Lukashenko: “I Consider Francis the Best Pope”, No Surprise: The Germans Impart Invalid Or Doubtful Confirmations, Francis: Dialogue Is “Most Privileged Instrument Against Covid”, Homosex Eucharist Replaces Creed With "Diversity", What Happens in Armenia: The Account of Evgenija Babayan, Benedict XVI Renounces His Brother’s Inheritance. There are no FSSP Chapels in the Greater Toronto Region. […], Hank Igitur and Hermann Eutics discuss the spectacular drowning of pagan idols in Rome. Other Latin Mass offerings are treated with intense suspicion and mild disapproval. I have seen Society priests literally cringe when a lay person starts ranting about various things within the Church.

I was married at a diocesan Latin Mass ceremony, at St. Lawrence the Martyr, and had my daughter baptized at the same Church. Why I no longer attend my Latin Mass parish on a weekly basis. Just remember it is a society of priests and not laity, and that maintaining a little personal independence is probably in your best interest. Right around Easter Sunday 2020, Catholic social media erupted into chatter (often quite contentious) over the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). I happily discovered the Toronto Oratory a few weeks before the pandemic began and I started attending daily Mass at Holy Family Parish and Sunday obligation St. Vincent de Paul. It is not difficult to see why this would mesh with the world-view of people like Voris and Coffin. Follow The Camp of Saints on The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc. I sympathize with the Society in the difficulty in responding to some of these allegations. My impressions of the SSPX are mostly positive. Before this controversy I viewed Michael Voris, Executive Producer of CM, with some amusement: ex-homosexual, kind of a weird guy, loud mouth, ambitious. See our complete SSPX coverage . Viganò: Is Francis Blackmailed Or Blackmailing? For a week we saw a raging battle swinging to and fro over the legitimacy of SSPX. But there is more than a kernel of truth to the allegations. Voris wants to be treated with respect as a player in the Church. Church Militant will forever be a tabloid; it is inherent in their DNA. Now for the negatives. Denounces "slanderous piece of yellow journalism"... SSPX responds to Church Militant Report on Sexual Abuse [UPDATE 24-APR-2020 03:00 UTC: Church Militant's Response to SSPX] Yesterday, Apr. Regardless of the outcome, or where the truth lies between the Church Militant and SSPX positions regarding these allegations, one thing seems pretty certain:  the devil is laughing at us. Several of the accusers strike me as having these personality types. We rely on you to support our news reporting. […], Whether you know him as St. Rocco or St. Roch, he is a special friend to little guys like Mr. […], With an outrageously successful Amazon Synod under their belts, the apostates are on the march! The last time I checked Society priests were telling laity to delete their social media accounts entirely. When Church Militant broke the allegations against the Society I was highly, highly skeptical. Submit news to our tip line. They really, really think that laity should be prayerful and offer sacrifices to change the Church rather than be loud on social media.

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