Everyone in my family enjoyed it.

Pat scallops dry, and season with Cajun seasoning.

Thank you so much for trying this Rhonda! xTieghan. I'm listing my favorite dishes to pair with this garlic butter lobster skillet below: This easy 10 minute broccolini recipe is pan-fried and bursting with flavor - this is the best way to make delicious pan fried baby broccoli, ever! Your email address will not be published. This dinner strikes just the right balance between new adventure and old comfort. olive oil. Add scallops to hot pan and cook until scallops reach a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees 1-2 minutes per side. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Made this tonight- amazing flavour, quick and simple.

Hi! One of our favorites ever! I was apprehensive about the coconut milk so I made it with 3/4 cup coconut milk and 1/4 heavy cream and couldn’t taste the coconut milk at all. Hey! Easy Baked Salmon Milanese Recipe - delicious baked salmon with a lemon dill butter flavor oven baked in a foil pouch for an easy healthy baked salmon dinner everyone loves! This hit the spot and was delicious! And of course, if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to also tag me on Instagram! Thank you for your dedication to healthy tasty food! A keeper. xTieghan. A wonderful switch from roasting salmon in the oven. Great recipe. So glad this turned out so well for you Katie! Absolutely DELICIOUS! Decided to take a risk and make a new recipe for my husbands former boss coming over for dinner and tried this. I didn’t have a shallot, but I had some finely chopped green onions that I used instead. Thank you so much for trying it and I hope your friends love it as well! Hi Megan! Thank you so much for trying this one, Glo! xTieghan. I will definitely add this to my recipe folder. The next time you make a video of sautéing salmon over medium heat I’d like to see how you sauté the top side of the salmon to get it so evenly browned and with out having any of the salmon sticking to the skillet. xTieghan, Hi Tieghan, can I use more Parmesan to replace the cream cheese?

So glad you all enjoyed this! It is rich, indulgent, and to die for delicious - you will find yourself ready to lick the pan! Only recently started reading this page after following you on Instagram. I really don’t like the taste of wild salmon but I know it’s healthier so I wanted to find a recipe that would make me love eating wild salmon.

Easy Keto Naan - oven baked keto naan flatbread with a garlic and butter sauce that is out of this world delicious, without all the carbs! 10/10. xTieghan, Just made this recipe cause I happened to have all the ingredients. Sounds delicious. Such a rich and savory recipe! Those changes should make the dish way less salty. Could be really amazing dish.

I caught my husband scooping up the sauce with his fork. Thank you! The lemon added a delightful kick to the recipe. That is so amazing that he loved this so much! Not only is this salmon easy and delicious, but it feels fancy too.

Please check recipe cards and ingredient packaging for Thank you Emily! This one I will absolutely be making again!! Aw that is so sweet! Add scallops to hot pan and cook until scallops reach a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees 1-2 minutes per side. Amazing! Coconut milk is all the rage right now and is great for people because it’s a healthier option unless you’re allergic to coconut, like me. Easy, restaurant quality and delicious! Only thing I did differently was that I did a sugar& salt bath on the salmon (help get rid of some of that fishy taste) before following the recipe. I am really glad this recipe turned out so well for you! Thanks, Thank you! xTieghan. Hello Tieghan! I had some leftover asparagus I needed to use up so I added that in too – delicious! Yes, I think that should work well. Finely chop roasted red peppers. Heavy cream, half and half, 2%milk, or almond milk? Is there a cream cheese alternative that you would recommend? I'm gonna have to change that! canned full-fat coconut milk, or heavy cream. I have only made salmon like two times before in my life so in retrospect it was kind of dumb of me. Low carb, mess free, a deliciously crunchy crust, in a huge family favorite that is sure to make anyone a fan of chicken thighs in under 40 minutes! I love cooking salmon filets with the skin on, as it adds an incredible amount of flavor. Hey Allison! The coconut milk makes it creamy and pairs well with all the other flavors! Learn how your comment data is processed. What I’ve found most productive is to start each week fresh and only plot recipe concepts every 2-3 days. Thank you, Hey Beverly, 4. informed should a switch occur, so please check the ingredient The salmon was perfectly cooked. Will be a firm family favourite for sure. I made this last night for the cat and I (OK, her salmon was just plain), and I was blown away by how good it was. xTieghan. and it was incredibly tasty juicy with delicate creamy taste. Plus so quick and easy – will definitely make again, Wow yes!! I like to use coconut milk for its creaminess. The second time I used chicken. Haha that is the BEST! Remove from the skillet. I am so glad you both loved this recipe, Sandy! i liked it so much!!! The good news is that this recipe was really foolproof and delicious and seemed classy despite being pretty unfussy. , This recipe came at the perfect time. I recommend using heavy cream or whole milk for this recipe. Bought the ingredients for this the other day, but ended up using the salmon last night in a different application (we just put it on the grill with some asparagus). I bet it would be amazing over angel hair pasta too. Thanks!!! I am sorry to hear that!

Been feeling a bit ‘blah’ lately in the cooking game. If desired, peel away the skin and discard. Thank you for an amazing recipe! So good! lobster at home is so easy and way better than eating out! You can certainly use skin-off salmon as well, but I do recommend skin-on for best flavor! I am so glad you have been enjoying my recipes and I hope you continue to!! xTieghan. Hey Laura, You can omit the cream cheese or you can use plain greek yogurt or additional coconut cream.

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