IC 043. IC 029. G & S Bed covers; bed blankets; bed sheets; bed linen; curtains; mattress covers; pillowcases; travelling rugs; bath washing mitts; towels; tissues of textile for removing make-up. G & S Articles of clothing, namely, ladies' underwear; bras, camisoles, chemises, garter belts, hosiery, pantyhose, slips, stockings straps for bras. IC 009.

G & S Clothing, namely, gloves; headgear, namely, shower caps.

US 022 039. IC 025. IC 025. IC 025. US 021 023 026 036 038.

IC 026.

Trademark Attorneys Serving Clients in 50 States and 30+ Countries | +1 800.281.6275 | Call for a Free Consultation. !Now it turned out faaaaaairly slow rising in the end especially compared to how it was before but, I think if you do the whole \"pop it in the freezer\" before hand thing, it may be even more slow rising! US 002 013 023 029 030 033 040 050. View our online Press Pack. G & S Milk; flavored milk; milkshakes; milk-based food beverages, excluding milkshakes; milk-based beverages containing coffee; milk-based beverages containing fruit juice; milk-based beverages containing fruit; milk-based beverages containing chocolate; milk-based beverages containing tea; soy-based food beverage used as a milk substitute; milk-based energy drinks; dried milk powder; dairy-based beverage mixes; soy milk; fruit-based snack foods; fruit jams, compote, jellies; meat-based spread, fish-based spread, poultry-based spread, fruit-based spread, nut-based spread, vegetable-based spread, dairy-based spread; preserved fruit and vegetables, prepared meals consisting primarily of meat, soy, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits, tofu, and/or cheese; yogurt, yogurt-based beverages; whipping cream; prepared nuts, seasoned nuts, roasted nuts, nut-based snack foods; edible oils and fats. G & S Articles of clothing, namely, bathrobes, beachwear, belts, bikinis, blazers, blouses, bodysuits, camisoles, cardigans, chemises, coats, dressing gowns, dresses, evening gowns, gloves; gymnastic clothing, namely, tops and bottoms; hosiery, jackets, jeans, jerseys; jogging sets, namely, tops and bottoms; jumpsuits, knit shirts, knit tops; knitwear, namely, tops and bottoms; leggings, legwarmers, leotards, lingerie, loungewear, mittens, mock turtle-neck sweaters, neckwear, overalls, pajamas, pants, parkas, pullovers, robes, scarves, shawls, shirts, shirt dresses, shortalls, shorts, shrugs, ski gloves, skirts, skorts, slacks, sleepwear, sleeveless jumpers, slips, smocks, socks, stockings, suits, sweatbands, sweaters, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweatshorts, swimwear, tank tops, tights, topcoats, tops, trousers, t-shirts, turtlenecks, underwear, uniforms, unitards, vests, wraps; footwear, namely, shoes, boots, ski boots, sandals, slippers; headgear, namely, hats, caps, hair turbans.

IC 035. IC 025. US 022 039.

All pastel in colour with the cutest face EVER! G & S Bed linen, bed sheets, pillow cases, pillow ticks being pillow cases, bed blankets, table covers, table cloths and towels, all being textile, sleeping bags being sheeting in the form of envelopes, mattress covers, quilts, quilt covers, bed spreads, covers for furniture being cushion covers, tea towels, dish towels for drying, textile piece goods for lining curtain and curtaining, namely, curtain loops of textile material, curtains, face cloths, and textile piece goods for making up into articles of clothing, namely, textile used as lining for clothing. US 022 023 038 050. But eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed primark is selling a near-identical version for a fraction of the cost, with theirs only £2 for a pack of two - working out to £1 each. G & S Advertising services; business management; business administration services; providing office functions; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods, namely, clothing, footwear, headgear, lingerie, nightwear, babywear, sportswear, clothing accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, eyewear, homeware and home furnishings, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods in a department store, in a retail clothing store, in a retail homeware store and in a retail home furnishing store; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods in the field of fashion enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods from a clothing and clothing accessories catalogue by mail order or by means of telecommunications or through an internet website; retail store services, mail order services and on-line retail store services featuring soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, eyewear, sunglasses, goggles, swimming goggles, precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, jewellery, horological and chronometric instruments, hair accessories, furniture, mirrors, picture frames, small portable domestic utensils and containers, combs and sponges, brushes other than paint brushes, instruments and materials for cleaning purposes, glassware, porcelain and earthenware, leather and imitations of leather and goods made of these materials, trunks and travelling bags, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks, luggage, beach bags, beach umbrellas, parasols, handbags, purses, wallets, belts, bags, cases, backpacks, briefcases, satchels, suitcases, duffle bags, holdalls, rucksacks, belt bags, cases, vanity cases, briefcases, attaché cases, travel bags, portfolios, card holders, pouches, textiles and textile goods, bed and table covers, bed and table linen, towels, beach towels, piece goods, sewing accessories, clothing, footwear, headgear, gloves, underclothing, lingerie, underwear, brassieres, swimwear, bikinis, swimming costumes, swimming shorts, swimming suits, swimming trunks, swimming caps, beachwear, beach caps, beach hats, beach dresses, beach robes, beach shorts, beach wraps, sarongs, kaftans, beach shoes, sandals, flip-flops, home furnishings, toys, games, playthings, and sporting articles. US 022 039.

1050 Connecticut Ave NWSuite 500Washington, DC 20036, When you begin the process of protecting your brand assets and intellectual property, it can be difficult to understand which [...], Trump Organization’s trademark application for “TELERALLY” has been initially refused by the USPTO. US 100 101 102. G & S Clothing, namely, Bathrobes, Beach clothing, namely, tops and bottoms, Belts, Cloth Bibs, Bikinis, Blazers, Blouses, Bodysuits, Braces as Suspenders, Camisoles, Cardigans, Chemises, Coats, Dressing gowns, Dresses, Dress shirts, Evening gowns, Gilets, Gloves, Gymnastic clothing, namely tops, and bottoms, Hosiery, Jackets, Jeans, Jerseys, Jogging sets, namely, tops and bottoms, Jumpsuits, Knit shirts, Knit tops, Knitwear, namely, tops and bottoms, Layettes, Leggings, Legwarmers, Leotards, Lingerie, Loungewear, Mittens, Mock turtle-neck sweaters, Neckwear, One-piece suits, Overalls, Pajamas, Pants, Parkas, Pocket squares, Pullovers, Robes, Romper suits, Scarves, Shawls, Shirts, Shirt dresses, Shortalls, Shorts, Shrugs, Ski gloves, Skirts, Skorts, Slacks, Sleepsuits, Sleepwear, Sleeveless jumpers, Socks, Stockings, Suits, Sweatbands, Sweaters, Sweatpants, Sweatshirts, Sweatshorts, Swimwear, Tank tops, Ties, Tights, Topcoats, Tops, Trousers, T-shirts, Turtlenecks, Tracksuits, Underwear, Uniforms, Unitards, Vests, Wraps; footwear, namely, shoes, boots, booties, ski boots, sandals, slippers; headgear, namely, hats, caps, bonnets, hair turbans all included in this class.

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