Maka reluctantly asks her father to go shopping with her, and Spirit ends up vomiting out of happiness and suprise, much to her shock.

[137] Maka then watches as Stein performs Soul Menace on Crona, noting it can cause internal damage[138] and then expresses concern as Stein is hit by Bloody Needle. [124], Later, Maka and Soul are questioned by the DWMA's Central Intelligence students Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore on the Death Bazaar Incident.

After overhearing the conversation between Sid and Nygus, Black☆Star vows to avenge Maka. Holding Soul in Weapon form, she forms a Chain Resonance and supports Black☆Star and Death the Kids' sanities with her courage, whilst giving the two advice during the battle. According to Soul, her hobbies includes reading books and doing puzzles. [citation needed] Her favorite book is The Dark Side of the Moon by the fictional author of Lorda Donsany. Medusa reveals that she used Crona as an incentive for Maka's cooperation. The two support each other at some times and are easily able to team resonate.

But Sid tells Raid that he really needs to imagine himself being the weapon to completely transform. Maka also watches as the assassin cannot handle the power, his wavelength overloading. Entering a fight, Maka seemingly easily gains the upper hand until she attempts to behead Crona. Sid Barrett | Eternal Feather slits her own throat, much to Maka's surprise.

At this point Maka then remembers something that she had missed in her search for Crona. [55] Needless to say, another addition insecurity was her Scythe-Handling skill, in which were unrefined and couldn't even twirl a mop and was another insecurity and felt that If she didn't practice that Soul would leave her for another Meister partner.

Hand-to-Hand CombatMeister Techniques She then spies on Dib with Lizbeth, Hunson and the V Crusaders. Born as the daughter of Spirit Albarn, when he was only eighteen, and his partner, Maka Albarn grew up around her parents. With some words of inspiration for Tsugumi by telling her she's almost to the end, she then leaves. Having her sit at a piano, Soul tells her that the songs he plays are of madness. Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is a Scythe-Meister and the daughter of Spirit Albarn and his ex-wife. great traditional techniques of the scythe-meister, Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister, served under Death himself much like the DWMA, Soul Eater Super Guidebook -How to Make a Death Scythe?-,, So let's spread the word together!! According to the old lady, there is an charm written on the back side of it that could apparently purify madness and misfortune. Black☆Star then accuses her of tattling to Stein and being selfish. After Maka flung Black☆Star into the crowd of crowns, she is attacked by Moonlight. As they arrive back at the DWMA, they are met by Marie who tells them that Crona has been added to Shinigami's list and that Spartoi has been ordered to execute them. [17], According to Soul, her hobbies includes reading books and doing puzzles. How old is Damon Albarn? She mostly gives every person the benefit of the doubt and treats them congenially, but if someone is very blatantly not deserving of any such niceties, she'll repay them in kind. They become great friends.

Whilst her physical self is crazily attacking them, her mental self manages to see into Crona's soul. [19] Maka is also caring and compassionate, willing to easily help a friend when in need with no personal gain in the end and help a newcomer such as Tsugumi Harudori on her first day. She has large forest green eyes and has ash blonde hair which she keeps in pigtails, although there are certain times at her home where she will wear them in buns or straight down or sometimes styled on formal occasions. Maka spots the mysterious girl still spying on them, and wonders what she's up to, having noticed her already with her Soul Perception. Such as when she hears from Medusa (back when Medusa was still the school nurse) that Soul had told her of his dreams of the Little Demon whilst he did not tell Maka anything. In The Dark Side of the Moon 2, Black☆Star deflects an attack from Crona to protect Maka, who is surprised that he is always saving her.

Soul merely replies that he is only releasing the pain that he had been holding back for so long. Soul Type A friend that used to not know how to deal with stuff but has gotten a lot better with it. [33] She also struggled with accepting her partner's celebrity status as a Death Scythe, feeling that he became one because of his own efforts with her contribution being useless. She is currently a Two-Star Meister, a Death Scythe Meister, and formerly a member of Spartoi. Alongside this uniform, Maka wears black tights and the classic white Spartoi shoes, but stops wearing tights a few chapters later. In the anime, when Crona is injured by Medusa, Ragnarok appears to die and verbally abuses Maka weakly, before telling her that at least she is with 'stupid Crona' in the end, and Maka shows genuine remorse or guilt for him. With a powerful scythe coupled with the dress acting as an armor, Maka is able to reach Arachne and deliver a powerful swipe, killing her. This causes Maka to completely break down, refusing to work with Soul anymore because she now feels unworthy and useless, until she eventually comes to her senses and helps him fight Giriko.

Whilst Kim and the others stay and tend to the soldiers affected by the Black Blood, Soul and Maka enter the area where Crona fought Feodor and Tsar Pushka. Tsubaki is usually the person that gives Maka advice when she is angry or depressed, and Maka always listens to what Tsubaki has to say. Maka learns about Hunson Abadeer and Discord and she and her friends fight the latter while making an alliance with the former.

Maka does not have the ability to fight on her own unlike other Meisters such as Death the Kid or Black☆Star. The three engage in battle, with Gopher overwhelming Soul and Maka with his tremendous speed. Romaji Maka also chops her father. Everyone finds out that Black☆Star is actually alive and that this was all a part of the remedial lesson, much to Maka's despair. Maka meets Lizbeth and also becomes friends with The V Crusaders. She apologizes to Soul for dragging him back, before sitting down, and to Soul's shock, asks him to leave her behind and says that she cannot fight alongside him anymore. Maka senses the insanity coming out from the scar in Soul's chest. Her pigtails start to reappear, although they are still quite short, and she is wearing her Spartoi uniform again, except she is still wearing trousers instead of her usual skirt. However, the two are sent to the Death Room to see Shinigami. Maka and the others tell them to retreat and decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew. As Maka realizes that she needs to be taken down, she then suddenly stops and puts a blade to her neck as she is order secretly by Shaula to kill herself. While explaining their progress, Spirit Albarn, Maka's father and the weapon of Death himself, butts in to give his two cents and to critique Soul Eater for reasons ultimately going back to his daughter of who, hates her father with a passion. She sometimes recites Shibusen's rules from memory, surprising even Shinigami himself. When Doctor Medusa comments on Soul's condition, she apologizes as she still blames herself. Later that night as they are heading home, Maka lets Black☆Star hit her to make up for how she hit him earlier.

Powers When the group make it into the center of the castle, they find that everyone is dressed exactly as they are. [54] She can voluntarily transfer this wavelength to her partner,[55] to others on her own with physical contact,[56] or through Soul's piano. She tries not to make that side of her evident, but miserably fails. She has been noted by her partner to be stubborn and gloomy and is sometimes prone to make decisions without regarding others' feelings if she feels justified enough.

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