Great stuff. I recently received an email which contained a striking subject line titled "black cats".

Whales are also easy to identify, but there is something else in the waters of SW Florida that we see often but are unable to get a good picture of. ", would have a 'waisted' appearance behind the head, more narrow than the head. I agree many of the with the solid points made by the writer.

Stream MonsterQuest, Season 3 online now with the History Vault. Monterey Bay Aquarium Great White Shark's Snout Ground to a Pulp, Strange Creature Found On Russian Coastline Baffles Locals, Freak! Great job Jay ! Flying Saucer Photographed Over Area 51 November 2012. Manatees are common and easy to identify, as are large Tiger Sharks, and we just saw a 10 foot Manta Ray last week up close. The males are focused on the female and the female probably just wants to be able to come up to breathe during all of the activity... shallow areas are probably good locations for her to rest and mate.Thank you for reaching out to FWC for information.FWC Imperiled Species Management"I know this isn't any real surprise, since, as you point out, manatees or another large marine mammal were already a possible if not probable explanation. The origin of last year's other sensational underwater story remains a mystery. It is an intriguing... An example of a wake giving the appearance of an undulating, serpentine animal. Feel free to comment with your thoughts regarding this post! The everglades has developed an alarming population of nearly undetectable Burmese Pythons, I think that's exactly what this is, and explains the "Lake Tarpon - Tarpie" sightings"I live on lake tarpon and have been wondering about "Tarpie" for the last few months since hearing about it...Bear with me for a second, this might sound crazy but I think I might have this figured out -Ever since the 1980's, the Everglades have started to develop an infestation of Burmese Pythons, native to parts of Asia, and imported into the US for trade as exotic pets. They have since been banned for being used as pets due to their hardy, NEARLY UNDETECTABLE, and extremely invasive nature when released into the wild.These snakes can grow up to 19 feet...(alleged Tarpie sightings depict Tarpie to be about 15-20 feet in length, long, slender and very reptile/snake-like) and once these "pets" get to this length they are extremely difficult to keep. Heuvelmans, Bernard, Richard Garnett, and Alika Watteau. ". Episode 44: "Sea Monsters." I’ll be back. Mississippi Man Shares Encounter With Purported Out of Place Jaguarundi, An Interview With Chuck Pogan: Cryptozoological Researcher & Analyst of Alleged Lake Champlain "Monster" Footage, Blog On A "Log": An Analysis of The Mansi Photograph By Scott Mardis, An Intriguing Report Of A Black Panther In Kansas, My Many-Humped 'Sea Serpent' Sighting (Well, Not Really), The Lord Geekington: Cameron McCormick's Brilliant Abode of Zoological Miscellany, Bestiarium: Markus Bühler's Site on Fantastic Biology, Paleontology, and Nature, CaddyScan: An Ongoing Attempt To Obtain Definitive Video Evidence Of The Unidentified Marine Animals Reported As "Cadborosaurus", Doubtful News: A sharp-eyed view of questionable claims, Tetrapod Zoology: Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - living and extinct.

Episode 45: "Mysterious Ape Island." They require a large cage/enclosure and plenty of food.I'm not sure why nobody else has considered the idea that if it's possible to develop a Burmese Python infestation in the Everglades...that maybe ONE PERSON who lived on Lake Tarpon (plenty of wealthy 2/3 story mansions (AKA - the typical exotic pet owner)) let their Python loose in Lake Tarpon, or perhaps broke himself out of his cage? History Channel - Original Air Date: 4/22/09 People are seeing something strange in the inlet waters of Florida, and MQ wants to find out what it is. Home Documentaries Series Search ... Sea Monsters. Nice - You included important details of the Pensacola story, that are usually ignored.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believes that this is the source of the sea creature shown during a segment last year on Monsterquest. Now, one Florida man says that not only has he witnessed these creatures on countless occasions, but he also has hours of video proof. Once again visiting British Columbia, this time combing Vancouver Island in a hunt for the Sasquatch. Not like a pet owner would report an illegal pet missing....Ok so you think this is all pretty crazy...some huge snakelike monster MIGHT actually exist in the lake, and you know what else is pretty crazy about Lake Tarpon?The AMERICAN CROCODILE THAT MIGRATED 350 MILES FROM THE EVERGLADES AND WAS FOUND IN LAKE TARPON, WHICH WAS THOUGHT TO TRAVEL THROUGH FLORIDA'S "EXTENSIVE CANAL SYSTEM"So there's the possibility that if it's not a rogue exotic local pet, it might be an exotic pet that migrated from the Everglades...still think that's farfetched?My only other idea is a monstrous catfish with a remarkable growth defect. I don't think the description's of alleged Tarpie sightings sound like a catfish though, even a particularly large one at that....And furthermore I am not quite sure this "Wake" or whatever we want to call this water disturbance is conclusive either but this is the first result you get when you google Tarpie so I figured this might be a good place to post my theory.

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