240 Search a 2D Matrix II 34.4% Medium Write a function that takes an array...

88 Merge Sorted Array 30.0% Easy 167 Two Sum II – Input array is sorted 47.8% Medium

117 Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node II 32.8% Hard 133 Clone Graph 24.9% Medium

50 Pow(x, n) 27.9% Medium 3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters 21.9% Medium

162 Find Peak Element 33.0% Medium 246 Strobogrammatic Number 36.3% Easy

25 Reverse Nodes in k-Group 27.5% Hard

289 Game of Life 34.2% Medium 327 Count of Range Sum 25.9% Hard

66 Plus One 33.5% Easy 274 H-Index 29.3% Medium 256 Paint House 42.6% Medium 286 Walls and Gates 37.2% Medium 56 Merge Intervals 25.3% Hard

Apple Interview - No response So I had an Apple interview on Monday (first phone screen) which went really well The recruiter said they wanted to fill the position immediately and made me change my interview date from two weeks out to 5 days out. 298 Binary Tree Longest Consecutive Sequence 36.9% Medium

interviewers knew their stuff and questions were specific to the role I interviewed for. 117 Populating Next Right Pointers in Each Node II 32.8% Hard

336 Palindrome Pairs 19.5% Hard, Facebook(79) 2 Add Two Numbers 23.0% Medium

206 Reverse Linked List 39.4% Easy 44 Wildcard Matching 17.4% Hard 151 Reverse Words in a String 15.7% Medium PROBLEM SETS: 7.

206 Reverse Linked List 39.4% Easy 268 Missing Number 40.0% Medium 102 Binary Tree Level Order Traversal 32.7% Easy 150 Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation 23.5% Medium

240 Search a 2D Matrix II 34.4% Medium No password to forget.

39 Combination Sum 30.9% Medium 112 Path Sum 31.3% Easy 247 Strobogrammatic Number II 34.1% Medium 24 Swap Nodes in Pairs 35.1% Easy

Hello, Can you please tell me when did you hear back from apple after the phone interview? 331 Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree 31.7% Medium 36 Valid Sudoku 30.5% Easy

251 Flatten 2D Vector 33.8% Medium

314 Binary Tree Vertical Order Traversal 30.3% Medium, Apple(28) 254 Factor Combinations 34.7% Medium No matter if you are a beginner or a master, there are always new topics waiting for you to explore. 1 Two Sum 23.0% Easy Eng, Go to company page Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

289 Game of Life 34.2% Medium 261 Graph Valid Tree 32.5% Medium

283 Move Zeroes 44.0% Easy keep reading », Write a function to check that a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.

21 Merge Two Sorted Lists 35.4% Easy

158 Read N Characters Given Read4 II – Call multiple times 23.4% Hard 125 Valid Palindrome 23.8% Easy 270 Closest Binary Search Tree Value 34.3% Easy

