Some will come just by completing parts of the story. You can move the tumblers either left and right (for the blue ones) or up and down (for the tan ones). 132French Open 2020 - Rafa Nadal & Iga Swiatek win! You will find and earn many trophies throughout the game. 11How to complete the characters have left :( HELP!!!!! 4How do you do the secret survey for abel?

MySims Agents for the Nintendo DS hosts similar gameplay to its Nintendo Wii counterpart.
I have burned my toast! Case #3: Who is Shirley's secret admirer?

Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.Same deal with the lockpicking puzzles. Help me turn my son into a sushi chef so I don't have to disown him!Difficulty: 4Duration: 3Interests: Charisma, NatureReward: New HQ objects and a trophy (HQ Crew)Optimal team: Trevor/Nicole, Petal, Leaf, From: Dr. F. after dispatch mission #24 is solvedDescription: Mistake happened!

My latest tour is in danger of being cancelled. Could you spare a few agents to help me brainstorm?Difficulty: 2Duration: 3Interests: Smarts, ParanormalReward: A new HQ object and a trophy (Jenny)Optimal team: Gordon, Marlon, Zoe, From: Roxie after case #7 is solvedDescription: There's a thief on the loose in our HQ--my ice cream sandwiches keep going missing! *Before you activate the final pedestal, know that it automatically triggers the next case. Help for MySims Agents on Wii, Nintendo DS.

This Walkthrough originally formed the … The only solution is hire some temps and build a time machine! And in any case, if you do run out of time, it restarts about halfway through the maze, so you don't even have to re-do the entire thing. When the correct number are touching it, the molecule will be blank. Trouble shooting MY SIMS PC 9 messages. Help me recover my account before someone sells off my epic items!Difficulty: 4Duration: 2Interests: Smarts, CharismaReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Spencer)Optimal team: Gordon, Trevor/Nicole, Travis, From: Marlon after case #12 is solvedDescription: Being the royal wizard is hard work!

But there is one animal whose characteristics I haven't been able to incorporate into my arts: the penguin. Use the floor plan near the phone to see who is assigned where and what skills the team on that floor has. Perhaps I'll find a land where pizza bagels are served upside-down. Case #12: Who broke the fortunite crystal? Maybe you could spare a few students to help me develop this new style.Difficulty: 5Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, NatureReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Aran)Optimal team: Roger, Petal, Wolfah, From: Ikara after case #17 is solvedDescription: This is a disaster of epic proportions!

On the right side it shows you the levels of each interest that floor has.As the game progresses you will have many more agents available than there are spots at the S.P.A. so get used to firing, re-hiring and shifting them around depending on the dispatch missions you are trying to complete.When you talk to Jenny she tells you the details of each mission, such as the description, difficulty and how long it will take. The dots represent the number of other molecules that have to be touching it. All my roadies are on strike and I can't stage a show without them!Difficulty: 1Duration: 4Interests: Charisma, SmartsReward: Some objects for the HQ and a new recruit (Annie)Optimal team: Trevor/Nicole, Gordon, Travis, From: Sapphire after case #10 is solvedDescription: Omigosh, you guys, someone totally stole my box of glow sticks!

