They give him extravagant gifts, but all he really wants is a certain Son of Poseidon.

Fanfiction Romance Percy Jackson Nico Nico Di Angelo Percy And Nico Heroes Of Olympus Pjato Hoo Di Angelo "Happy birthday Nico!" So you may be dense, but you’re not an idiot.’, “Nico scowled. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. 6,419 notes. In The Last Olympian, Will Solace becomes the head counselor of the Apollo cabin after his half-brother, Michael Yew, disappears (assumed to be dead). Its Nico di Angelo's 15th birthday, and his friends celebrate with him.

Oh, no, Nero had to glow, too.”.

And Will Solace … Nico revised his impression of the son of Apollo. Nico di Angelo.” ― Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus.

He also heals and comforts Annabeth after she was wounded while defending Percy.

His actual, biological age is unknown because Rick never explicitly states his year of birth. Apparently he could also be stubborn and aggravating.”, “I rested my hand on Will's shoulder. No one wants me. 5:46 AM | Jan 28th. Will he get what he wants? One of which, was clostrophobia. Jan 28, 2015 - Submitted by highlanderhufflepuffhugmachine. If he hadn’t been so distracted bickering with the son of Apollo, he would never have allowed the enemy to get so close.”, “He turned, registering a face with blond hair, and for a split second he thought it was Will Solace. Will Solace is the counselor of Apollo's cabin, and a son of Apollo. We'll be back by dawn.

Nico di Angelo heard someone yell. Like “Good. So you may be dense, but you’re not an idiot.’ ‘How can you even talk to me like that? He does say, however, that it is some time in the 1920s or ‘30s, which would make Nico somewhere around eighty.

Why would you want a son of Hades in the same room with people you’re trying to heal? Happy Birthday, Nico di Angelo! tags: nico-di-angelo, will-solace. Nico Di Angelo had many secrets. ', “I am the son of Apollo, you anemic loser!”, “[Nero] jumped off his couch and marched straight toward me, his whole body starting to glow, because Will Solace couldn't have his own thing.

He’d always thought of Will as easygoing and laid back. Welcome back. II.

", “I … what?

Don’t you know I can summon zombies and skeletons and –’ ‘Right now you couldn’t summon a wishbone without melting into a puddle of darkness, di Angelo,’ Will said. 'Don't worry. I’m a child of –’, “Nico,” I said at last, “shouldn’t you be sitting at the Hades table?”, “Nico wasn't sure whether to kick himself or Will Solace.

That’s obvious. III. 474 likes. Will fought bravely for Olympus, and survived the battle. For days, weeks maybe - he wasn't paying attention to how long - he was held in a bronze jar, just big enough to curl up in a ball. ‘It’s none of your business, but I don’t belong. “Nico," I said at last, "shouldn't you be sitting at the Hades table? When Nico realized it was Jason, he was disappointed.

Mar 23, 2015 - Birthday present for Helen :B Thank you for all the fic! m o o d b o a r d s : Nico Di Angelo & Will Solace | for @stygiangem, since it’s her birthday and she deserves all the love in this world | Posted on 1 Apr 2017 6:24pm (3 years ago) with 757 notes Why would anyone want that?’, “Good. I’ll admit I did not understand Will’s attraction to a child of Hades, but if the dark foreboding type was what made Will happy…, “Nico sighed in exasperation. He hated working with other people.

They were always cramping his style, making him uncomfortable. Then he felt angry with himself for feeling that way.”, “At this point, you may be wondering how I felt seeing my son with Nico di Angelo.

His fear of small spaces began (understandably) when he was kidnapped.

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