalyst for her life purpose and the entire reason she was cursed is due to her getting drunk with a fellow musician who happened to have the Sonata Of Darkness. Please consider turning it on! "But Basho maybe will agree to what I just said earlier." [1], Melody and Kurapika oversee the Underground Auction site, During the first night of the Southernpiece Auction, Dalzollene partners Melody and Kurapika together to keep watch on the building's main entrance. Melody notices Kurapika's heartbeatMelody was hired with Kurapika as Neon's bodyguard; therefore, she could be classified as a Blacklist Hunter. Unlike in the manga where she brings a piece of Dracoderma skin in order to become a Nostrade bodyguard, In the 2011 anime adaptation, Melody first encounters Kurapika by passing by him after he receives a job from the, Melody's ability of listening to people's heartbeat is reminiscent to.

The Phantom Troupe disrupts the Mafia's underground auction.

Your ability won't let me go without detected." Melody is a minor character in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. Emission While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. This is a college AU with interconnected stories, split up into parts based on the pairing.


At the tail end of the arc, Kurapika and Melody leave to return to Neon. Senritsu ask. Preocupada, Senritsu desea poder ayudar a un devastado Kurapika, sumido en el cansancio y la tristeza. With the Kakin Empire in shambles, it's inevitable that the three personalities meet. Kurapika smile. The ability can work on hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time, even if Melody's music is broadcast.[44].


Kurapika was actually not fully opened up to Senritsu, but Senritsu forced him to.

Melody prepares to tell Kacho about Nen. She voted during the 13th generation Chairman Election of the Hunter Association and was also one of Gon's visitors in the hospital he was confined in. Ging Freecs returns to Whale Island after his seven-year round-trip to the Dark Continent- but not alone. She always wears long sleeves and leggings, as the Sonata of Darkness has changed her appearance dramatically; her exposed flesh is warped and lurid enough to make Kurapika flinch. I got overloaded idea… many pairings in mind. RELATED: Hunter X Hunter: 5 Characters Stronger Than Pariston Hill (& 5 Weaker). She nominates Kurapika to be the new leader of the bodyguards, which Kurapika accepts. Her goal is to find and destroy the Sonata of Darkness so that no one else will have to suffer the fate that she and her friends have. Season 3, Episode 5. Melody can even differentiate one's footsteps from another, enabling her to determine the number of people in a crowd whilst picking out the sound of her target's footsteps, for example, in a city. "No I'm okay now!"

¡Si latieras así siempre!

Just like how Killua seems to tie everything back to assassination somehow because that's what he knows, Melody always has an analogy or comparison to music ready for any and all situations. Sem alimentar esperanças, ela se coloca diante daquele que aquece seu coração e exprime as palavras que se acumulavam em seus pensamentos. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! Hunter Association Nostrade Family Kurapika Kacho Hui Guo Rou Nen Melody (センリツ, Senritsu) is a Music Hunter who is a companion of Kurapika and is also a part of the Nostrade Family. Honestly, her ability always sounded more like a Trasmutatator's (like Killua) than an Emitter's, but the results cannot be argued against. Notice how it keeps being said that Melody is a kind soul and a genuinely good person? [35] She then accompanies Gon and the others assists, as Gon goes to meet Leorio in the auditorium where all the Hunters were voting for the new chairman of the Hunter Association. hunter, anh. "I've told Gon and rest more about my power..." a pause and then Kurapika continue, "Do you want to know it, Senritsu?". Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

In public, Melody typically wears hats. Contrary to her petite appearance, she is agile enough to fend off attacks from Tocino's Nen.

Melody is an Emitter, so she specializes in separating the aura from her body.

Kurapika said standing up and turn to his friend, looking to the woman.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the greats when it comes to shonen anime, especially with the popularity of the 2011 anime adaptation. NEXT: Hunter X Hunter: 10 Strongest Enhancers In The Series, Ranked.

Rather, she uses it because she doesn't know of any other way.

Kurapika sigh heavily. Kacho then asks her why she thinks she is doing it for someone else. Her front teeth are pronounced and protrude much like a rodent's. When Gon learns that his father intends to marry Pariston Hill at the family home, he wonders if he's still floating in a coma, detached from reality but still very much alive. Season 3, Episode 5. It's not like she's alienating anyone by using this terminology, as she usually explains the term after she uses it.

Senritsu show a motherly smile to Kurapika. Her mission is to find and destroy the Sonata, so that no one else will have to suffer the fate that she has.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This is Melody's Nen ability.

Compelled by its lure, Senritsu rejects Kurapika's offer to join the expedition as a bodyguard, and instead sneaks into the ship under the guise of a peasant searching for a better life.

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