Backup Charging Bank for your cell phone since you’ll be using it as a camera, GPS system, and general travel genie. However, something else has been quietly festering around Stormont for the past year and it certainly has the ears of all our politicians- money! Why are North Koreans so good at geometry ? In November 2006 Ulster Bank issued its first commemorative banknote – an issue of one million £5 notes commemorating the first anniversary of the death of Northern Irish footballer George Best. Puns are uniformly seen as the lowest form of wit, the staple of 'dad’s gags', eliciting derision rather than delight and, indeed, the groans come thick and fast at today’s Pun Run, the latest offering from Belfast's Belly Laughs Comedy Festival. 'No, Jamaica has been underwater since 2215.' Headed to the United Kingdom? For Northern Ireland, check out Belfast and the Best of Northern Ireland and Belfast and the Troubles. Politicians on both sides engage in tribal posturing and political brinkmanship in a desperate attempt to sustain their own crumbling relevance and recreate their fast forgotten war-cries. Host and Pun Run creator, Australian comic Bec Hill, leaps on stage in thrillingly brave hipster knitwear, despite the Black Box being hot as an oven, and requests a volley of groans from the audience just to get them in the mood. But because no single party could ever have power- there’s no accountability based on a party’s policies or record in government. If it ain’t brogue don’t fix it. Then, as he relentless pursues the idea again and again, it drifts into hysteria. The customer (who may or may not have been orchestrating the whole process as a gay rights stunt) took the baker to court. From pub gags, to funeral jokes, we cover them all. You can start with my London Packing List or my Northern Ireland Packing List, so you know what to bring with you and what to wear each season. northern lights puns north carolina puns north pole puns north korea puns northern ireland puns northern puns north dakota puns northern irish puns north face puns. A Chinese guy, an Italian and an Irishman arrived for their first day working on a construction site and reported to the foreman's office. The Lonely Planet Scotland guidebook. I invested in potatoes, because someone said I’d be Dublin my fortune. Belly Laughs Comedy Festival continues in venues across Belfast until October 6. Your email address will not be published. Alan Irwin, in his lovely jumper, wrong-foots us with a couple of sweet forays into the concept of duality of meaning. My friend William moved to Ireland, and now he’s a Billy in Eire. Maybe we could transcend the stupid arguments of that futile war…. However- everyone’s favourite lizard- Dave Cameron- is demanding humungous cuts to government spending.

It's no secret that we Irish are famous for our sense of humour. 7-8 Magazine Street The problem has been rumbling along for months and just recently some old IRA codger shot some other old IRA codger- sparking Northern Irish politics into a tailspin. A list of Smoke puns! On the other hand- there are some genuinely tricky moral and legal questions about free speech and freedom of religion. ('This relies on knowing that a milliner makes hats,' he admits).

As the case sloshed around the courts the opposing tribes of pre-linguistic grunting Neanderthals (i.e political parties) took sides. It’s certainly impressive. He calls his son and says he wanted to tell him something for a long time. In exchange for peace, the US is offering North Korea a shipment of transparent rockets. In June 2013, the bank issued a new series of £10 and £20 notes bearing the new Danske Bank name in place of Northern Bank; at the same time it also announced that it would cease production of £50 and £100 notes, supplying Bank of England notes instead. He comes unstuck slightly with technology as various sound-levels come out of synch and a joke about 'linex setups' goes so over the heads of the crowd. Bec Hill's comedy concept evening arrives in the Black Box as the Belly Laughs Comedy Festival continues.

[9][10] Northern Bank had previously been a subsidiary of the Midland Bank and subsequently National Australia Bank, and its banknote design has changed over the years as the company changed hands. Daughter just asked, "Dad, do you know what you would be if you tried to go to the north pole right now?". 'The pun is better than the imagery,' he humbly points out. 09/14/2016 09/14/2016. Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. A Cardinal (n,s,e,w are called Cardinal directions). Q. The issuing of banknotes in Northern Ireland is regulated by the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1928, the Coinage Act 1971, Banknotes (Ireland) Act 1864 (c. 78), Banknotes (Ireland) Act 1920 (c. 24), Bankers (Ireland) Act 1845, Bankers (Northern Ireland) Act 1928 (c. 15), among others. Any compromise is a compromise on the whole edifice of British Unionism and Irish Nationalism. But I’ve rarely seen a happier audience or so many comedians gamely putting tried and tested sets to one side in an effort to importune gales of disapproval from a crowd. The reissue began on 14 March 2005 and was scheduled to take one month; old notes remain exchangeable at branches of Northern Bank.

