All three Navage Nose Cleaner bundles are available on Amazon. All purchases over $79.94 qualify for free shipping. In several cases, customers complained that they couldn’t get the cleaner to work, even after troubleshooting with the company. You’ll know that the session is complete when the cleaner’s upper tank is empty.

(function(d,w) { Shop for Navage in Allergy and Sinus. My opinion is, it works for me! If you are an extreme allergy sufferer who could foreseeably benefit from sinus cleansing every day, then the Navage Nose Cleaner makes sense.

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Bundle includes Naväge Nose Cleaner, 18 Navage SaltPods, Standard Nose Pillows and batteries.

One nostril plug pushes the saline into the nostril and the other nostril plug … Sign up for our cool Naväge newsletter and enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase!

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Since then this product has been fundamentally in better clearer sinuses. The Naväge Nasal Hygiene System uses saline pods, which means no mixing or measuring.

The system has two nostril plugs.

You can irritate your nose if you don’t use the right ratios of salt to water in your saline solution, so practice caution when testing out a DIY method. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. For those suffering from a chronic stuffy nose, the Navage Nose Cleaner is a drug-free, side-effect-free way to find some relief. The world’s only nose cleaner with powered suction to flush out allergens, mucus, dust, and germs. Read our Navage review.


I do not have a problem with the unit, it works very well. Need more out there. You should plan on using one SaltPod every time you use the Navage System.

Unlike neti pots and nasal squeeze bottles that push saline through your nose, Naväge pulls.

Users shared that they wanted to use the device more often but that the price per use was too high to justify it. You can also purchase the Countertop Caddy and Travel Case separately for $14.95 and $19.95, respectively.

Did it take several times to actually figure the system out? d.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", a);

I think this product is AMAZING!

Click here for Sales and Support in Canada. My problem is the coupon that came with the unit for a $10.00 discount on the 30-pack of pods. The Navage Nose Cleaner system works by sending a saline solution mixed with warm water through one nostril, around the back of your nasal cavity, and through your nasal septum to follow back through the other one. Oh yeah! My wife purchased this from CVS at the end of March for my birthday. Please include the Ray ID (which is at the bottom of this error page). HighYa is supported by our readers. The common cold and exposure to pollen, pets and dust can lead to inflamed …

Find out for yourself. Walmart Canada offers a full inventory of nasal sprays and products to help you battle a bout of the sniffles like a boss.

Am I ever disappointed. setTimeout(a, 1000);

The one they sent me also didn't work. Naväge uses gentle suction.

Your IP: var i = function(u) { I've been using the leading nose sprays for many years and was dependent on using them to breathe. a();

While some stated that it was the most expensive sinus-clearing technique they tried, they found it to be the most effective. } Other online retailers like Amazon and CVS sell the Navage system for about the same price. })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-P58LTV'); For auto-delivery, volume discounts, and super benefits, join Club Naväge Subscribe and Save!

All Rights Reserved. I was at the point that I wanted relief and FAST!

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This thing is awful. After 35 attempts and countless repositioning, it does not work.


Click here for Sales and Support in Canada. function a() {

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We analyze its claims to help you decide if this product is right … var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

The beauty of Naväge is it's so easy to change the direction of flow, either from left-to-right, or from right-to-left.

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h[0].appendChild(s); Naväge SaltPods are Nature’s Decongestant ® With the perfect balance of pure saline concentrate, SaltPods eliminate measuring and mess.

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