232 Implement Queue using Stacks 33.9% Easy 44 Wildcard Matching 17.4% Hard 33 Search in Rotated Sorted Array 30.2% Hard

I used this list in my last job hunt to only do the important questions.Good luck and Happy New Year!Array- Two Sum - https://leetcode.com/problems/two-sum/- Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock - https://leetcode.com/problems/best-time-to-buy-and-sell-stock/- Contains Duplicate - https://leetcode.com/problems/contains-duplicate/- Product of Array Except Self - https://leetcode.com/problems/product-of-array-except-self/- Maximum Subarray - https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-subarray/- Maximum Product Subarray - https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-product-subarray/- Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array - https://leetcode.com/problems/find-minimum-in-rotated-sorted-array/- Search in Rotated Sorted Array - https://leetcode.com/problems/search-in-rotated-sorted-array/- 3Sum - https://leetcode.com/problems/3sum/- Container With Most Water - https://leetcode.com/problems/container-with-most-water/---Binary- Sum of Two Integers - https://leetcode.com/problems/sum-of-two-integers/- Number of 1 Bits - https://leetcode.com/problems/number-of-1-bits/- Counting Bits - https://leetcode.com/problems/counting-bits/- Missing Number - https://leetcode.com/problems/missing-number/- Reverse Bits - https://leetcode.com/problems/reverse-bits/---Dynamic Programming- Climbing Stairs - https://leetcode.com/problems/climbing-stairs/- Coin Change - https://leetcode.com/problems/coin-change/- Longest Increasing Subsequence - https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-increasing-subsequence/- Longest Common Subsequence - - Word Break Problem - https://leetcode.com/problems/word-break/- Combination Sum - https://leetcode.com/problems/combination-sum-iv/- House Robber - https://leetcode.com/problems/house-robber/- House Robber II - https://leetcode.com/problems/house-robber-ii/- Decode Ways - https://leetcode.com/problems/decode-ways/- Unique Paths - https://leetcode.com/problems/unique-paths/- Jump Game - https://leetcode.com/problems/jump-game/---Graph- Clone Graph - https://leetcode.com/problems/clone-graph/- Course Schedule - https://leetcode.com/problems/course-schedule/- Pacific Atlantic Water Flow - https://leetcode.com/problems/pacific-atlantic-water-flow/- Number of Islands - https://leetcode.com/problems/number-of-islands/- Longest Consecutive Sequence - https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-consecutive-sequence/- Alien Dictionary (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/alien-dictionary/- Graph Valid Tree (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/graph-valid-tree/- Number of Connected Components in an Undirected Graph (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/number-of-connected-components-in-an-undirected-graph/---Interval- Insert Interval - https://leetcode.com/problems/insert-interval/- Merge Intervals - https://leetcode.com/problems/merge-intervals/- Non-overlapping Intervals - https://leetcode.com/problems/non-overlapping-intervals/- Meeting Rooms (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/meeting-rooms/- Meeting Rooms II (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/meeting-rooms-ii/---Linked List- Reverse a Linked List - https://leetcode.com/problems/reverse-linked-list/- Detect Cycle in a Linked List - https://leetcode.com/problems/linked-list-cycle/- Merge Two Sorted Lists - https://leetcode.com/problems/merge-two-sorted-lists/- Merge K Sorted Lists - https://leetcode.com/problems/merge-k-sorted-lists/- Remove Nth Node From End Of List - https://leetcode.com/problems/remove-nth-node-from-end-of-list/- Reorder List - https://leetcode.com/problems/reorder-list/---Matrix- Set Matrix Zeroes - https://leetcode.com/problems/set-matrix-zeroes/- Spiral Matrix - https://leetcode.com/problems/spiral-matrix/- Rotate Image - https://leetcode.com/problems/rotate-image/- Word Search - https://leetcode.com/problems/word-search/---String- Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters - https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-substring-without-repeating-characters/- Longest Repeating Character Replacement - https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-repeating-character-replacement/- Minimum Window Substring - https://leetcode.com/problems/minimum-window-substring/- Valid Anagram - https://leetcode.com/problems/valid-anagram/- Group Anagrams - https://leetcode.com/problems/group-anagrams/- Valid Parentheses - https://leetcode.com/problems/valid-parentheses/- Valid Palindrome - https://leetcode.com/problems/valid-palindrome/- Longest Palindromic Substring - https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-palindromic-substring/- Palindromic Substrings - https://leetcode.com/problems/palindromic-substrings/- Encode and Decode Strings (Leetcode Premium) - https://leetcode.com/problems/encode-and-decode-strings/---Tree- Maximum Depth of Binary Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-depth-of-binary-tree/- Same Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/same-tree/- Invert/Flip Binary Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/invert-binary-tree/- Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum - https://leetcode.com/problems/binary-tree-maximum-path-sum/- Binary Tree Level Order Traversal - https://leetcode.com/problems/binary-tree-level-order-traversal/- Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/serialize-and-deserialize-binary-tree/- Subtree of Another Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/subtree-of-another-tree/- Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal - https://leetcode.com/problems/construct-binary-tree-from-preorder-and-inorder-traversal/- Validate Binary Search Tree - https://leetcode.com/problems/validate-binary-search-tree/- Kth Smallest Element in a BST - https://leetcode.com/problems/kth-smallest-element-in-a-bst/- Lowest Common Ancestor of BST - https://leetcode.com/problems/lowest-common-ancestor-of-a-binary-search-tree/- Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) - https://leetcode.com/problems/implement-trie-prefix-tree/- Add and Search Word - https://leetcode.com/problems/add-and-search-word-data-structure-design/- Word Search II - https://leetcode.com/problems/word-search-ii/---Heap- Merge K Sorted Lists - https://leetcode.com/problems/merge-k-sorted-lists/- Top K Frequent Elements - https://leetcode.com/problems/top-k-frequent-elements/- Find Median from Data Stream - https://leetcode.com/problems/find-median-from-data-stream/You're welcome!

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