Or fresh milk? Thanks Kristin!! boxes of UHT milk just because of an article that quotes nothing at all scientific to back it up. So Organic means nothing in US.

Never mind Charlie — I’d love to be in Jenny’s shoes, that’s where I’d like to be!Reply Cows produce milk whether they have just had a calf or not.Reply You can find supporting evidence that Autistic kids belong on Risperal, the FDA also agrees. What a crock of crud, but it’s true.Reply They think because I’m overweight my health is bad. Americans have some of the world’s most unhealthy food and drink, and most of it is sold to them by one of four or five massive companies that own the entire food supply chain in the US. For example, always going for grass fed beef sounds environmentally green on paper until you realize some aren’t locally sourced. Kasey Erin Phifer-Byrne via Facebook saysSandra, could you just send it with a reusable ice pack? Because I already have the disease, I still drink it, because I love it. You are adding milk to a boiling drink which is around 100 degrees C. So basically that milk’s molecular structure is going to change as well. Interesting article. As an European living in the US I am surprised how much BS Americans are willing to take under the word “organic” “fit” or “healthy”. Alan Freshwater saysReason and common sense.

They are especially beneficial to bodybuilders who use denatured proteins. GuernseyHill saysI grew up on a dairy farm consuming only raw milk and butter made from raw milk. Since the raw milk mania has taken root the outbreaks of listeriosis and milk borne illness have increased ten fold. “the casein itself is altered to the point of being indigestible!” UHT can alter the structure of milk proteins, but as one reader pointed out above, any form of heating will cause protein breakdown. If something is indigestible, it doesn’t get absorbed in your intestines. This disgusts me. loading? I'll be honest. great stuff. What is saddest to me is how raw milk is how regulation raw milk farmers have to put up compared to how much mass producers of milk can get away with hiding. 4 Sooo, you know the facts but no one else does? I can have my granola with hazelnut milk for breakfast my whole trip. With raw milk, transportation costs are fewer – and even refrigeration costs. Too much paranoia in the world today! Michelle saysI just don’t drink milk at all. UHT milk does not pose a health risk, and by the very fact that it is UHT and has less microbial contamination, it’s probably SAFER.Just be upfront about it: you don’t like UHT milk because it tastes different. Ken Sturmer saysNo it isn’t. So after all the pros and cons in these comments, my advice is, if you are going to drink raw milk make sure you know which dairy farm it comes from and what exactly is in it. Now is time to start hitting home runs. How can you possibly think that the bacteria found naturally in cow milk is completely safe for human consumption? There are near constant outbreaks of disease associated with raw milk. Now why some companies produce crappy milk.. I suffer from Crohn’s disease.

I moved to Spain four years ago from Texas and didn’t drink milk for quite awhile because I could only find the UHT milk on the shelf.

Literally the taste. But when you heat milk on your stovetop and then let it cool, it is spending far more time at high temperature than in pasteurization.

I also know of a couple of brands of pasteurized, homogenized milk that comes from grass-fed cows and ISN’T UHT processed (if you’re really desperate). I don’t really like the cow milk so I don’t drink much of it, but my daughter, who reacts to conventional milk, can drink the cow milk above with no issues. I am trying to get my daughter (16 months) to drink cow’s milk, and would like to start off on the right path! After being healthy my entire life, a few years back my family and I began to get flu-like symptoms and a low-grade fever, a situation that lasted for months.

Rubbish. If you do not get milk directly from the source, or if you cannot guarantee the GMP of the ‘farm equipment’ then raw milk is not only bad for you, it can be lethal.Reply Or I can drive two hours for raw.Reply Regular drinkers of shelf-stable milk, whether that’s UHT or vegan, will know that it doesn’t froth as well as traditional milk. Anyhow, you’re lucky to have goats! UHT milk, despite the fact that it has been so denatured that it can sit on the shelf at room temperature for months, is STILL transported in refrigerated trucks. Just like we who support raw milk will go to sites of people who are saying raw milk is bad and try to convince them otherwise. All rights reservedPMC Entertainment. When these farmers who attack such products go into this area themselves they will sing a different tune. .you will get germs when you boil it and you will kill them. The milk proteins are complex and three dimensional, meant to be broken down when digested by special enzymes that fit into the proteins like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You’re right — these nutritional choices are a personal decision. Please keep getting out the word about how dangerous the milk we buy in the stores can be. UHT milk is the same as fresh milk, but simply uses a different pasteurization process. And it is on those feedlots where unnatural death and disease is proven prominent. And she says drinking raw milk has got to be one of the dumbest things you could do for your health. Modern breeds of dairy cattle produce many times more milk than their ancestral oxen, to do this their hormone levels are dangerously high. I moved 2 years ago nearby to a 2 cow dairy farm and have been hooked on raw milk since. , Exactlyy what I grew up drinking – Raw Milk – my parents bought it from a farm just down the road from us – Until we moved & started 5th grade in a new town. They are especially beneficial to bodybuilders who use denatured proteins. Thanks! But I know what milk is today. Holstein have A1 protein and are likely to cause dairy intolerance. On the other hand countries like Argentina; Uruguay; Korea and Japan..they push free range grass feed for cows in milk production. I prefer Mother Nature and her amazing bounty. Would you agree that fresh fruit and vegetables are better for you than heated and canned vegetables? UHT milk has created over 3 years of pain and suffering. I loved living in Germany, it was nice to buy 10 gallons worth of milk at one time and store it in the pantry. I got Horizon Organic UHT milk thinking it would be a good (safe) substitute. Every once in awhile I will buy fresh milk if I need to drink it. Good Karma Flaxmilk is another great brand of vegan, shelf-stable milk.

It is self-sustaining as long as we eat a balanced diet and avoid milk and meat contaminated with antibiotics. When you cook food, you denature proteins, it’s the same process. I make yoghurt all the time from scratch using UHT milk. I found your article while searching for something I could pass on to family members who buy UHT organic milk. I would not drink UHT milk, but then I don’t drink any milk unless it has been turned into butter, cheese or yoghurt as I find it much easier to digest these products. It eliminates good “spoilage” like sour milk that is useful in cooking. I feel normal and i dont have ANY issues any longer. I think it was just that particular brand from Thailand or Malaysia.Reply Also while during the 1800s food science has created Pastuerization which indeed helped curb diseases when raw milk used to sit at room temperature for DAYS. I think you’re working for the other side– people who make raw milk, which I’m really against.

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