As with the 56 Dean Street breach – where 780 patients had their HIV status leaked– and the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic data leak – where names and email addresses of patients were exposed – some victims of the Greater Manchester NHS data breaches could be eligible to receive up to £30,000 in compensation. Personal data should be accurate and up to date. For example, you could be entitled to claim if your medical records were left out in the reception area of your GP surgery and read by an unauthorised person or if a letter containing your medical situation was posted to the wrong person.

A data controller (those holding data) must be able to demonstrate compliance with the above principles. At Hayes Connor Solicitors, we've been helping people to do just that for over 50 years, so we know what it takes to make a successful medical data breach compensation claim.

Of course, you could save yourself a lot of time by contacting Legal Expert and letting one of our specialist solicitors represent you. ... Optician Locator – An NHS website where you can find opticians in your area. Find out if you can claim compensation Call. "NHS data breach compensation claims are unfortunately common. call us on: 100% No Win, No Fee Claims The data subject must be told of the legitimate purpose behind why their data is being processed. Future vulnerability and whether treatment would help are also factors used to consider the settlement amount. This breach, and the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic leak revealed around the same time, demonstrated that lessons are not being learnt, regardless of the threat of large fines following the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If someone accesses your medical records without reason and without authority, you can be entitled to NHS data breach compensation. After the breaches came to light, the Trust was quick to say that many affected only had their patient records accessed once.

You may be entitled to NHS data breach compensation if your information has been leaked, hacked, or misused by the NHS. They could raise a case against the NHS without involving the ICO or, they may advise that a complaint is raised so that it’s clear how the breach occurred.

The massive 2017 WannaCry incident showed just how vulnerable the NHS is when GP surgeries and hospital departments were left unable to help people due to an attack. In this category, the claimant will have a poor prognosis and marked problems coping with life, work or education and relationships with family and friends. Organisations in the healthcare sector are entrusted with private and sensitive information, and the duty to protect it is incredibly important. We offer No Win, No Fee representation, and confidential advice on a no obligation basis. For each NHS negligence claim for compensation, the amount received differs based on the damages incurred. Medical data leaks and NHS data protection breaches are unacceptable as this information is private and protected. The Greater Manchester NHS data breach was not a one-off, and there have been several high-profile breaches in its wake. More often than not, in cases of healthcare data misuse, the perpetrators know the victims that they snoop on. Legal Expert the UK's Number 1 for free legal advice, We cover most claim categories. One of the most famous cases of this happening was the Ed Sheeran data breach incident, where his medical data was accessed by curious hospital staff after treatment had been provided. One year on, what are the lessons from the Trust’s failings? We can help with NHS data breach claims so why not get in touch if you believe you’ve suffered in some way because your personal data was handled incorrectly? With the NHS often left with outdated equipment, some systems didn’t have the latest security software to defend against such an attack. Proving a privacy breach can be a complex process. When you claim, you are usually pursuing damages for one or both of the following: In the first example, an NHS Trust was fined £180,000 because the 56 Dean Street Clinic in London sent an email to nearly 800 patients in 2015 who had attended HIV clinics.

Importantly, there are time limits for making such a claim that you’ll need to consider. The 56 Dean Street Clinic leak we’re representing victims for was one of the more serious data breach actions we’ve been involved in, where the confidential HIV status of almost 800 patients was leaked in an email by mistake. To provide you with crucial access to justice while reducing your financial risks, our solicitors will provide a No Win No Fee service for any claim they agree to take on. money that you’ve lost because of the NHS data breach, such as through identify theft. Examples of how the NHS could breach data rules include: It is possible that you, or the NHS, will never find out about a data breach involving your data but if they become aware of it, they should contact you to let you know how it happened and what data was accessed. The Information Commissioner stated that the mistake was a “serious breach of the law”. Claiming NHS Data Breach Compensation.

It was a new law established in 2018 by the European Union. The NHS then needs to store your choices and act upon them correctly when using any data they’ve obtained from you. Amounts will be based on the impact of any distress caused by the loss of control of personal information, which could be substantial in some cases. Please discuss what effect the breach has had with one of our advisors for free advice on your next steps. That means you should contact them within 3-months of your last meaningful contact with the NHS if you’d like them to investigate the matter. ", Your privacy is extremely important to us. Well, you could ask for recommendations from friends or read online reviews. Material damage i.e. Non-material damage which can include emotional distress and psychological damage. There can be a lot to consider in an NHS data breach compensation claim. Hackers target medical data because it can be easier to compromise. Importantly, if your claim is accepted, your solicitor will provide their services on a No Win No Fee basis. NHS data breaches can also amount to a breach of the duty of confidentiality enshrined within the Doctor-Patient relationship as well. In the digital age, it is almost impossible to not provide personal information online, which could put your sensitive data i... On the 13th October 2020, Hackney Council suffered what could be a serious cyberattack that has reportedly affected systems a... Our specialist data breach team is on-hand to provide you with a free data breach claims assessment at your convenience. Sharing your medical records with unapproved organisations. There are many reasons as to why hackers target medical records. The purpose of the new law is to give you more control over your personal data and when organisations can hold it. However, GDPR regulations aren’t just for online services.

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