I have no memory of ever attending anything remotely similar to what appears in the 1965 missal — the vernacular train had left the station by then. Don’t listen to the nay-Sayers who mislead you. Another pre-Vatican II favorite, 1300+ pages with Latin-English Ordinary and Order of Mass but with the proper prayers and readings only in English.

How is that for following the GIRM ? I doubt there is a coincidence. 26 This do ye, as often as you shall drink, for the commemoration of Me. It is like a collage. I agree with your point about pride – very much. My mantra is that if the priest is truly ‘praying’ the mass, the faithful will be led closer to Christ.

altars will be sacked…” When I heard this I thought war and destruction. The celebrant then bowed deeply and recited the Confiteor (in the vernacular or in Latin).

The 1965 missal was introduced when I was six years old, and was just beginning to take notice and to delight in learning to make the responses just like the adults. “And then Bob said to Jimmy ‘let us create god in our own image and likeness, and he shall be fruitful and brew craft beers unto each season available on tap, subduing the earth and filling it with micro-breweries.'”. In 1593, Jerome Nadal, SJ, published a series of 153 woodcuts in Evangelicae Sometimes it’s because they were driven away by the people complaining about their lack of obedience and humility. It is a “polka Mass” celebrated during “Sommerfest in the little town of Haubstadt,Indiana where dad’s people are from. on Sundays, Vigils, and Major Feasts: *Notes: The OT statistics do not include the Psalms, which are often used in the Roman Missal for the Gradual (just before the Gospel); None of it? True.

My parish is not particularly liberal or conservative, so I’m sure the booklet is easily available. “the smoke of Satan has entered…” some say he meant the sudden fall in seminarians. Sure there were progressive clergy and parish elders who pushed an agenda but ultimately it was the Church, the Papal power that is the Vatican who allowed this silliness to continue.

why does the Latin Mass teach truths of the faith while the Novus Ordo teaches the feel good church ?

Glad to see you posit the problem prior to 1960. He then proceeds to the ambo or chancel and sings or says the Gospel … in the end kissing the book and saying the per evangelica dicta … “. Thanks be to God and Pope Benedict, the TLM is slowly being offered in more and more places and if the SSPX ever receives canonical standing, it will bloom like crazy.

As a learned friend of mine has pointed out, the associations of particular days, times and seasons with particular readings is strong in the EF. I would be especially interested to know where on the East Coast (perhaps at the National Basilica?)

There is no need to “man up” and tolerate self-centered worship practices and attitudes when there is the option of assisting at Mass offered at a TLM or an Ordinariate parish. But in other years its Mk 13:33-37 and in other years its Matthew 24:37-44. You may or may not agree with Dr. Kwasniewski assessment of the implied motivations behind those who made the changes to the lectionary. Thank you for this very informative article. Fr.

More to the point, however, the most persuasive objection to the expanded lectionary cycle is that while the goal of Sacrosanctum Concilium 51 was good (that the people have more exposure to the Bible), the means adopted were not well fitted to the end and had costs that the authors did not realize.

That bewilderment cannot be said to occur had the saints dropped in on Mass from around the time of Gregory the Great until 1964. We had an old German pastor who did everything by the book; so it seemed seamless when the changes came. I believe the Ordinary Form of the Mass is quite beyond redemption because of the involvement of the laity – and that is what was envisaged I believe in the Second Vatican Council which led to this rupture which is what it is – a complete rupture with the traditions of the past and only seen in protestant services, not in the Orthodox churches at all. We accepted the new “world views” and voted in left-wing governments. Pope Benedict himself advised a go-slow approach here since the people of God have been through so much. I want to say that I missed that. To give one recent example of a hotly debated moral issue, these verses are an important help in understanding why the Church teaches that divorced and remarried Catholics in an illicit marriage should not receive Communion. There are also books now with the Propers of the Mass in nice chant settings. Excellent points, Alexander. Hazell mentioned in his Introduction that he hopes also to create another Index to compare the use of Scriptural and other readings between the traditional Divine Office and the revised Liturgy of the Hours that replaced it. Something else?

Whoa, Robert. But these were equally sad developments. Figures. I wonder what you mean about Catholics who were inactive for years coming back? Anyway, their attitude was that it was a done deal. ….. I, too, have witnessed the same thing. 1965 does not reflect these changes, but 1970 certainly does. ‘Pray and pay’ needn’t always have negative connotations. I think my grandparents’ parish used Our Parish Prays and Sings. Briefly then, here is the 1965 Missal. Someone who has never heard verses 27 and 30 from 1 Corinthians 11 may think the Church’s prohibition of Communion for those who are living in mortal sin is prejudiced meddling and heartless interference, instead of as a lovingly offered protection against the sinner becoming “guilty of the body and blood of the Lord,” to help keep the sinner from sinning even more gravely by receiving a sacrilegious communion, and from becoming like those “who have become weak and sick and some have even died.”, Interpreting the Differences (Just a little description of the head-spinning modern design) This woman knelt in front of the Tabernacle with her arms extended in the form of a cross. like my run of the mill parish. Yes, but I believe this came about as an enticement or concession, a carrot so to speak, to dangle before the Traditionalists in schism, which did not work because the issue is appears to be one of humble obedience to the directives of the Church, even if one disagrees, The liturgy is simply a rallying point I think more than the main focus. vs TLM debate.

