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More to come on this story as we do our best to find them their forever homes. This page will go into detail on the more important parts of grooming your Mal. Keeping your Mal's coat clean is required to help prevent discomfort, disease and other health concerns. So if your Mal's coat does get a tangle, the best way to remove it is with your fingers. A rake might come in handy and will pull out the undercoat. Brush in a circular motion and get under the gum line. A good groomer can trim your long coat up very nicely for you. Nails that aren’t trimmed can splinter and infect the quick or grow and curl into the flesh. Sadly, in the wild, many long haired cats are unable to keep up with self-grooming and their hair becomes severely matted. Do not use cotton swabs in the dogs’ ears. malamute / マラミュート 強さとやわらかさをあわせもつ女性。 ニットならではのテクスチャーやフォルムを活かしたものづくりで ニューエレガンスを表現。Designer Profile 小高真理 2012年12月より自身のブランドmalamuteを立ち上げる。 Then introduce the brush. SEVERELY MATTED 13 YEAR OLD PYRENEES | Severely Matted Double Coat - Duration: 59 ... Alaskan Malamute, Maeya, getting groomed - Duration: 2:38. Incredibly  this continued for several months. The Booster Bath includes a 3-point adjustable leash restraint system with adjustable collar. Keeping your Mal's coat clean is required to help prevent discomfort, disease and other health concerns. Alaskan Malamute Coat Care. Not only was no action taken by the council, but a council worker stated that the dogs just needed a good wash but were physically fine ! These days there are soo many cases of abandoned and abused dogs so understandably many cases do get ‘forgotten’ or pushed aside (when they shouldn’t) however  we are determined that this story must not be forgotten. Shampoos vary, a good oatmeal shampoo is always a good choice, or a general cleaning shampoo works well too. All of the dogs were under weight and malnourished with several having to be treated for ear and eye infections.

Regular brushing is one of the best things you can do to keep your pet healthy and happy. “The state they were in is just indescribable.

The coarse guard coat varies in length as does the undercoat. Create a free website or blog at This undercoat should never be allowed to become matted or it loses its ability to insulate your dog leaving it to get very cold. When you are ready to learn how to groom your Alaskan Malamute, be sure to buy only the best tools as it is a worthy investment. These include toothbrushes, finger toothbrushes, solution for water etc. In the Autumn of 2013 there were reports that there were over 40 dogs at the Ballymoney area property. The Alaskan Malamute has an extremely thick and waterproof double coat that needs daily brushing. The smell is what really hit you when you saw them. Tools: Slicker, firm bristled brush. Hot spots can occur in out breed, regular grooming can help you find them and treat them. Spreads oils to moisturize skin and keep a shiny coat, Prevents mats and tangles which are irritating painful and can harbor bacteria, fungus, other infections, Keeps your house cleaner during shedding seasons, Help bonding, massaging, loving interaction, Early detection of fleas, ticks, eczema, infection and smells that alert you to illness. Both had coats completely matted with faeces and stained with urine and their nails were so long they had started to curve back on themselves. Brush your Alaskan malamute daily with a bristle brush or slicker. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. These glands also excrete when your dog defecates. Hence the tragedy of these dogs. However that was how bad Maikai’s coat was, that it had to be shaved. These miracle dogs are also featured in this short Malamute Matters Video.

In July 2013 two people moved from the UK to Northern Ireland (Ballymoney area)  with a few Alaskan Malamutes  and began breeding dogs. 80% of 3 year old dogs have periodontal disease due to lack of brushing. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I have a 7 yr old alaskan malamute. A great one is the Wahl Large Slicker Brush. Brushing daily is the most important part of grooming as it keeps the coat clean and allows you to check for tangles and mats. You can condition the malamutes coat if it feels dry, just don’t overdo it. A law will never stop people from doing wrong by animals but it will make sure they are punished.”, Malakai it seems will be a long-term resident at Benvardin due to health problems such as severe Arthritis, stage 2 Spongelousus of his spine and ADHD.

[…] Really bad breath is usually a sign of gum disease. How much your own dog’s hair will mat depends on the particular texture of his coat; it’s a very individual thing. All of the dogs were like skeletons with no muscle mass at all. Care should be taken to prevent sunburn or frostbite. A bacterium that develops can infect the heart, kidney, liver and brain. There may be slight blood spotting too, and this is OK as well. Matted hair can introduce skin conditions, fungus, and infections.

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