This unit reflects all the features and benefits of V1 and has been designed to be encased as an enclosed boiler or reside within the hull … Use our magazine locator link to find your nearest stockist! Trackside Models home page. Check out FAQs here. Our S3 Seuthe smoke unit (oil-burner) runs from 8v-14v and draws 700mA. This new smoke unit would be even better with a chuff puff sync feature. WEEE | Terms & conditions | Privacy | Returns, All content © Copyright 2020 Howes Models Ltd, Heljan O class 52 and class 53 Falcon spares, Tamiya Electric Cars, Buggys & Truck Kits, Transmitter Battery and Charger Bundles for Tamiya Kits, Extension leads battery connectors and switches, Li-PO Safety Charging Bags / Battery Testers. Has anyone installed a smoke generator in a model which generates enough smoke?

The steam version increases in output with increased throttle (ie 'Connect all boilers and make best speed' ), as opposed to the diesel version which will give a big plume of smoke on start … Thanks FJF.

First of all I would like to thank the 4 gentlemen who have offered their advice which answers all my questions very fully. Ideal for exhaust system applications.Unit made from PLA plastic.One fill of water will last about one hour.

We have a new section on the website for model railway accessories. In order to maintain a consistent standard and format, all suggestions should first be sent to me by Personal Message for approval in principle. I look forward to seeing your photos. Build yourself a smoke/steam generator. Custom built Foggys. I discovered that my recently-acquired Bachmann J 4-8-4 (Norfolk & Western railroad) has a smoke unit. Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 20/12/2010 23:22:04.

Hi Ken,   The above posts just about says it all. NEW Viper-25 Synthetic Smoke Effect, internal boiler with onboard fan unit.Fan can be connected to a commercially available speed controller and be run up to 12 volts.Mist unit runs on 9 to12v - Uses Water only.Small unit now with a bigger fan. If you install it with our P68S Fan Controller then you can increase the volume of smoke as the drive motor speeds up. Seuthe SEUTHE 99 Smoke unit for up to 14v locos with plastic bodies.

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Available now!!! Like others I have used both types of smoke generator,   one of the main considerations I found is the type of boat it is used on.

... Everybody would like a smoke unit that gives black smoke. Click here to see the contact details of our overseas distributors. The unit generates near instantaneous cold "Smoke Effect" from water and does not use oil or smoke fluid. One of the options for "smoke and steam" in our models are ultrasonic foggers.

My LHS suggested this - they didnt have any smoke oil in stock. Especially when you make high speed turns. Hope this helps; like NHP says, you pays your money etc. 80mm Height - plus 90mm funnel ( SHORTEN TO SUIT ) Diesels can send up clouds of black smoke when they are started and steamships if the fires are not properly trimmed.

Just add plain water to produce smoke / steam effect. Smoke effects can be created using a stationary smoke generator such as one of the units manufactured by Vollmer.

We'll Buy Your Old Models - Cash Waiting. Please click here, Sign up to Model Boats Special Offers These are commonly used by Aquarium and Hydroponic fans to humidify an environment. The manual for the MMB unit states very clearly that doing this will a) not work; b) gum up the unit, and c) invalidate the guarantee.

I am going to the International Model Boat show at Warwick 8th November so will look on the Hunter Systems stand to see if they will give a demo of their generator.

I know this is an old thread but I was checking out Tommydean's latest posting on the Robert E Perry Build thread and I noticed an interesting bit of information in the "warship models underway" on a home made smoke generator which did not use oil but used very low cost theatrical mist generator liquid and no mess. Want the latest issue of Model Boats? Ideally I would want to stick to a 7.2volt NiHD battery for main drive - not sure if an additional 12volt battery of suitable capacity could be tolerated with the delicate ballasting requirements of a narrow hulled destroyer.

By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Sign up to our Newsletter or Special Offers, Distributors of Model Boats for our overseas readers, Make your own contribution to the Website,,, A feeble wisp of smoke from a model like a Clyde puffer may be OK but I am contempleting a destroyer (Z37) build which has two funnels and would like to install smoke generation with lots of smoke as in the real thing. Just discarded the Deans Marine vacuum mouldings for the turrets of the Z37 as they are too crude.

I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

This isn't a lot of power but it wouldn't help with motor running times if you were to operate it from the same battery as the main drive.

Welcome to

12v Model Boat Smoke Effect Unit -. It could also be used to have smoke emanate from a burning building, car or airplane crash or a campfire. Smoke adds greatly to the realism of model boats on the water. I think you'll find that 'steam' is always white anyway. Kort nozzles.