Hazell is preparing a second volume dealing with the Psalms.

Historiae Imagines ("Illustrations of the Gospel Stories"), arranged

Any elucidation welcome…. Those born after 1970 know nothing except the NO and who lived under the ersatz Chatechising of the liberal Church Bishops, are not the problem. Otherwise, the general Mass remains unchanged. The entrance antiphon was created out of thin air on 1970. Several parishes have adoration 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

No, but it is a good start.

My little rural parish offers the Novus Ordo. Exactly! While the article tries to make a good case for the 1965 transitional missal, it ends up inadvertently making a better case for the pre-pian missal of the late 40s, before the reforms began at all. On all evidence it is one of the oldest parts of the Roman Rite. Which Pre-Vatican II Missal Is Best. I learned more about Church history and practice because my degrees are in Medieval Literature; I learned nothing substantial about those things throughout 12 years of Catholic education. They are always accused of opposing the council, but are they opposing an entire ecumenical council? But when it came to the Readings of the Sacred Scripture, I think that is called the Liturgy of the Word, well, couldn’t hear the girl doing the Reading and it wasn’t posted on the screen to follow. Prudence is very important here. Thank you and may God Bless you for your wonderful efforts. I really don’t know WHY any of this happened. Why do some in the Church advocate for birth control, women priests, homosexual marriage?

I have sweated tears over most all of the changes implemented after. The text simply wasn’t generally available, but loads of liturgists and Church officials insisting that it was *were,* alas. This is truly a blueprint for reform. look at the eastern Divine Liturgy the priest controls the service in the latin rite the women or choir controls the service and look this Puis x women on the alter canon law 1917. in 1755 St. Benedict xiv said it is evil for a women ot service a priest on the alter. I recall a priest who taught liturgy in a college I attended said there were a group of iconoclastic bishops and priests who rammed many of the changes through in a headstrong way (not naming them or going into details).

What Happened after the mid 1960’s…..Bugnini and his cohorts……..I remember this Mass 1965 very well and yes Latin and English was used……then came the Novus Ordo which in this country gave the ok to dump the Lartin and its beautiful Hymns entirely. The Prayers of the Faithful were restored as an option. 2. Any new forms or changes were supposed to be incorporated very gradually over time in an organic way. in the Missal on the number of Sundays after Pentecost: Yes, the 1965 missal is better than now. In many places there is a custom of reciting prayers for the dead after the Gospel of Sunday Mass.

How stupid can anybody be ? The faithful never asked for the novus ordo which is based on the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. I think a lot of other things would begin to fall in line thereafter. I remember never knowing what Mass was going to be like.

Mass. To have strong associations with the Gospels helps to fix them in our minds so that we can carry them with us always, not just when we’re at liturgy.

Bishop of Bruges Maurice Gerard De Keyzer. I honestly think the CC has been in the midst of the same since Vatican II – not because of what was magisterially taught/written by Vatican II, but the disorders that abused and perverted what were the true teachings of Vatican II…. Si dominicae post Pentecosten fuerint plures quam XXIV, tunc post XXIII resumuntur Missae dominicarum quae superfuerunt post Epiphaniam, ut infra habentur, iuxta ordinem qui in rubricis invenitur. 5. When ever you make things overly easy on the people, like children take advantage, how about the children today are they cute, (some soulless lil demons)We miss the Grace of the Mass, to fight a world full of Hellish happenings, The government is giving FREE handouts, opens the door to more riots, because I didn’t GET mine????? We are. I remember it from my days as a little altar boy. I am constantly troubled by the ongoing contraversy with the changes in the “rubric” of the mass. The rubrics did not speak of going to the epistle (right) side of the altar, but neither did the 1962 Missal. My point would simply be that these issues demand a much more careful examination than they were given hastily in the 1960s rush to modernize and simplify things — and so we would be making a considerable mistake to suggest walking down that road, so fraught with pitfalls. The biblical texts used for Sundays, vigils, and major feasts now include about 58% of the NT Gospels, 25% of the NT Epistles, but still only 3.7% of the OT (not counting the Psalms). Father, thank you for this very informative article.

Imagine Saint Ignatius of Loyola witnessing a laywoman reading the Epistle in the vernacular facing the people. Personally, I prefer the Novus Ordo, I only wish it were always celebrated solemnly, with seriousness and a sense of reverence and awe, with the prayers being said as written, and no ad libbing by the priest. I pray for Latin mass would come back to the church. The leadership of the Church was at fault for doing something bad under the claimed aegis of the Holy Spirit. Richard, you echo my every thought down to the most detailed, most especially regarding the lectionary. Passover service. in the sixth Benzinger edition (New York: Benzinger Brothers, 1947): NEW FEATURE:

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