Ragnar was one of the first crew to truly trust Pearl, even if he was at first unable to see her due to her short stature.

Bear Bear Fruit: Model Grizzly Bear The, Episode 15: Rawr x3 Overall, the two possess an easy friendship in spite of their significantly different personalities.

Episode 10: Are We The Bad Guys? This episode was first streamed on Rustage's Twitch, and the VOD can be found here!

Episode 8: The Throne Room Battle https://one-piece-dnd-by-rustage.fandom.com/wiki/One_Piece_D%26D_by_Rustage_Wiki?oldid=1049. Uploaded Who knows what will become of them, find out by following the series on Youtube or Twitch! This episode was first streamed on Rustages Twitch, the VOD can be found here! The Summary for this episode can be found here! He began his journey at sea with the Devil's Luck Pirates in part to save her from slavery, and has since succeeded. Stream - 2 Hours, 2 minutes and 54 secondsYoutube - 1 Hour, 36 Minutes and 59 SecondsPodcast - 1 Hour, 36 Minutes and 59 Seconds, Youtube - 1 Hour, 36 Minutes and 59 Seconds, Podcast - 1 Hour, 36 Minutes and 59 Seconds, "Timber!" When used in conjunction with his Devil Fruit, Ragnar becomes a dangerous force to be reckoned with. He is a swindler from the South Blue and only became the captain of the crew because no one else wanted the role. As well as being posted as a Podcast, which can be found here!

Oct / 4 / 2020 Episode 4: The Gravy Boat Uploaded Japanese Name:


Pearl greatly respects Ragnar for his power and determination, and in turn Ragnar tends to be encouraging of Pearl whenever she begins to feel doubt regarding her use to the crew. Hemlock is a NPC played Rustage she met the crew in episode 9 the Grandline.



He showed great amounts of anger and cruelty in the crew's encounters with the Steam Pipe Pirates, and later finished Eustass Valve off himself in the battle in the throne room of the Tarako Kingdom. https://one-piece-dnd-by-rustage.fandom.com/wiki/Episodes?oldid=1907. April / 10 / 2020 May / 21 / 2020

William is the character Tekking101 plays in Rustage's One Piece D&D streams. Ragnar has a great degree of trust and respect for Verona, believing him to be a good person. An edited version has not yet been posted on YouTube or Spotify. Ragnar is an excellent worker and has skill in building structures, having built many houses in his day. Rustage He is also shown to be very proud of the man his son is growing to be.

The Summary for this episode can be found here! Stream - 2 Hours 22 Minutes 36 SecondsYoutube - 1 Hour 43 Minutes 58 SecondsPodcast - 1 Hour 44 Minutes. After meeting Louis Le'cloque with the rest of the Devil's Luck Pirates at the start of the Grand Line and deciding to head to Le Arbor to combat The Timber Lord, Ragnar was able to save his family from the Warlord's nefarious plan to build a gigantic wooden effigy using the bodies of various people (including his wife, Bertha). Streamed April / 19 / 2020 Ragnar is the character played by Briggs in Rustage's One Piece D&D streams.

Length After Ragnar was able to rescue his family, Ragnar personally thanked William for all that he had done to help Ragnar in making his quest possible, pledging his loyalty to the captain of the Devil's Luck Pirates. He is a woodcutter from the South Blue and joined the crew to find his wife, Bertha, and his son, Magnus, who had both been taken from the ruins of his destroyed home village.

https://one-piece-dnd-by-rustage.fandom.com/wiki/Ragnar?oldid=1933, In Episode 14, upon delivering the finishing blow to the Timber Lord, Ragnar's Woodcutter's Axe briefly became coated in the black energy known to originate from. Stream - 2 Hours, 6 minutes and 40 secondsYoutube - 1 Hour, 34 Minutes and 37 SecondsPodcast- 1 Hour, 34 Minutes and 37 Seconds, Youtube - 1 Hour, 34 Minutes and 37 Seconds, Podcast- 1 Hour, 34 Minutes and 37 Seconds. 43 Stream - 2 Hours, 19 minutes and 51 secondsYoutube - 1 Hour, 45 Minutes and 7 SecondsPodcast - 1 Hour, 45 Minutes and 7 Seconds, Youtube - 1 Hour, 45 Minutes and 7 Seconds, Podcast - 1 Hour, 45 Minutes and 7 Seconds.

While at first Ragnar certainly hated The Timber Lord for what he had done to his family, Ragnar grew to feel pity for what the man had become in his zealotry, even digging his grave personally and attempting to inscribe an epitaph praising his title and abilities.

Ragnar respects Gravy for his talent as a chef, stating that "He's pretty talented when it comes to cooking!" While in bear or hybrid form, Ragnar gains enhanced strength, smell, hearing, and a reservoir of temporary hitpoints. Within the same battle, he and Pearl teamed up to perform Ragnar's first special attack, the Kuma Shredder, which dealt the finishing blow to Captain Marrow. Sep / 3 / 2020 Yeehaw is the seventh episode of the One Piece DnD Streams by Rustage, in this episode we follow the crew as Atom meets a tragic fate, the crew encounters another commander of the Steam Pipe Pirates, once again meet Bullet and enter the throne room of the Tarako Kingdom.


Oct / 24 / 2020 He had even attempted to join him in combatting The Timber Lord, although Ragnar refused to ensure Magnus' safety, and through Magnus' great talent for construction, rivalling even Ragnar's skill. Streamed In Episode 15, he reported to the rest of the crew that he absolutely could not stand her being on the ship any longer without a copious amount of ale, and he seems to have no respect or trust for her whatsoever.

Bertha is Ragnar's half-giant wife and someone he loves dearly.

June / 22 / 2020

Streamed Alive Uploaded He possesses beast-like physical strength, which he uses to great effect in battle. Shipwrecked is the first episode of the One Piece DnD Streams by Rustage, in this episode we meet the crew and follow their adventures as they recover from a typhoon, search for a new ship, save a young boy, fight a rival pirate crew and get a map to a devil fruit. July / 02 / 2020 April / 22 / 2020

is the Tenth episode of the One Piece DnD Streams by Rustage, in this episode we follow the crew as (WIP! Ragnar has shown a propensity to perform various special attacks during battle, usually incorporating his Devil Fruit into the attack for unique and powerful effects. ), "Rawr x3" is the fifteenth episode of One Piece D&D.

Stream - 2 Hours, 7 Minutes and 40 SecondsYoutube - 1 Hour, 49 Minutes and 23 SecondsPodcast - 1 Hour, 49 Minutes and 23 Seconds, Youtube - 1 Hour, 49 Minutes and 23 Seconds, Podcast - 1 Hour, 49 Minutes and 23 Seconds. Streamed Episode 9: The Grand Line A list of Ragnar's special attacks are shown below.

This is a complete list of all the episodes of the One Piece DnD by Rustage. June / 8 / 2020

Devil's Luck PiratesThe Eight Flames (Current 6th Flame)The Eight Flames (Former 2nd Flame) He is the shipwright of the Devil's Luck Pirates.

He left the two on Le Arbor to help rebuild and create a town on the island while he continued on with his captain and crew.

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