Also available are units that can be fitted into model buildings so a smoking chimney or burning building is also possible. Please find below our current selection of Smoke Effect units. This isn't a lot of power but it wouldn't help with motor running times if you were to operate it from the same battery as the main drive. I have seen a trawler with a fan assisted smoke generator which looked very realistic. It operates on 12v and seems very effective. The units are available in different sizes and can be used with many manufacturer's locomotives.The smoke units are available for different scales including N Scale, OO Scale, HO Scale, G Scale and Gauge 1. I tried it on our club layout, using some baby oil with some success. The Harbour smoke generator looks great.

Wow i forgot about that!!!

Mine was slightly different from the one in the link above, it was a vertical boilered affair. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Variable fan speed to create preffered output rate I have a basic oil burner (no fan etc) in a model of a diesel powered trawler, a bad choice, it had to have its own battery, or running time was limited, and when running the exhaust(funnle) looked more like the galley stove chimney. Please find below our current selection of Smoke Effect units. 01865 Foggy smoke generators. I'm a great fan of the vapour generating type as they are much more effective, use less power and are safer. I have seen this impressive model at a local boat club event.

Bit of a struggle with the twin 15cm mount as it has a very complex shape. I am considering fitting some kind of smoke maker in my scratch built harbour tug which runs on 7.2 volts and is 32" from stem to stern. Hand made smoke effect unit that is a fantastic addition to your model boat project.

Generates 'Smoke Effect' for Model Boats   *   Uses Clean, Cold Water   *   Requires 12v Battery Source   *   General Operation 30 Minutes Before Water Refill Required, Odourless Cold 'Smoke Effect'   *   Only Uses Clean Cold Water (so no repeat purchase of Oil / Smoke Fluid   *   No Heat Generated   *   Supplied with Power Converter, Instructions and Wiring Guide Provided   *   Email and Telephone Support Available, Coalville Model Boat Show 9/10 April   *   Doncaster Model Boat Show June   *   Blackpool Model Boat Show 15/16 October, All feedback is welcome. Best Sellers. To keep it going you simply stick a bit more water down thr funnel when it stops generating vapour. Hi Ken,  I have both in my boats and can confirm what Neil says. Dave;   ships don''t normally emit steam from the funnel  its usually smoke from the boilers or exhaust from the diesels    The steam from the engins is usually condensed and recycled to the boilers again.

This unit reflects all the features and benefits of V1 and has been designed to be encased as an enclosed boiler or reside within the hull of a larger vessel. Smoke adds greatly to the realism of model boats on the water. Smoke Units; Scale Figures; Radio Control Boats, Ships & Kits. This means either a 24v battery or an electronic device which can generate it for you, which may be determined by the hull space you have available.

The HMS Lord Nelson is generating serious quantities of mist.

Following the success of our market leading smoke effect unit V1 for model boats, we have now developed the 'Slanted Top Style Boiler' V2 to complement the range. Take a look here.

I had to modify it with a fan assist to improve the effect. Please click here. hi, i have seen both types working, the oil burning type use either 6 or 12 volts and seem to be sensitive to using those exact voltages., or they can fail.also they put out very low amounts of smoke which in mho look very unrealistic or you have the water vapour type which operate via speed controller and the amount of output is comensurate with the speed of motors, but the big drawback with these is that they need 24 volts to operate them at present times. Model Boat Mayhem. The Member Contribution area offers space for short informative mini articles which would not normally find a place in Model Boats magazine.

Fittings. great find Robin,,,,;topicseen#msg1369,, SimplePortal 2.3.6 © 2008-2014, SimplePortal. This fan assisted Mister unit runs on 12v, Just add plain water to produce smoke / steam effect. Drop me a note if you have any comments, "A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle". i have been reading several articles about Mist Makers: Thanks Colin the unit by mark looks promising although for my purposes probably a bit large for a destroyer installation.

The old warships of WW1 would emit large amounts of smoke when the powerplant was beingt run flat out such as at Jutland but generally smoke represents unburnt fuel which costs so it is kept to an absolute minimum by the engineer on duty. Adding that more realistic effect to your model By submitting this form, you are granting: Harbor Models Inc., 507 E Ada Ave, Glendora, California, 91741, United States, permission to email you. TELEPHONE: 01633 843949. Good point, Tom - but we both know that vapour-based model "smoke" generators don't emit real smoke - it's water vapour, or 'steam' in simple terms. Whilst we do this prior to despatch and we make every effort to apply protective packaging for transit, infrequently things do get damaged in the post.

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