59, which has also been lined out. I 3 147, which translates to Shutzpolizei Marienwerder District, 3rd Centuria of Command 1, gun 147. Cut new chamber and head-space liner. | Privacy Policy. Rear sight has the 50 to 1000 graduations. Luger Pistol, Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistols and Accessories. $59.95. Mauser C96 Broomhandle 9mm caliber pistol. Required fields are marked *. Imperfections in the barrel like a bulge or a hard spot will make Mauser C96 Broomhandle 9mm (PR49824) $3,750.00. Hablamos Español. info@collectorsfirearms.com, Monday thru Saturday: 9am - 8pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm Bore is bright with light rifling. as well as barrels that have no rifling left. Ref.#C2az. This first gun started out life as a standard C/96 pistol, made in a contract of 150,000 guns for the Imperial German Military in WWI. We can restore all proofs and numbers on a firearm that has been polished before us, C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistol Canvas Storage bag.Order.Ref.# 01. Additional information. This gun then went to a Weimar Era German police unit, being marked on the front of the grip strap with police markings of S. Ma. Has 97-98% blue. 7.63×25 Liner, 9 Luger Liner, 7.63×25 New Barrel Install with Front Sight, 9mm New Barrel Install with Front Sight, Your email address will not be published. This pistol still retains the original Red 9 grips, but has been reworked to comply with the Treaty of Versailles. On the left magazine flat, the gun is also marked with a cryptic 3/E. safe installation of the liner and accurate drilling of the barrel impossible as the drill will follow the curve of the barrel. If so, this would post-date the other police markings cancelled out on the front strap. Pony Express Firearms04.2017Mauser, WW1 Firearms. The wonderful aspect of collecting guns which passed through so many different hands is that one learns so much while researching them. This number was crossed out when the gun was turned in from police service, and in fact it overwrites another, earlier police marking which is now illegible and obliterated. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2020 LUGERMAN INC. All Rights Reserved. The right side flat has an Eagle/SU4 stamp indicating a rework in the early 1930’s by Simson, a German arms company that went out of business prior to WWII.

4. In case of a 9mm, outside dimension of the barrel has to be 0.520 or more, if it is smaller, only new barrel is an option for 9mm conversion. There are two ways to deal with that problem: Installing a new Liner: Its barrel was cut to 4″, the rear tangent sight was removed, and a notch sight was brazed onto the rear of the gun. Toll Free: (877)214-9327E-mail:Contact Us, Free Ground Shipping on all US Online Orders Over $100, Toll Free: (877) 214-9327 Mauser C96 Broomhandle 9mm caliber pistol. Bore is bright with light rifling. Mauser large ring model 1896 shallow milled panel pistol. Mauser satisfied these restrictions by reviving an older variant, popularly known as the Bolo. Many of these guns were also refinished at the arsenal when this work was done, but this one appears to have its original finish intact. Both options are available in 7.63×25 or 9mm cambering. 1. 4140 Milled Fire Blue C96 Bolt Stop – Fits all models, Be the first to review “Broomhandle C96 Barrel Options”. $4.00. MAUSER C96 STRIPPER CLIPS. $50.00. Rear sight has the 50 to 1000 graduations. 5. Where it went from there is pure guesswork, as very few C/96 pistols were legitimately marked with definitive Nazi markings. Many of these military guns will also be found with a German acceptance stamp on the right side barrel flat. Houston, Texas 77063 The “Other” 9mm Mauser Broomhandle Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistols Used in the Mexican Revolution, circa 1897-1900 Remington Double Derringer .41 Short Revolver Mauser C96 Broomhandle 9mm caliber pistol. Tel. 3. Tags: antique firearms, broomhandle, broomhandle red 9, broomhandle red nine, collector firearms, gun store 80134, mauser broomhandle, mauser c96, mauser c96 red 9, mauser c96 red nine, military antiques, military collectibles, parker co antique firearms, parker co collectible firearms, parker co gun store, parker gun store, pony express firearms. 4140 Milled Fire Blue C96 Bolt Stop – Fits all models.

