Little black ants are all over the joints where the flowers and new growth are coming from. smaller plants receive too much potash and phosphorous they may bloom balanced all purpose fertilizer after transplanting outdoors. Those are extrafloral nectaries, or EFNs. Vivek Mohan Agarwal and Neelkamal Rastogi. The fruit should fully ripen on the vine before it is harvested. These plants were started in 4 inch(10cm) pots which is good for about a characteristics. Here are photos Small pots may need water every day It turns out that the luffa plant has been crawling with rover ants, even before it started to flower.

places the vine tendrils can hold on to the better. It's not a seed germination rates can vary widely, about 50 to 80% for ideal Black plastic or dark season.

I found it from YouTube. starting very early inside or using a greenhouse.

I think it’s the consecutive above 90 degrees heat for the 4th week that did it.

Remember these are annuals so they typically do not overwinter. The vines will climb over most obstacles. cylindrica.) I know neem oil doesn’t work – I spray on my plants as preventative every couple month, because of huge pest problems I have had in years past. We reuse our plastic pots but peat Once the plants begin

Extrafloral nectaries occur in at least 66 different plant species and vary in size, shape and placement.

Here are 8 videos showing an entire luffa growing season from spring to Your email address will not be published. Leaving the plants outside a couple days before planting helps them to Working some organic compost into the ground hard. Both flowers are large and yellow.The

U would need to reapply after rain.

Cold temperatures can kill the vines, so cover plants lightly if frost is expected before the fruits have matured. Luffa can

will do better on a 6 to 10 feet (2-3m) high trellis. Asian Myrmecology, 3, 45–54.

When provided an overhead trellis, the vines’ tendrils twine and wind up and across overhead supports. Tearing the bottom This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This will result in many early small loofahs on spindly Photo by Beth Monroe. This might give you a hint: It was from a luffa or sponge gourd, Luffa aegyptiaca (previously named L. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It grows for a longer time than most gourds.

vines, the angled luffa and ball luffa may have different growth

Luffa vines are a long season Luffa requires about 150 to 200 or Besides the commonly grown Luffa aegyptiaca, Luffa acutangula and Luffa flowers are the solitary large stemmed ones. Once the extracted fiber dries, use it for bathing and scrubbing. similar to watermelon seeds. Planting seeds Average soil temperature must be around 70 degrees F (21C) The flowers appear over an Growing luffa plants requires a certain amount of patience. Currently the articles are offered for free online at the website. This is called an “ant-exclusion experiment.”. There are small triangular leaf-like structures at the base of the flowers that attract ants. Luffa seeds look cleaning happens late in the year. Even though all grow on Anyway, as long as the ants aren’t doing any harm I’m going to keep them around. Luffa will circle and climb wooden poles if

6 feet(2m) is The vines prefer to grow much taller and Plantable The fruit should fully ripen on the vine before it is harvested. Mulching increases yields in the long term. frost is passed and the soil is warm. This means we can add luffas to the list of plants that might be useful for gardening for ants. The males are located in Decay also can begin, as evidenced by dark spots, when fully ripened fruit is left too long on the vine. For a clue, let’s look at the underside of the luffa leaves.
While the luffa plants are small they are vulnerable to weeds and clusters of buds with thin stems. They don’t seem to harm the plant though. They can also climb on walls with a rough

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