After four years that will be argued over for centuries, will the doors slam shut on the most DIVISIVE President of all? ... Not to mention a sink that does the washing up and a bin that writes your shopping list, World's biggest iceberg is on collision course with British Atlantic island South Georgia, posing grave threat to local penguins and seals, 'We had very clear boundaries': Gillian Anderson reveals what it was like working with partner Peter Morgan on The Crown playing Margaret Thatcher as she graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar in stunning shoot, Outfits with checks appeal: The Sloane Rangers' favourite pattern is back - with a bold and colourful twist, It's the crazy new trend.

By only buying what we need and not hoarding, or by reaching out to our neighbours.' He anticipates hospitals will be pushed to the brink within weeks. The registrar of voters in Clark County, Nevada, was holding a press conference Wednesday when he was interrupted by a man yelling that the 'Biden crime family' was 'stealing our election'. The last chance salon, JANET STREET PORTER on Boris Johnson and his Brainiacs of Doom, London's roads grind to a halt with traffic 34% higher than in 2019, What you can and can't do during the new UK coronavirus lockdown, Britain records 492 Covid-19 deaths in highest daily toll since May, Britain locks down: Pubs kick out drinkers before national shutdown, Bosses urge Dominic Raab to lift the travel ban on 'low-risk' holidays, Priti Patel: Police WILL NOT break up family gatherings at Christmas, Archbishops say public should NOT panic buy - urging 'calm', Sturgeon could make it ILLEGAL for Scots to travel far from home, People who have had Covid are less likely to follow lockdown rules, Susannah Constantine reveals alcoholism hell, Vienna terror gunman 'was happy and smiling HOURS before attack', Austria chancellor warns against 'political Islam, Trump sends Rudy Giuliani to dispute ballot deadline in Pennsylvania, Trump supporters chanting 'Stop the Vote' storm Detroit counting hall, Trump fan in 'BBQ, beer, freedom shirt' hijacks press conference. DOMINIC SANDBROOK: Outrageous. Clockwise from top left: A man who asked for God's love and was given madman; fresh spring rolls in Thai; an ankle tattoo that reads 'miso'; a gesture of love gone wrong; a woman who wanted 'appreciate life' ended up with 'I'm rotten', and a woman who walked around for 15 years with 'sexual fantasy' on her back.
Ghulam Parvaz, 49, heard the migrants banging and shouting from inside a Poland-registered refrigerated lorry when he pulled up to the Watford Gap services on the M1, Northamptonshire, on Saturday night. And no he does not have asthma,' Ms Christian captioned the post. Ylenia Angeli (bottom centre), 73, was handcuffed after forcing her way in and removing her mother, Tina Thornborough (top and bottom left), whom she had not hugged for nine months because of the pandemic. The former vice president needs to carry just two more states to reach the all-important 270 electoral college seats and claim victory.
The CBS This Morning anchor explained in the caption that she didn't have time to run home and change, so she had to wear the frock two days in a row (inset). North Carolina's election officials say that 94 per cent of their ballots have been counted, but the results will not be declared for a week as postal votes can arrive as late as November 12. US Coast Guard officers have intercepted a number of the submarines, which have only their exhaust and a small conning tower above the waterline. Developer hires traditional craftsman to finish two properties off with eco-friendly reed rooves, Whoops! 'I don't care who you are, nobody predicted this outcome,' Jones said on Wednesday.

But an ability to overcome profound tragedy and heal deep wounds is a skill Biden has had to acquire long before his presidency bid.

New research shows cancer patient's risk of dying increases by 10 percent every month their treatment is delayed, with 33,000 UK cancer sufferers facing delays in second lockdown.

Mr Barnier said there were 'very serious divergences' between the two sides after briefing EU27 ambassadors on the progress of talks with Lord Frost and the British team.

The 60-year-old is already showing signs of improvement after undergoing an operation for possible bleeding on his brain, according to his personal physician Dr Leopoldo Luque. On October 22, HBO Max released The Witches - the second adaptation of Dahl's famous novel after the hit 1990 film. We're living in a modern dictatorship where a couple of Brainiacs devise the justification for the strict rules which now control our lives, writes JANET STREET-PORTER.

Clarks, one of the UK's oldest shoe chains, will vote on the deal next month which would see the Clark family lose majority ownership for the first time since it was founded in 1825.

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