It’s a team game after all. I think so. Not super useful.

Don’t get put off by her weak health, this does not entail that she’ll quickly leave the battle field with the tail between her legs. You’ll be focusing on maneuvering her in and out of battle to do damage and get out of the way. Go with Mass Hysteria. Now, this is far better than the Shield offered by the Feedback Loop Augment. Great responsibility. I hope you have as much fun playing the Mindthief as I did! Like, celebrity showing up to a party late. And on that note, let’s take a look at the bottom of Perverse Edge…. Add in that he’s a Loss with slow movement, and you’ll want to save him for the last room really. Such a good card for when you want to do something and do it NOW. If your party already has a character that can dish out heaping helpings of damage then I’d recommend moving Frigid Apparition down and focusing on boosting Perverse Edge’s Range, and adding on a debuff (Disarm or Poison) to Scurry. It’s rare that you’ll want to run through as many monsters as possible though to apply the Muddle debuff. The move 4 on bottom advantageous for any deck. The bottom action gives some great movement and is a great candidate to be improved with a jump later on. If you’ve already got a support class in your party then there’s nothing to see here on the top of Silent Scream. You’ll go late in the round, but maybe not after all the monsters.

Also, we generate frost to set up the top. ( Log Out /  With a regular move you wouldn’t be able to get close to the fool holding a steak knife, but with Feedback Loop you can get yourself behind the enemy and hit him with your melee attack… and snag a coin while you’re at it (call it a service charge). Let us know if this worked also for you, either in a 2 player or multiplayer campaign.

That top action is awesome. The plusses of Mindthief are: Mistakes to avoid while playing Mindthief. This section is just going to be Level 1 and Level X cards, so don’t worry about spoilers. This ultimately will net you 12 damage across 4 enemies. … and it isn’t even a burner card. Another Move with Jump is very useful! A melee glass cannon is an unusual character build. Scurry is an absolute staple. So we can direct it to go after exactly who we want it to. I can’t think of a situation where I’d leave this card behind. And this has one of the worst Mindthief initiatives at 48. You’re gonna want to make sure that if you’re opening up the door on your turn, you’ve got the cavalry coming right behind you with very quick initiatives.

It can be helpful or it can cause problems, depending on the situation. Because we need to run in and out of melee range, we need to make sure we have a decent amount of movement cards too. You can play it safe. Stam pot (unfortunately, unlike the board game, looks like items are unique per character). You then use the Minor Stamina Potion, to pick the combo back up, and next turn use it again against another adjacent enemy. The real place where Empathic Assault is useful though is with the power it has being a self-heal. That’s ok, but not amazing for a Loss card at level 9. +1 Range to Perverse EdgeGreat for holding off range enemies while you deal with melee enemies first. Don’t take this one as your Level 2 pick. Knock yourself out! The invisible character can still take damage from effects that directly cause damage, particularly traps and retribution effects. And being able to generate ice by yourself, which can set up Frigid Apparition for a smackdown next turn. If you enjoyed this Mindthief guide, check them out – ranged build guide for the Cragheart, tank build Brute guide, Tinkerer crowd control build guide and Spellweaver AoE guide. Let’s take a look. Now with this freedom in our grasp and breeze beneath our wings, this card can open up the opportunity to lay a smackdown on an enemy that is otherwise blocked from our melee attack. ( Log Out /  Of course, you can just use it as a regular loot action and ignore the conditional bonus. Coming out of a rest with an odd number of cards means one of them is going to be left without a dance partner. Here’s a rundown of the highest value upgrades: This is probably going to be your bread and butter. Attack 4 is average for us, but Ice is always helpful in teeing up Frigid Apparition. Over the past 15 games or so, I have tried a series of augments across different levels, and now only actually keep one in my hand – The Mind’s Weakness. Move 4, no Jump, no Muddle effect (which should be avoided). Finally, we can get rid of this card! +2 damage to all melee abilities forever. No, I didn’t think so. That +2 to all melee abilities turns you from a weak vermling dealing minimal damage, to a decent damage dealer! A glass cannon, if you will. If you play the Mindthief with poetry and all the colours of the wind, then welcome home. Milk that Move 5 until you’re ready to mentally blow someone up and then cash in. If you make smart moves, this card will keep you alive consistently. However!

What a great card against bosses, elite or shielded monsters! It really doesn’t matter what this ability says, we’re never going to use it! The top half of this card is a Meat Shield.

So, this is an awesome combo and it is awesome for a couple of reasons. Essentially a push 2 from 5 spaces away. Good attention to detail. The top ability will make you feel epic, and the Move 5 is so, so useful. Power potion (major preferably, and both types eventually). Most augment cards will be useless because you won’t want to opt to discard this card for it. So there’s an extra 75 gold to pay. Also generating darkness can be useful occasionally. Use the 09 initiative on Hostile Takeover to go early in the round and pick your target. Until we get to the last room, that is. One of the things you’ll quickly realize, and if you’ve already started playing you’ve already found out, that the Mindthief is a delicate little butterfly.

Some attack with a strengthen. But for enemies that you know are going to need multiple rounds of abuse, invisibility is a great alternative to the run away portion. Unfortunately, The Minds Weakness makes this pretty useless since Augments naturally compete with each other. The top Augment is pretty good, for higher health monsters that will be around for a while, but for most of the time, The Mind’s Weakness is the better choice. It’s a no-brainer to get one of these! +movement boots (Mindthief is in general much more starved for movement compared to the Scoundrel). This Goomhaven Mindthief guide focuses on building and playing as a damage focussed Mindthief who stuns monsters!

Nice, but not worth losing a card over. Character Level: 1Exerience: 20Gold: 8Scenario Goals: [ ] [ ] [ ]Character Perks: None chosen yetItems: Poison Dagger, Minor Stamina PotionPersonal Goal: Experience two other characters achieving their personal quests. The bottom action gives some move and attack but Corrupting Embrace (from level 6) gives better utility. The bottom action can put out a good amount of damage to one enemy. The reason this card doesn’t scale well is because the 2 Health stays constant, but as you level up it will become an ever-shrinking percentage of your total health. If you want to share with us your thoughts or experience , feel welcome to leave us a comment. We don’t want to be hit at all, with or without a Shield! ( Log Out /  Review: Detective – A Modern Crime Game transforms the hunt for clues into a board game. Although, it has terrible speed, making it much less useful. Get somebody else to do it….

If you’re just starting out then you should stop reading this and come back when you’ve leveled up and have some decisions to make. But you can at least make the case that you’re a squishy melee character so they can really help you to get away if you need to!

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