What this ability does: Passers with this ability can make all hot route and blocking assignments twice as fast excluding audibles. Grady Jarrett, Kenny Clark, Aaron Donald, Calais Campbell, Cameron Heyward. So how do the Madden developers try to combat the popular use of Jackson? Roaming Deadeye. Perfect accuracy on all throws outside the numbers. Be able to quickly shift momentum, change direction, and turn the corner without losing speed on kick and punt returns. Clint Oldenburg, who works on gameplay design and player ratings for Madden, says he only expects those numbers to go up. Brady is so OP, it's ridiculous - so I'm totally taking him all year unless a MUT Dan Marino shows up with similar abilities. "Typically our players enjoy playing with mobile quarterbacks more than pocket quarterbacks, and even this year we kind of made an effort to make X-Factor abilities a little more powerful for pocket quarterbacks to see if we can balance that out," Oldenburg said. Passers guaranteed to break the first sack attempt by any blitzing defender. Tre’Davious White, Micah Hyde, Stephon Gilmore, Devin McCourty, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Kevin Byard. Higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches. High success rate on the next three trucks or stiff-arms. Lamar Jackson is dominating defenders in real life, and in the virtual world. Faster passing animations and increased velocity on bullet passes. Lofting Deadeye. Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Davante Adams. Tre’Davious White, Tyrann Mathieu, Richard Sherman, Jaire Alexander, Stephon Gilmore.

Reduce an edge rusher’s chance of using a quick shed move. There are mechanics in place to help stop mobile quarterbacks — QB spy, QB contain, Spy crash, Zone Coverage crash — but sometimes, those aren't good enough. Defenders will respond slower. They are with a player no matter what happens in the game. TY Hilton, Amari Cooper, Julio Jones, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas. Lamar Jackson: Lofting Deadeye: Perfect accuracy on … "It still is low." When they enter the zone, this ability increases their chance to break the next tackle.

Man, can’t we both have the same speed?". Easier zone targets when playing indoors. Highlight the first open receiver from the pocket. Madden NFL 21 brings players a bunch of new X-Factor and superstar abilities for players to experiment with. What this ability does: Passers with the ability improve the catch rating for all running backs who are open on pass plays. https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/65/b3/lamar-jackson-madden-20_tans222ga97z1ao1nlxp9hcaf.png?t=-89963778&w=500&quality=80, "He's getting close," Oldenburg told Sporting News when asked if Jackson was becoming the most dominant Madden player ever. When they enter the zone, their passing accuracy is unaffected by defensive pressure. More consistent in catching passes 10-20 yards from LoS, inside the numbers. Great chance of success on pump fakes and double moves.

Has there been any word on how these abilities work with created players? Four additional hot routes when lined up at TE. Pretty much guaranteed to evade the first sack attempt by a blitzing DB in the pocket. Geno Atkins, Chandler Jones, Ryan Kerrigan. Force more catch knockouts and react quicker in any midfield zone coverage, less than 20 yards from LoS inside the numbers, and 10-20 outside.

Zack Martin, Brandon Brooks, Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff. Madden 20 is just around the corner and all of the talk surrounding the game focuses on the new X-Factor and Superstar abilities. Ability to defend against swim or club pass rush moves as if they had an additional resistance point. But at the end of the day, players will choose what they like to play with the best. Do not need to spend a point on shed attempts during a run play. Pro Reads. Thanks for pointing that out. Perfect accuracy on all unpressured throws inside the red zone. Blockers are guaranteed to dominate impact block wins. Better catch in traffic and route running when coming out against LBs or DL. You guys are missing Hi-Lo Deadeye. Myles Garrett, Chris Jones, DeForest Buckner, Fletcher Cox, Grady Jarrett, Aaron Donald, JJ Watt. Unfortunately for Jackson, Oldenburg doesn't see the quarterback's speed increasing any more. Fearless. Increase the chance to break the next tackle. Force more catch knockouts and react quicker in deep zone coverage, 20+ yards from LoS and outside the hashes. These abilities don’t need to be activated and cannot be lost. Madden developers have used special X-Factors to entice users to play with more stationary quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The most effective ball carriers prioritize maintaining possession over all else; When Jackson enters the zone, no tackles made against him (if a defender catches him) will result in a fumble. +15 yards to the maximum throwing distance, 80 yards is the limit. More responsive to input when rolling out of the pocket. Zone Ability. Joey Bosa, Demarcus Lawrence, Arik Armstead, JJ Watt. When they enter the zone, their first open receiver is highlighted while they are standing in the pocket. Refunded a pass rush point when successfully shed blocks. What this ability does: Passers with this ability have extended range on all precision passing except high/low throws. Slow down their target after a successful zone chuck. Fletcher Cox, Chandler Jones, Von Miller. “The Madden rating is probably the only thing I’m a little bit hot about,” Vick said. What this ability does: Passers with this ability receive better pass blocking from their offensive lineman, Players who have this ability: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers.

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