He was neatly groomed; his face was shaven and his hair was clean and combed.[c. He arrived on a bus from Derry, the first video of him is from the Derry bus station. The tests revealed advanced prostate cancer and bone tumors. The question you have to ask is: Why Sligo? Yet, still, the true story behind the death of the stranger who’d called himself Peter Bergmann remains a mystery. ", Despite the dead ends and false starts, Mulderrig explained how many hours have been dedicated to the hunt for answers. What did he have to hide? During his stay at the hotel, the man was seen on security camera footage leaving the building with a purple plastic bag full of items or personal effects. We go, we search, we look. They all remember a jovial, if formally-dressed, figure greeting the strangers who crossed his path. The town is littered with CCTV cameras. 1440 North Harbor Blvd., #900 DNA analysis led law enforcement to the man's family, who had lost touch many years before his death. "Sometimes people just go missing for a short period of time. But that is no excuse to neglect those who remain lodged out of sight. He had tried to cover his identity so thoroughly that it would never be discovered. Upon further inspection of his things, authorities realized that all the tags in his clothing were also cut out. The driver took his softly-spoken fare to Rosses Point, the peninsula known for its dramatic views, about 15 minutes away by car. Before vanishing into anonymity, he visited the General Post Office on Saturday, June 13, to purchase some 82-cent stamps and airmail stickers, though the recipients of those posted letters have never been traced. Peter Bergmann's last days were pieced together by trawling through Sligo's CCTV network. Almost everything in their power has been attempted. There was also no signs of foul play. Mulderrig talked with precision, and politely corrected me when I asked if he was fascinated with Peter Bergmann. "Welcome to the rabbit hole.". Peter Bergmann was an alias used by the mysterious stranger. Despite the fact that his body appeared to wash up on shore, the autopsy revealed he didn’t drown. It was early evening when we met at Sligo's Riverside Hotel, and—after much back and forth on Twitter—I could finally ask how she came across the case. “A local farmer gave him shelter”. Albert Fish: The Terrifying Real-Life Boogeyman You’ve Never Heard Of (He... WATCH: Boy Caught Sneaking into Neighbor’s Garage to Cuddle Their Dog. Instead of deep memory and grief, we have snatched recollections gleaned from a cluster of chance encounters. With the same pen he gave his name as Peter Bergmann. Ten years after a man calling himself Peter Bergmann was found washed up on a Sligo beach in Ireland, his true identity remains unknown. The letters he posted from Sligo have never been traced. "When something new comes up, or someone credible comes forward, then we will move the mouse and it will spring back into action.". Upon the police investigation following his death, the address he gave belonged to a vacant lot. How can a Social Media Investigation help my case? I visited Sligo for the first time on a Friday in May 2019. On arrival, Bergmann got out, surveyed the vast blue expanse and seemed satisfied with the choice. Even the clothing labels had been removed. It became clear that the man calling himself Peter Bergmann had deliberately chosen Sligo as a place to come to disappear. Nobody has ever come forward to identify him and he lies buried in an unmarked grave in Sligo. This article originally appeared on VICE UK. Most missing persons cases are resolved within hours, or days, just as they are in the UK and around the world. I suppose I was trying to wonder what it must have felt like for the man who had called himself Peter Bergmann as he stood here, full of resolution and God knows what else, all those years ago. He registered under the alias Peter Bergmann using a fake address at a hotel in Sligo. If he didn’t drown how did he die? Third and final epidosde available June 17th. His interactions with other people were limited, and little is known of his origins or the reason for his visit to Sligo. The man who spent his last days as Peter Bergmann has never been identified. The man returned with the same taxi and was dropped off at the bus station in Sligo. 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There will be someone there to carry the heartbreak long after police resources and media interest have run dry. It was his death and all knowledge of his death belonged to him alone. Siglo Hotel, Ireland A recent short film “The Last Days of Peter Bergmann, ” paints a perplexing picture of the final days of this mystery man. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The body has yet to be identified. In September 2019 I met Treasa Nealon, writer of A Dream of Dying—a play telling the Bergmann story in reverse, which kickstarted my fascination with the case over three years ago. San Diego, CA 92101, © 2018-2019 Hodson P.I., LLC . He then mounted a bus that departed at 14:20 for Rosses Point. It is legal to use a GPS tracking device? On Saturday, 13 June, the man is seen walking to the General Post Office at 10:49 and purchases eight 82-cent stamps and airmail stickers.

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