Nidex Internet Services: Add Listing: Search Nidex or visit our search page: Nidex Shopping - Videos - Flowers, Titanic Photos, Tilesafe, Watercolours, Books: Home - Cool FM Radio - Shopping - Jokes - Map - Travel - Contacts - Community Groups Belfast Traffic Cam- Feedback - News-Info - Sport-Weather - TV - Listen to Radio Ulster News . A new series of £5, £10 and £20 notes was issued in May 2008, all featuring an illustration of the Old Bushmills Distillery, and these notes will gradually replace the previous series.[4][5]. would that make it a Seoul crushing Victory?

So that Kim Jong Un can still claim to have new clear weapons. Following the theft in 2004 of £26.5 million in banknotes from Northern Bank's headquarters and cash-handling centre in Belfast, of which approximately £15.5m was current-series Northern Bank issue, the bank announced on 7 January 2005 that it would withdraw almost all of its notes from circulation and replace them with altered designs, including an updated version of the bank's logo. Meanwhile the Catholic Nationalist Irish Sinn Fein opposed the “conscience clause” and supported the gay activists.

So Irished everything I had.

Dear Pun Gents, I’m running an Irish 5k and need a funny Irish team name for about 5 or 6 girls. They're going to start calling him Kim Jong Un-Responsive, Because if it also lived in the south pole it would be bipolar. If it’s awful, well then that’s pretty good as well. Me (feeling discomfort while at a North Atlantic bird-themed amusement park): I broke up with my girlfriend because she is obsessed with North American aquatic birds that resemble large ducks when swimming... What do you call a bear that has been to both the north and south poles? Categories Pun of the Day, x Tags ireland, irish, puns about puns Leave a comment. Nerve Centre 50 Perfect Paris Puns & Instagram Caption Inspiration. You may be aware of the impending slow-motion implosion of the Northern Irish political system. If you use one on a website, please link to this post. They are legal currency, but technically not legal tender anywhere (including Northern Ireland itself). You’re doing just fine without an Irish accent. Quite simply- those elected and paid by us- the people of Northern Ireland- to manage the varied and vital devolved sovereign affairs of our nation- those fetid sacks of green and orange meat- those soul-less automatons of bureaucratised bigotry- those fecking FECKERS- they flat-out fail to govern. For the remaining 55% of us, it is a piece of cake. Or perhaps more likely- you inhabit a much happier place unburdened by the comings and goings of Stormont- that corpulent embarrassment which passes for our seat of government. 'I didn’t want to eat much at the Chinese restaurant, so I said I’d just have a chow starter.' I asked my North Korean friend how it was going over there. Confused,the Son Ant made arrangements to move to France.They boarded a spy ship which took them to south Korea.From there they boarded a flight to France.With great difficulty they finally reached France.The father ant's health became worse.The son ant was thinking what was so important that they had to move to another country, So when they settled in their new home he finally asked.. The 5 pound note is only issued now by Bank of Ireland and Ulster Bank, and Northern Bank stopped issuing notes over £20 when it was rebranded as Danske Bank. If you are too, check out: Before you leave for the UK make sure you have a valid Travel Insurance Policy because accidents happen on the road. My generation grew up with David Healey, the Odyssey Arena and well-funded Cross-Community Youth Engagement Projects. Dave- the Lizard- Cameron has imposed massive cuts on the Northern Irish budget and expects their rapid implementation. 'Jamaica?' Copyright 2018 History Fangirl Why is it hard to keep secrets in the North Pole? 'I know a disfigured barber,' he intones gravely.

With a name like North West, Kim and Kanye’s kid is headed straight for the top. It’s certainly not the first time that fruitlessly tribal accusations and blunt self-involved intransigence have conspired to bring down our hopelessly fragile political façade.

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