They've started a rival tattoo parlor and they're stealing all my designs! We've got a cat stuck in a tree, send that new recruit of yours, Travis, to take care of it and I'll keep you updated on his progress.Difficulty: 1Duration: 2Interests: Charisma, SmartReward: New outfits and new dispatch missions (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)Optimal team: You don't really have a choice on this one. He's out there, somewhere, pretending to be me...I need a skilled team to find him since he looks exactly like me except 229 feet tall.Difficulty: 3Duration: 3Interests: Smarts, CharismaReward: New outfits and a new dispatch mission (48)Optimal team: Gordon, Trevor/Nicole, Travis, From: Samurai Bob after case #11 is solvedDescription: Honesty, loyalty, courage--these are bushido! It's me Poppy! You can still pass the mission this way and you get a slightly different ending. Send me pupils!Difficulty: 3Duration: 2Interests: Athletic, CharismaReward: New outfits and an object for the HQOptimal team: Roger, Trevor/Nicole, Spencer, From: Spencer after case #11 is solvedDescription: Oh, this is terrible! Can you help me?Difficulty: 4Duration: 3Interests: Athletic, CharismaReward: New outfits and an object for the HQOptimal team: Roger, Trevor/Nicole, Spencer, From: Clara after case #14 is solvedDescription: The Main Street beauty pageant is coming up! Others will have to be hunted down. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for MySims Agents. Morcubus activates the nightmare crown and he and Evelyn are both sucked into the realm of nightmares. From: Agent Walker when all 50 dispatch missions are complete:Description: You've put in a lot of hard work for us and you've done us proud. I was carrying my pet snake Mr. Venom to his favorite picnic spot, but I must have left my backpack open because he's gone! This walkthrough for MySims Agents [WII] has been posted at 10 Jul 2010 by robolien and is called "FAQ/Walkthrough". I awoke today to find that trees and flowers in our forest are suddenly dying! The simplicity of Pipemania makes it accessible to all ages. Well, you could just stand around and pass the time while your agents are on dispatch missions. If you miss them they are not gone forever.

Roxie in the S.P.A. is the analysis queen. I didn't make the game. Description In MySims Agents on the Nintendo DS, players are agents assigned by their agency to help the mayor stop a notorious thief from stealing an ancient treasure. Case #8: Who is stealing from the junkyard? I need someone to help me get past this block before my brain explodes!Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Smarts, ParanormalReward: New outfits and an object for the HQOptimal team: Gordon, Marlon, Skullfinder, From: Marlon after dispatch mission #27 is solvedDescription: I need some help.

They start off fairly simple but they get progressively more difficult.To solve these puzzles, you have to first find and salvage the parts (see the walkthrough section for each case if you are looking for where to find the parts). You probably only want to sit through this one once, so do yourself a favor and make sure you have a strong team. For this reason, I can't do visual solutions. Or send team to help Gonk get food?Difficulty: 4Duration: 4Interests: Nature, AthleticReward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit (Gonk)Optimal team: Petal, Roger, Wolfah, From: The Amazing Daryl after case #13 is solvedDescription: My competitor, The Nefarious Beigestone, has figured out the secret to my exploding bellhop trick! I'm gonna stage the first concert ever on the moon! F.' He says it stands for 'robots' but we all know that's ridiculous. Do you think you can help me and my pigs get around all these pesky cars?Difficulty: 1Duration: 4Interests: Nature, CharismaReward: New outfits and a new recruit (Renee)Optimal team: Petal, Trevor/Nicole, BeeBee, From: Jenny after case #7 is solvedDescription: Starcruiser X is having a contest for the best fan-written episode and they're hiring the winner to work on the show. Here they are and all the good information about them. For reasons that I still don't understand even after playing the game 3 times now, Sam just hands the grown over to Esma. I say this specifically because I ran into some puzzles that I had a hard time solving because I was trying to get ALL the parts on the screen to move, but it's not necessary. This is Chaz McFreely. His rolls are messy and his sashimi is sloppy! Roxie - Solve dispatch mission #11 13. How you do this depends on the dispatch missions available. IM STUCK!!!!!!! I'd have to post several screens for each one and I'm just not going there. Walker is happy that Morcubus is gone forever and the city is safe but there is no happy reunion.

Look, I'm having trouble with some old...friends of mine. Please help this chef find the edge he needs for his art.Difficulty: 3Duration: 3Interests: Nature, SmartsReward: New outfits and a new dispatch mission (47)Optimal team: Petal, Gordon, Violet, From: Justice after case #15 is solvedDescription: Hey kid. Throughout the game you will encounter puzzles where you have to find parts to make or build something using cogs, gears and belts. You send food? I suspect it's really a Morcucorp front and could use assistance in investigating it. I need a crack team of extremengineers to invent my next big trick-something no one has ever see before! At some intersections you will see a circle with a question mark in it. What's going on? Magellan - Second chest after the 4 vine crossing in the temple10.

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