In another highly eventful and successful year of her career in 2017, she appeared in four successful series’ back to back. And then things changed for better in the following couple of years. In 2015, she led the cast of a romantic comedy drama ‘Super Daddy Yeol’, where she endearingly played the role of a single mother, a strong headed woman who finds out that she is terminally ill and now looking for the best possible father for her daughter. Due to this, the wedding was the first time Lee Yoo-ri publicly announced her relationship to the world.

In September 2010, Lee Yoo-ri and Jo Kye-hyun held a private wedding at EL Tower in Seoul. At the final game,everyone had gotten new partners since the female casts all separated from male casts. It turned out to be the most successful year of Lee’s professional life, as she managed to bag every other top award for her performance as a poor born girl, who’s willing to do anything it takes to become a rich person. In that year, Lee Yoo-ri won the Grand Prize from MBC Drama Awards and finished second in Gallup Korea’s Actress of the Year. The two of them met while studying The Bible in 2008. Once the school was over, and she enrolled into the Kyewon University of Arts & Design, she once again got interested in acting and started giving out auditions after auditions, eventually getting a few smaller parts in the TV productions. But it just wasn’t her time yet. She had a drastic change in image for the 2011 series ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ where she played a negative role.

In 2004, came her first and last movie appearance to date with the small budget horror film ‘Bunshinsaba’. Lee is a devoted Christian and converted from Buddhism to Christianity in 2002. This was also the first time when Lee proved that given the right roles, she can give a chilling performance. Playing cameos in ‘Unni is Alive’ and ‘Strongest Deliveryman’, she then played the leading role in the family comedy drama ‘My Father is Strange’, which revolved around a happy family which welcomes a young man, who claims to be a part of them. Wanna Know the Latest News About Former Celebrity Couple Lee Min-ho and Suzy? Lee Yoo-ri began her acting career in 2001 as a supporting actor with several leading roles in dramas and television series. She began to be known in the Korean film scene after starring in Twinkle Twinkle. After a year gap, she finally bagged a better role in 2001, in the youth series ‘School 4’, an anthology TV series, which she says was her debut. Though the roles had improved, still not to the satisfaction of Lee, who desperately wanted to establish herself as a great actor. It was the year when she finally received credits for her acting prowess after her appearance as an antagonist in the series ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ went huge. Another successful stint followed in the next year in form of a drama ‘Ice Adonis’, where Lee played the lead role as an innocent sweet girl, contrasting her previous villainous role. Never quite achieving the true stardom, she continuously kept appearing in different supporting or small roles in TV series’ over the years, until 2011. She has been married to Kye-Hyun Jo since September 6, 2010. which successfully drove her to becoming famous. Always a fan of dramas, she had seen the dream of becoming an actor well during her childhood days and eventually started training herself with the plays in school. She attended the variety show with other guests, Choi Yeo-jin, Seo-woo, Yoo In-young, and Kim Min-seo.

In 2016, she played the role of twins in the drama ‘The Promise’, a series which turned out to be a moderate commercial and critical success, but earned Lee an Excellence Award and Best Actress in a Daily Drama award at the KBS Drama Awards. Lee Yoo-ri had appeared once in Running Man episode 213, titled “Aggressive Actress”. Gallup Korea, smitten by her success, welcomed her in their list of Top Korean Actors of the year, and gave her the second position.

Her popularity continued to rise in 2014 thanks to her role as Jang Bo-ri in the drama Come, Jang Bo-ri! In both the series, Lee had minimal time on-screen and in the following few series’ as well, there was no improvement in the roles she was being offered. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. BTS Member’s Profile (Names, Birthdays, Religion, Height etc) and Facts, Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Real Name, Age, Height and Weight), Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery, Best Couple Award (“My Father is Strange”), Excellent Actress (daily drama) (“The Promise”), Best Actor or Actress Selected by Directors (“Come! Do you think she has a plastic surgery or not? Lee first became known for her role in teen drama series School 4, and subsequently gained popularity with her role in family drama Precious Family (2005). She admitted herself that the only difference between then and now is her face, and everything else was same. Jang Bo-Ri”), Excellent Actress (drama) (“Twinkle Twinkle”). a variety show, Lee Yoo-ri was shown her debut photo from the drama School 4 (2001) which was when she was 21 years old. Acting had taken a backseat during her high school years as she prepared herself to become a painter, or a musician. Yoo-ri and her partner unfortunately did not win, however. Winning the Daesung Award for her performance, she finally established herself as a strong competent actor.

Lee was getting sidelined as just another pretty face with no talent and as in the next few years, she kept appearing in the smaller roles in series’ such as ‘Argon’, ‘Wife’, Twenty’ and ‘Yellow Handkerchief’, there was a time when she thought of quitting. Although the film wasn’t released widely and remained largely unknown, it did receive critical acclaim and travelled to different film festivals around the globe. She most recently starred in My Father is Strange (2017) and Hide and Seek (2018).

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