This widespread problem could mean any second hand purchase might be missing this vital spare. The drain can get blocked up with leaves or other debris, which will need to be removed.

Our handbook that came with the vehicle doesn't even state anything about the retracting roof... Just a generic 206 manual. Another problem to watch out for when taking the Peugeot out for a test drive is a widely reported issue with the front lower ball joints.

Did you remember to pull the blind across in the boot? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. VAT No.

Chances are that you can now pick up a 206 at a very attractive price and get yourself a quality car that’s good on the pocket and great for fuel economy straight off the web or the second-hand lot. If the 206 seems to be suffering from excessive vibration at the front of the car, or if it pulls slightly to the left or right then this is probably down to this particular fault in the vehicle. We had one of these in the bodyshop a few years back and had loads of trouble with the roof - after a week of getting nowhere, it turned out to be a loose connection on the safety net switch in the boot!! What to look for when buying a Peugeot 206 2000 - 2007, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability.

Fuses 2. I bought my 02 206cc 2weeks ago!!! For affordable replacement engines, gearboxes and more, check out our new and used Peugeot 206 parts page. 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. roof problems . Any help appreciated!

All your roof problems here.

Problem: If you have noticed that the carpets in the front footwells are wet from water leaking into the cabin, this is usually due to a blockage in the bulkhead drain. It’s a common fault that’s caused by a broken actuator, which will require a quick replacement to make the vehicle secure once again.

There were a fair number of recalls on the 206.

Take a look under the felt in the back to check the emergency wheel is present and correct. Posted: Fri 18 Sep, 2009 7:48 am: hi,,it will depend on engine type etc,,,,, if a petrol version(8v) coil packs ,injectors and head gasket weaping oil would be most common …

Da ich leider keine Antworten beim Suchen finde, schildere ich euch hier mal mein Problem. T ... A forum community dedicated for all Peugeot owners and enthusiasts. Getting no noise from the pump trying to run... Also the windows are not moving via the roof control switch. These is someone else on this forum that has the same problem as me. The indicator stalks are particularly weak in later models manufactured after 2001 and will often break on the shaft. Common Problems. The Peugeot 206 could be the very thing you need with its continental stylings, which was created as an evolution of the best-selling 205. Noisy AC conpressor. Hi I'm really sorry if this has Already been covered but I have searched google and these boards for hours! It's booked into Peugeot on Wednesday but I'm dreading the bill willing to try anything else first!! Peugeot 206 Common Problems and Solutions. A forum community dedicated for all Peugeot owners and enthusiasts. Stalls 2. ↳   Repair guide - downloadable zip file.

The drain can get blocked up with leaves or other debris, which will need to be removed. It's not the sort of thing I'd entrust to a local spanner jockey. Your description sounds like you may have suffered a burst pipe it is hydraulic not air, The roof ecu must still see the fault clear the faults and try again but make sure everything is in the correct position sounds like it is though.

Whilst the seller might protest that the system still works adequately, this probably isn’t what you want from an on-the-road vehicle. This could well be down to issues with the engine mounts, especially if you are looking at a 1.4L model. Follow Justin on LinkedIn. Explore Our Forums . As the man at the helm of BreakerLink, it is no surprise that its Director, Justin Smith, has always had a keen interest in cars, bikes and most things wheeled. The faults coming up are as followed: None of that is directly related to the issue but check the micro switches in the boot catch and the parcel cover in the boot but as i said before the roof does not work if any of these are open. Unfortunately I have recieved no reply.

Feel any vibrations and problems with the car shaking and juddering whilst idling? The 206 CC suffers the same faults as the rest of the 206 family. Home; Problems & Fixes ... Common Problems. © BreakerLink - Car Parts Finder 2002-2020, The Top Ten Executive Saloon Cars – For Under £5,000, Stop Your Catalytic Convertor from Being Stolen – Top Tips, Looking After Your Gearbox and Transmission 101, Speed Camera Behaviours: Mechanism or Myth, Parking on Double Yellows – Without Breaking the Law…, 7 Signs that Your Car has Ignition Coil Problems, Don’t Ignore these 5 Symptoms of Water Pump Problems. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts. What to do Next…. by Puglet » Mon May 02, 2011 2:46 pm, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, ive got a 52 plate cc and i tried to put the roof down today and it would not work i undid the latchers on the roof and nothing happened a part from the wornin beeps the windows did not go down and there was no noise the the roof woz opening.

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