Sounds to me that you are just making stuff up in a pathetic attempt to undermine the great work Highland Titles are doing in Scotland. On another note,I hear the Spectacled Cormorants (Phalacrocorax perspicillatus) have returned to Keil Hill this year in profuse numbers, and will be putting on a display of acrobatics in conjunction with the recently arrived Malagasy Crowned Eagles (Stephanoaetus mahery), and escorted by the 2000 or so permanently resident Imperial Woodpeckers (Campephilus imperialis), at around 10:30am on Friday April 5th. Do you really think you would have sold one plot without the Lord,Laird & Lady hook. Does anyone know anything about the Sealand titles? It was always my way to welcome visitors to Glencoe and to my home warmly, in the best Highland tradition. London WC1V 6QT. LOL YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HAND MATE!! who have all been gifted a Scottish Highland Title souvenir land plot. It does appear that souvenir plots are indeed not owned by the buyer and never can be in Scots law. To adopt an anagram of my name is in poor taste. People have ben selling these tiny plots of land, with or without the title, for decades.

The charity is being formed by our solicitor, Colin Liddell, a Specialist in Charity Law with the firm J & H Mitchell WS of Pitlochry. That is also legal, but only because it is not illegal. You will also get considerably more in return than the warm glow that you get when you give money to the likes of the Forestry Commission. He is not, it should be pointed out, a member of the House of Lords. You must lead a very empty life. Thank you! According to his personal website, Brown’s books include A History of the West Kilbride Town Coat of Arms, A Clash of Clans Leadership Handbook and The Portencross Armada Conspiracy. I have to be truthful and accurate with my statements because my name and address are there for all to see.

I wonder what other people think about this? Mr Bevis, are you claiming that neither Highland Titles Ltd, nor Lochaber Highland Estates, nor Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Ltd have ever claimed to be not-for-profit companies? I’ve been reading through all your replies to this. Lord Lyon’s role, if indeed he has one, is to make sure that heraldry is restricted to the great and good. For this reason, if no other, this means that most Scots approve of the whole deal. And you would have to wonder who would do such a thing. I would refer you to d’Anconia’s money speech, as a good example of this concept. If you would like more information about how the Highland Titles Nature Reserve is run, or if you wish to play a part in its management then why not join the thousands of people who have helped create this unique venture, at Glencoe House on May 15th next year. It is then up to the registered owner to honour the sale and not sell the land a second time. To be honest there is quite a lot of worry that companies selling ‘Highland Titles’ are actually doing that much conservation work as they are in the business of selling not conservation.

And probably of even more interest to the Private Eye readership is how and why two or three evil and or stupid people have attempted to stop them. More even than Visit Scotland.

I was just looking into buying my parents a wee plot of land in Scotland (I’m 3rd generation McDonald) and really liked the idea that the money was going towards conserving Scotland. We Californians, especially we native Californians, have a title for “cool men originally meant for surfers” called “Dude”. I fully realize that this is not REAL, but if it gives me a sense of connection that’s enough. My address is available for everyone to see at Now Mr Bevis of Highland Titles Glencoe Estates will be telling us that it was a completely different Peter Bevis who’s telephone preference service website was ruled as being misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority for, “leading users to infer it was a Government service”. I know I shouldn’t post again, I have been hogging the limelight, but I have now read the first post; by the charming Roger Moffatt himself.

On the subject of Laird Lady and Lord titles I thought this blog comment by Andy Harris sums the whole thing up quite neatly and is worth repeating here. LEGEN SIE LOS (für nur £40.00) *Sie erhalten ein persönliches Recht auf ein Grundstück und unsere Erlaubnis unsere eingetragenen Markenzeichen Laird, Lord und Lady of Glencoe zu verwenden. Just post your real name and address and we can discuss this as equals. David Sellar has nothing whatsoever to do with lairdships. They certainly do good and have many supporters. It is as usual, you who are misrepresenting the facts so as to perpetuate your scam.

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