Your pet rat name ideas (from the comments section), Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone? Kesa means “a bag” in my native language . Where to Get Pet Rats? You can browse, search, and save your rat pet names until you find that perfect one. They have personalities, can learn their names, and are highly intelligent little rodents. Now comes one of the trickiest decisions in a pet owner’s career – choosing the right names! We would love to hear what you have called your pet rats, or pair of rats – tell us in the comments below! Here are some great names for pairs of rats – of course, each name is suitable for one rat as well, as long as they are coming home to live with new friends. Keeping pairs or groups same sex is ideal, and males usually get along fine with other males. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I had a rat by the name Kesa. Of course! Permalink. However, if you want to use famous rat names, then we’ve picked out some famous rats for you. You may start off calling your rat Rex and end up calling him Squeaker or Snuggles! Btw I’m unsure if any of those names suit the nameless one also this list rlly helped me thx for all the suggestions. Here are some great names for pairs of rats – of course, each name is suitable for one rat as well, as long as … We offer many rat pet names along with over 20,000 other pet names.

A good name for brother rats is Thor and Loki. Love those names I’m adding them to our list. I named my new female rat Paint, most people don’t like the name but I think it’s unique and I love it :’), Remy is cute bc its the rats name from ratatouille.

I think you should add kojak lupin and Fraser to your male names. Here are a few: Rats are smart social animals and can make great pets. Permalink. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. The names need to go together! She was so sweet. While rats, in general, have a negative connotation, you may be surprised by how many of these characters are actually heroes (or at least good guys): There are plenty of great ways to name rats based on silly rat puns and names built around rat appearance and behaviors. Rats are extremely social and while 11 rats may be way too many for you it is important to always keep them in pairs or three’s. Hi my names ella and my rats called ratatatat I believe this is the perfect name for my little boy because when he walks he tats tats tats, I’m also getting another rat and I’m thinking of some names for example tuna and sweet corn? Thank you for the ideas I added them to our list! Pros…, 300+ Mouse Names: Cute & Funny Names Inspired…, Edible Enrichment For Hamsters: Dried & Fresh Plants…, What to Feed Your Dwarf Hamster – Chinese,…, Best Bedding for Hamsters: High-Quality Options to Keep…, Keeping Hamsters as Pets: 10 Things to Know…, How to Attract Finches to Your Yard: Get…, Types of Bird Feeders & Which Birds Prefer…, How to Attract Orioles to Your Yard: Creating…, How to Attract Bluebirds: Satisfy Their 4 Essential…, 10 Tips on Socializing Shy & Timid Pet Rats. wanda/cosmo for pair names. Often rat owners compare their curious rats to the fun and curiosity of a pet dog. Rat pair names It’s important for rats to live with others of the same sex, which means you’re probably bringing home a gorgeous pair of babies. I think “Scamper” is a perfect rat name. Maybe this list will be of better help to you, although it mostly contains cutesy names, but you might find something close to what you’re looking for too: . The name Reggie is adorable. For those of us who have ever had the pleasure of knowing a pet rat, we understand how different each and every one is. Here to help you find the perfect name for your pet, whether that be a cat, dog, hamster or horse! Let us know in the comments if you found a rat name you like! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks for all the names to choose from! Thanks for the idea I added it to the post. Illustration: Catherine Song/The Spruce, 2018. Here are some ideas for naming pairs of rats. Only Young five-six weeks old. She is AMAZING and while she stays very close to me (she quickly bonded) I think when she gains confidence she will be scampering around.

You’ve decided that rats are the right pets for you, and you’ve got everything set up to make them a great home. Read through the list of names so that you are full of ideas and then give your rats some time to name themselves. Best Mouse Names – Find the right name for your pet mice. I have a black and white ray and a buttery and white rat so I picked dusk and dawn, Rizzo from the Muppets is funny! They usually live for about two years and can be tamed and trained, making rats fun for someone who likes to handle and play with their pet. Lily and Lightning, Rufus and Ruckus, Studly and Sassy, Pip and Zip.

Thank you for the ideas, those are lovely names I’ll definitely add them to our list! Best Sources to Adopt Your..., [Free Download] My Pet Is Home Alone Card In Case of Emergency, Dangerous Beans (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Sardines (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Nourishing (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Peaches (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Additives (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Darktan (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Frankie Waterson (The Amazing World of Gumball), Hamnpork (The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents), Jake (The Rescuers Down Under – probably a kangaroo rat! My girls are Layla (Eric Clapton), Janie (Aerosmith) and then my sweet little Eleanor Rigby, who has passed. I think food names are so cute I prefer Tuna over Sweet Corn though , Hey I’m gonna get some rats soon and I wrote I list of name ideas maybe you could add them to your list some of them such as Eggo Levi Lady Omelette Meatball and Cream-Soda.

Or master splinter! I love the names Basil and Pancho *_*. Adding them to our list Thank you for contributing! The Truth About…, Guinea Pig Life Span: How Long Do Cavies…, Tips on Introducing Pet Rabbits and How to…, 450+ Rabbit Names: Cute & Funny Names For…, Rabbit Grooming: A Complete Grooming Routine For Your…, 8 Signs of a Depressed Rabbit: Learn How…, Pet Mice Varieties: What Type of Mice Are…, Which Bedding Is Best For Your Mice? Thank you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Arimanius - A god in Greek mythology who was a patron of rats. So many cool ideas I added them all to our list! Be very sure you are getting all boys or girls though, otherwise you will end up with many more rats than you expected – a female rat can have up to 20 babies! Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the ideas I’ll include them in the post too. I am not good at naming things, so I really need some help. Frank – A smart choice for a smart looking rat. If you can think of some real funny names (first and last names) ya know…a play on words…basically clever, funny, hilarious and believable I’m hoping for.

I need the the first and last names to pass as plausible real names but clever too. Rats can learn their names and will come over to see you when you call them, so it’s important to take the time to find just the right name for your Buck or Doe. #alright_alright_alright, Great ideas! Oh my, you’re very specific when it comes to naming your mouse Nothing very good comes to my mind, unfortunately. So far, I have thought of Sugar and Spice, and Cookies and Cream. I also once called a rat Zinjanthropus after a famous hominid fossil. Nice ideas Thanks, I added them to the list! They thrive with a good amount of attention paid to them and at least an hour of exercise out of their cage is ideal. I hope you at least got inspiration from our list! Anonymous. Sort of like a ‘Dear Abby’ character who is very comical and quick-witted. But I want something unsual, not common like salt and pepper something like really different Could be any language/meaning whatever Btw rats are both black and white :] Thanks x Jax, Dex, Riley and Rhonda. You can see that it is much easier to find a famous male rat than a female one! If you don’t mind naming your rats after humans, then your favourite books and shows are ideal sources of inspiration. Lots of great ideas here, thank you , I just got my first pet rats!!! Lol Horny is a funny name. So Scamper she is. 206 Super-cute Names for Pairs of Pets That Go Well Together. 8 Posts . Reply. It can take on a French, Scottish or English flair…whatever name combos are the funniest.

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