MUD’s next single, “The Secrets That You Keep”, was released on 14th February 1975 and reached number three in the UK. After years of unsuccessful singles, they were signed to Mickie Most's Rak label, and had three Top 20 successes in 1973 with "Crazy" (No. Their last single to reach the British charts was a cover of the Bill Withers song "Lean on Me" which reached No. In the military, and stationed in San Diego, they … ... Mud. Songwriter/Producer team Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, who had already had success with the SWEET, were looking for a new band to write for and manage. Tye Sheridan. This lasted on and off until 2004. Let us know what you think of the website. In 2018 The Mudmen celebrated their 20th Anniversary with over 3000 shows to … Electric Mud was started by brothers Marc and Matty in Staten Island, NY back in 2008. Catchy songwriting with strong hooks, paired with a tenacious live sound, have given Electric Mud a reputation to pay attention to. Electric Mud was started by brothers Marc and Matty in Staten Island, NY back in 2008. The band consisted of Gray, drummer Dave Mount, Ray Stiles on bass and Rob Davis on guitar. He was a self-taught musician, and played trumpet in his school years with a jazz band, and then, with his younger brother, formed the skiffle band The Mourners.

The guys also featured in another retrospective which showed their mid-70s “Green Cross Code” advert which also features on the compilation video “Charlie Says”. There they enjoyed three more British Top 20 hits within seven months: "L-L-Lucy" (No. [see biographies for more details]. However, Les reformed the band as 'Les Gray's Mud' with a new lineup. In 1992, Les Gray moved with his wife Carol to live in the Algarve region of Portugal. 9 more photos, Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. It was produced by Mike Smith and the A-side was arranged by Keith Mansfield. Bands and artists like The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Tom Petty and Waylon Jennings can be heard in their sound. They had fifteen hits in the U.K., including three number ones. Let us know what you think of the website. Later that year their bass player (Nigel Lunt) left and was replaced by Ray Stiles. All four members decided to complete their time in the service and pursue music full time. BBC Radio 2 broadcast a two hour special about Niky Chinn and Mike Chapman that inevitably included MUD. Dave Mount was brought in to replace him. The band released their debut single "Flower Power" on CBS in 1967, but were not immediately successful. [2], Like contemporaries Sweet, their most successful period came when their records were written and produced by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman: in 1975 they had seven singles in the UK Top 40 totalling over 45 weeks on the chart, the most by any artist in 1975.

Several singles followed, along with two further albums, “Mud Rock On” and “As You Like It”. Les, Rob and Ray were in favour, but Pete decided to leave to pursue a career as a draughtsman so left the band. The tracks were actually recorded by sessions musicians, one of which was Pip Williams who would become the bands producer. Electric Mud was started by brothers Marc and Matty in Staten Island, NY back in 2008. Successful UK pop / glam band. [4][5][6] Three further singles in 1967/68, "Up the Airy Mountain"/"The Latter Days", "Shangri-La"/"House on the Hill" and "Jumping Jehosophat"/"Won't Let It Go", made no impression on the UK Singles Chart. MUD’s last number one single, “Oh Boy” was released in April 1975, at about which time MUD’s split with Chinn and Chapman and RAK became common knowledge. The film itself was not particularly well received - the music was, as you’d expect, good, but the plot and acting are best described as poor, even from the professionals. With thanks to John Warburg for additional information. The drive to make music became stronger than ever. BBC TV broadcast a programme entitlked "I Was In A Boy Band" in MArch 2012 which featured Mud and Mike Chapman [click here to see clip]. Though they signed a contract with Shelter Records, they released only one poor-selling single before breaking up in 1975. By this time Mud had made thirty radio appearances, recently been to Germany to record a TV Show and done a tour of Sweden. Berry, Twynham, and Wilson then rechristened the band 'Mud II' and recruited keyboardist and longterm Mud collaborator Chris Savage. With an old school vibe that clearly represents the golden era of rock’n’roll, they’re bringing back the classic sounds of the 60s and 70s. Their appearance on the Top Of The Pops Christmas special is almost legendary, with stage hands climbing step ladders to pour imitation snow on the band as they sang. 1977 also saw MUD change labels again, this time signing to RCA. Rob and Dave were involved in an ITV show “Bring Back The Christmas No 1.” The programme was hosted by Justin Lee Collins who managed to bring together a host of 1970’s stars to record a new Christmas single. When did Mud split up? The CD also featured a new song “When Holy Rocks”.

The boys announced that ex-Candlewick Green keyboard player ANDY BALLwas to join the band on stage and in the studio. For a short time Dave Mount and Rob Davis worked with the band, but eventually went their own ways. The three remaining members were given permission by the other founding members of Mud, plus that of Gray's family, to continue using the band's name. Then, in late 1972, they got the break they so desperately needed. 10) and "One Night" (No. It was around 1962 when Rob and Dave first played together in a band called THE APACHES. During March and April MUD were on the road in the UK, Ireland and East Germany and Belgium, where they were voted Number One Pop Attraction.

[12] Three more singles, all cover versions, followed in 1978[10] before RCA dropped the band and Gray quit for a solo career; the original band continued for a short while with female vocalist Margo Buchanan in Gray's place,[9] releasing an unsuccessful single for Carrere,[10] before finally disbanding in 1979. The band decided to go separate ways in 1979. In 1968 the boys had to decide whether to become professional or not.

When did Les Gray pass away? 12 in the UK chart. Andy Ball left the band in 1978 and was replaced by Brian Tatum. This lasted on and off until 2004. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Mud also appeared on radio and live appreances with her.

“Crazy” and their next record “Hypnosis” were both based on a tango beat. Soon after the band was formed, both brothers left New York to join the Navy in 2010, putting their musical aspirations on hold.

The boys announced that ex-Candlewick Green keyboard player ANDY BALL was to join the band on stage and in the studio.

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