If you want to learn - TAKE HIS CLASS! The staff are amazing, the community is great so far.

The exams are really specific and can be tricky, and not much wiggle room.

He makes the class fun and interesting and I always looked forward to what we would be doing the next week, which has never happened to me before. Going into 3rd year, most people are v friendly, campus life is p fulfilling, and there are a lot of resources and opportunities to grow and learn.

Florida State (FSU) professor ratings and course reviews. Find and rate a professor! Best professor I've had at FSU. I graduated in excellent standing and GPA with no career skills appropriate to my field. It really developed my personal as well as scholastic growth, and exposed me to the best and worst of the typical "college experience." The town has changed, but I feel it'll return to what it once was. Rate Professor Stewart. Your note has been deleted.

Some questions can be a bit confusing, however, test curves help with that. He says that he posts all the notes but he posts condensed versions or ones with missing information. Highly recommend. Fantastic professor. That being said, he is an awful professor. They'll do the same for you. Take it.

he tests are not a walk in the park - definitely a decent amount of work involved. Holly is very sweet and responsive. The class is so interesting, I definitely recommend it. Sad to be graduating next spring but I'll always be able to call this place home. Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop! If you do bad on one exam, it kinda throws off your entire grade. Checks every box. His tests are 80 questions long with not much time and the questions don't all relate to the subject material we cover. Dr Brady is without a doubt the best professor I have ever had at FSU. The book is NOT NECESSARY as he posts outlines directly from the text. Despite being online, his lectures were extremely engaging, as well as brief and clear, telling you what you need to know.

He's probably the best professor to take this class with. He can have some rough material or go over on time but he's good with details. super nice guy and even better professor. Dr. Brady is probably the best professor I've had at FSU. Stewart is the worst online professor I have ever had. If you aren't a party person, don't go here. Jun 23rd, 2018. PSA go greek!! He requires a lot of reading, so if you are lazy and want to just be given a grade then don't take the class. The staff here gives you so many opportunities to help you accomplish your goals and figure out what you want to do.

Don't take this class. Great lectures! Lowest discussion board, hw assignment and exam is dropped. I am a good student and repeatedly recieved ridiculous grades on discussion posts with NO feedback. I've grown so much as a person while at FSU and don't think I would have if I had gone anywhere else.

I wish the students further integrated into the community of Tallahassee and it can be very isolating if you are not into Greek life, or sports, but overall there is truly something for everyone here, and it is worth it to get involved in clubs, activities, undergraduate research, creative projects, political orgs... Best university in Florida for sure! Make sure you write multiple separate dates in your agenda for each assignment or be prepared for 0's and 2's out of 10. Dorms are okay for the most part. The most hilarious and relatable lecturer I have experienced up to date. He is a very nice guy and clearly has a lot of knowledge regarding research methods but he is awful at teaching. I love FSU. Test heavy Tough grader Clear grading criteria Lots of homework Caring Most helpful rating: ACG2071. My only caveat with his class was that the exams could be tricky, he sometimes asked specific things. It may take up to a minute to be displayed on the site. Exams are not difficult, but they can be challenging to get a full-fledged A on them. You do have to work a lot for your grade though. Watch the videos then go through the powerpoints and you will not only pass the class but also enjoy it.

Just be sure to read before exams! You will not be disappointed at FSU! Tough grader Get ready to read Test heavy Beware of pop quizzes Tests are tough Most helpful rating: CCJ4938.

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