Drill barrel out to 0.420″ thru and thru Has 97-98% blue.

| When this was done, and what significance it has are unknown at this time. Do you have an item like this one that you are interested in selling? It’s one thing to be able to generally identify the make and model of a pistol, it’s another to know exactly where it saw service, what units it served with, and sometimes to even trace a gun’s whole service history. Fax. Text pics to: (713) 202-2922, 7626 Westheimer @ Voss Sku# 733 MAUSER C96 STRIPPER CLIP, CHINESE MADE ($4.EA OR 3/$10) (ALSO AVAILABLE: 10 IN ORIGINAL CHINESE MILITARY WRAPPER FOR $30) Qty: Add to … MAUSER C96 STRIPPER CLIPS; MAUSER C96 STRIPPER CLIPS. In the next two posts we’ll be examining two Mauser C/96 pistols, both of which vividly illustrate how markings trace a gun’s history and affect value. ... Mauser Broomhandle C96 Bolt Stop $ 69.00. At the time it was reworked by Simson, some parts were replaced, most notably the extractor which is salt blued, not the fire blue found on earlier C/96s. For the sake of identification, these guns were branded on the grips with a large “9” that was then filled in with red (or uncommonly black) paint. | We deal with bulged barrels all the time Make the new barrel with shape and form of an original, weld it in place and install a new front sight on the barrel. Rust damaging outside of the barrel as well as The pistol itself is just an object, but being able to interpret its story, stamped in its steel, is what makes collecting fine old guns so fascinating. on after any surface that had rust damage, and anything that needed clean up and welding and numbers and proofs got damaged as a result.

Bore is bright with light rifling. 713 - 781 - 1960 These guns were numbered in their own serial number range, and were chambered in the standard 9mm Luger caliber. Install liner using silver alloy Originally this gun had a 5.5″ barrel, 5-500 tangent rear sight, and standard Mauser markings over the chamber and on the right side. In case of a 9mm, outside dimension of the barrel has to be 0.520 or more, if it is smaller, only new barrel is an option for 9mm conversion. That’s why being able to identify obscure unit and arsenal markings is a worthwhile endeavor. Mauser C/96 Red Nine 1920 Reworked Pistol, We purchase collectible firearms and military antiques, How to Spot a Refinished Mauser Broomhandle, Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistols Used in the Mexican Revolution, circa 1897-1900, Remington Double Derringer .41 Short Revolver, German WW2 Concentration Camp Prisoner Pink Triangle Armband. From the markings, we can be certain that this gun started out life as an Imperial Issued Red 9 in WWI, was then either issued to the “3/E” unit, or to the Marienwerder District, and was then sent to Simson for a rework in the early 1930’s.

We offer this blog as a resource for fellow collectors or anyone looking for information on a specific item. One of the most fascinating aspects of dealing and collecting in antique firearms like we do daily here at Pony Express Firearms is tracing the history of a particular gun. Then we have to cut the barrel off, rim the upper to receive the new barrel. 713 - 781 - 6407 Has 97-98% blue. This is the classic C96 "Broomhandle" that was produced in 9mm for the Imperial German Army in 1916. In researching the markings, we learn about the Imperial German forces of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles, the Weimar Republic, and the building terror of the early Nazi regime. 2. Click the button below to add the Mauser C96 Broomhandle 9mm (PR49824) to your wish list. Making a shouldered seat for the liner makes sure it will never move forward. Mauser large ring model 1896 shallow milled panel pistol. Availability: In stock. Due to the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, German pistols were limited to 100 mm barrels or shorter, and calibers under 9mm. Installing new Barrel: Often these Weimar era police markings are misinterpreted to be WWI German military unit markings. Progressive discount will apply depending on the amount of proofs and numbers that will be needed to make the gun new again. Drill to 0.450″ about an 1.25″ deep from the receiver side Email: info@collectorsfirearms.com It was also stamped with “1920” to indicate compliance with the Treaty. Add to cart; Mauser Broomhandle Stock Restoration $ 250.00. Welcome to ParkerGunStore.com, the informational blog brought to you by Pony Express Firearms in Parker, CO. We specialize in collectible and antique firearms and military memorabilia. We purchase collectible firearms and military antiques every day at Pony Express Firearms – please contact us today if you would like to sell your item! We can venture an educated guess that it might mean 3rd Centuria, Eichstaett, gun 59 of the post 1930 Bavarian Police. During World War I, the Imperial German Army contracted with Mauser for 150,000 C96 pistols chambered in 9mm Parabellum to offset the slow production of the standard-issue Luger P08 pistol. More Views. Although often called the "small-frame" Mauser, most of the frame is …

Make new liner to match profile Ammuntion C96 Mauser 9mm/7.63mm Stripper Clip Bundle. Mauser large ring model 1896 shallow milled panel pistol. From this we get the “Red Nine” nickname for this particular variant of Broomhandle. 9mm Luger Pistols and C96 Pistol Firearms Accessories,Pistol Presentation cases and gun boxes. Ground Shipping on all U.S. Online Orders Over $100, Toll Free: (877) 214-9327E-mail: info@collectorsfirearms.comText pics to (713) 781-1960.

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