The dust will cake up and become ineffective if rained on, so dusting requires multiple treatments over several weeks to have any effect on the mound. The ant workers sometimes damage trees and shrubs by chewing openings in the bark and spraying formic acid. The workers make galleries and tunnels in the ground. Check the label of any pesticide referenced to ensure your use is included. They are reddish-brown and reach 3-6 mm in length. Species: Formica exsectoides Forel Distribution: Nova Scotia to Georgia from the Atlantic Coast to the western side of the Appalachian Mountains. If Allegheny mound ants are nesting on a property, it is usually best to call a pest control professional. Eradication is the only means necessary to prevent further tree death and possible injury to equipment. Colonies are started by a single, mated queen. Attacked plants will be near mounds and the bark will be covered with resin-filled blisters. Keeping ants out of homes and buildings is an ongoing process, not a one-time treatment.

The Orkin Man™ can provide the right solution to keep ants in their place...out of your home, or business. The use of a professional pest control specialist is a more effective way to ensure the problem is solved. The 4-H Name and Emblem have special protections from Congress, protected by code 18 USC 707. Control hints: Large, numerous mounds are difficult to control. They hunt a wide assortment of insects as a protein source and collect aphid honeydew as a source of sugars. A 19-inch high mound may contain 250,000 individuals. If these ants are disturbed, they give off a distinct formic acid odor. Moreover, these mounds do pose as a physical problem for lawn care professional’s mowing equipment. Option 3: Mound treatments. They also live in playgrounds and residential lawns in rural and suburban areas. Their large mounds are constructed of soil brought up from excavated galleries below the nest. Check out the MSU Landscape and Nursery Management Certificate Program! A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. The Orkin Man™ is trained to help manage Allegheny Ants and similar pests. Description and life cycle: The Allegheny mound ant, as its name implies, builds above ground nests in undisturbed, open areas. The ants kill nearby vegetation including small trees and shrubs to keep shade off of the mound. Allegheny mound ants nest in fields, pastures and wooded areas. The most visible sign of Allegheny mound ants is the mound, hence their name. After opening a mound, pour in about one gallon of the diluted material per foot of mound diameter so that it soaks or drenches into the soil. The mound acts as an incubator for mound ant larvae and pupae. Drenching a mound with a liquid insecticide, like liquid Sevin, requires the top of the mound be scraped away with a shovel to expose the large tunnels below it. Its range extends from Nova Scotia to parts of Georgia. This will cause the insecticide to drain into the mound and not run off. They rarely enter homes or buildings in search of food, which is a very good thing. They do this by chewing a small hole in the bark and injecting formic acid into the wound.

Editor’s note: This article is from the archives of the MSU Crop Advisory Team Alerts. Option 2: Disturb mounds. Most commonly, they construct these mounds of out of coarse sand, dead twigs, and leaves. Allegheny ants nest in open areas with plenty of sunshine and construct large mounds made from soil particles they excavate from underground tunnels and bring to the soil surface. Allegheny ant mounds need warmth to survive and practice a very interesting behavior to keep the colony in direct sunlight. Allegany mound ants, Formica exsectoides, build large conspicuous nests in open fields and in open areas in woodlots and forests.

They also live in playgrounds and residential lawns in rural and suburban areas. The workers protect aphids and other insects that produce honeydew. They are reddish-brown and reach 3-6 mm in length. Other signs would be the workers as they forage for food.

Allegheny mound ant is a species of ant native to the Atlantic area of North America.

Residents with ant mounds in their yards may see the insects crawling inside by accident. There are several methods they can use to control Allegheny mound ants. The ants also collect the honeydew secretions from sap-sucking insects such as aphids and leafhoppers. Option 1: Eliminate food.

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