Several times he was on the verge of firing her, but Louise, who thinks of Florence as one of the family, forces him not to. Allan is well known for his sharp rebuttals to George's insults and his well-rounded personality. She would frequently torment Louise by criticizing her cooking, her age or her overall character, but Louise frequently came back at her with a witty albeit sarcastic response.

Graduating magna cum laude from the University of Utah in 1923, she was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Fraternity. Aug 7, 2016 - Explore Hollis's board "LYNNE MOODY" on Pinterest. Very Funny, Great Show. “It was easy, portable food,” he said. After the 1978-79 season, Hammer was fired from the show cast, and it was explained that Allan moved to Minnesota. She and Lionel have a daughter named Jessica, played by Erin Hollin and Leslie Hollin (Seasons 6–7) and later by Ebonie Smith (Seasons 10–11). Her first appearance was in the All in the Family episode "Lionel's Engagement," when she takes offense at being referred to as "mammy" by Archie Bunker, who thinks the term is a variation of "mommy." Lynne Moody was born on February 17, 1946 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She was born May 21, 1900 in Salt Lake City the daughter of William H. and Mariah Baddley Rossiter. |

At first, George often disapproved of Jenny loving Lionel merely because she is biracial, or as George called her, a "zebra".

Beginning with the 1978–79 season, Allan was portrayed by Jay Hammer, who joined the cast in a two-part episode of the season opener. She reprised her role as Florence in 2019 for Live in Front of a Studio Audience.[1][2]. She is lazy and not especially good at her job, and she regularly bickers with George, who repeatedly complains about Florence's laziness and cooking, paying her very little (in one episode, he says her cooking tastes like dog food; she replies it should because she's "cooking for a chihuahua"). See all photos. 1946 An incomplete list of these characters appears below. He develops a strong relationship with Jenny, but was never close to his "white" son, Allan Willis (Jay Hammer) because he never finished school and left New York City and stayed in Paris for two years.

Jenny is an intelligent person, finishing college with her boyfriend, Lionel Jefferson. Lynne Moody Actress Trailer. Tom is a caring person, but often dominated by his wife. Marcus grew up in a rough neighborhood and steals a jacket from the store on his first day, blaming it on his station in life. The television series The Jeffersons featured several supporting characters. Helen and Tom have two children: Jennifer "Jenny" Willis (Berlinda Tolbert) and Allan Willis (Jay Hammer and Andrew Rubin). When he drinks too much he becomes moody and quarrelsome. Read him on our free site,, and on our subscriber site, She died early in the fourth season, and the writers decided to eliminate Mother Jefferson's character rather than to replace her with a different actress. February 17, is Louise's best friend and George's nemesis.

He is known to be a horrible dancer, as indicated in a few episodes. Lynne Moody (born February 17) is an American actress who has made many appearances in television.Her most prominent roles include Tracy Curtis Taylor in That's My Mama from 1974–1975 and was replaced by Joan Pringle in the second season; she also played Irene Harvey in Roots, Polly Dawson in Soap, Nurse Julie Williams in E/R and Patricia Williams in Knots Landing.

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