Today I’m going to share my updated tutorial for how to paint oak cabinets and hide the grain.

But, this is typical that I am sent images that look totally different from each other of the same space. Then we had to figure out the correct angle for our overlay before we ordered the hinges.

Ha! We barely survived the first attempt and now we are facing it again. Hi again. We used Polycrylic on my desk top, but it has a tacky feeling to it, and I’ve already pulled up the paint in several places because my machinery will stick to the desk. We worked with Blum ( and they had excellent customer service to help us figure out the particular angles and corresponding parts we would need! It’s a gorgeous home and the floor looks amazing!ReplyCancel, Can’t wait to see it! If the color doesn’t work, refinishing, staining or bleaching and staining would be so much better than paint.A medium brown would be easier for upkeep (cleaning) than dark or very light.

Otherwise, we cold end up with a big bloody mess. Allow this to dry thoroughly. I am going to share the easy way to paint wood trim in this step-by-step tutorial. I feel that over-all, the home IS trying to be traditional, but the very open plan, mix of finishes and the dated feeling are bringing what could be a smashing home down a few notches.

I think I spent 5k and the results were absolutely astonishing. You only need a thin layer of DryDex, just enough to cover the grain. Although, I’ve always loved collaborating with my clients, it’s also fun to have free rein. When I set out to do this project more than six years ago there weren’t many resources to be found on doing a project like this, although countless have popped up since, as white cabinets became the norm. how to paint oak cabinets and hide the grain to achieve a completely smooth and I’m all for working with a client’s likes, but for this big barn of a house, it is my professional opinion that it would look a lot better with less wood. Thanks!ReplyCancel, I have an interior designer friend who’s of Scandinavian descent and she just sent me a photo of when they painted their dark stained hardwood floor, white.

After years of hating it, we put an espresso stain on the yellow oak floors and painted everything else white. Please beg Tom to close in part of that stairway, Laurel–he’ll listen to you, I’ll bet! Even after each refill, use a test board (we used an extra leftover piece of drywall) to make sure that your adjustment is correct on your paint sprayer. But guess what? }); Please use all appropriate and proper safety precautions when attempting projects. And, I know, some of it’s white and some of it’s oak. We had additions to this project that you may or may not have to worry about.

I would make it a hall and a room. It’s a large home for just two people.

Hi Jessica! It’s always easier to fill in a large flat area than to risk overcoating tough to reach spots. Haha. We’ll come back to this later to discuss if one has both stained wood trim and painted wood trim, what can stay stained and what should be painted and why. And the pale gray is very lovely too. I’m sure that I’ve harped many times, that before we pick paint colors, we must get the bones together. Buyers are going to find out the truth sooner or later.ReplyCancel, Thanks for this post Laurel. I was born less than 20 miles from this home and I lived for five years in Wisconsin in the 70s. Good luck to Tom.ReplyCancel, Thank you so much Margaret. Begin at the top or end corners of the trim and paint the edges where the trim meets the wall first, and then move to the center.

We have the same paint sprayer and we trade a sanding sealer that was recommended on another blog. I am printing out your post to help guide me! I promise it’s all worth it in the end! We tried several products, including many actual wood and grain fillers, but we got the best results with the Drydex wall spackle mixed with a little of the dust that remained on the cabinets from the first sanding. Since we have the textured plaster ceiling, we had to attach the plastic sheeting to the ceiling using Gorilla Tape, since the painter’s tape wouldn’t hold. Now, that’s a word and a good one! My guess is that they would not be allowed to paint their exterior door and that is fine. We found it was best to add the water in slowly in order to thin the Cabinet Coat. Beautiful! We’re bored of our lovely solid oak kitchen. consult with an interior designer and/or architect. We had to first add a thin filler strip so that they would sit flush. It’s funny, but that staircase, really sold the house for me! Apart from painting the trims white. I go through the process of exactly how it works in the tutorial below. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. When was it built and where is it located? And, I realize that I’m walking a slippery slope. It’s just not possible for me to do it all.

Vacuum cabinet boxes and degrease with TSP substitute. :].

They’re terribly difficult to keep up, especially with that many of them. If you are just starting out at DIY, we recommend that you speak to a professional about painting your cabinets. Affordable Chinoiserie Wallpaper Panels & Murals + Sources!

Argh. How long did you wait to hang the cabinets and put on your hardware. Mostly, I combed through forums for professional painters!

It is very common practice for the photos to have the color lifted in the MLS photos to make a home seem brighter.

For all of the kitchen details, you can visit this page! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve butted heads with clients about painting trim…if they want me to continue working with them, the trim gets painted. You can also visit the FAQs post here or see how the cabinets held up after five years here. Store any hardware you're saving in labeled plastic bags. As I said, it was a bit of work- but I think it really helped give the room a more professional look. I’ve had similar success with other clients and never had anyone wish they hadn’t done it.ReplyCancel, Hi Alisa. BTW, our spindles were originally stained oak– a natural gold oak, but the first time we painted after being there for 5 years, I had them paint them white.

We then flipped the doors and repeated the process with two coats. It is part of a development of up-scale homes with lovely property. « Free Art Wall Templates and Free Art Too?Happy Thanksgiving 2018 – And Important News! How much are we willing to spend to make the changes necessary to achieve the look we want?

Please note that the schematic is not accurate in terms of the staircase. And of course, there would be area rugs.ReplyCancel, That fireplace is gorgeous.

Most trim from the neo-classical (traditional) era was painted. I think of soft and warm when I think of cozy. She might even talk herself out of the oak by Choosing designs that have painted trim.

The kitchen is tear-down, IMO. Wipe the dust from the trim with a tack cloth and vacuum sanding dust from the floor and between cracks and crevices along the wall.

Maybe the chair lift was not for all of the steps. I do like this dining area. Repeat the steps above until you feel satisfied that the cabinets are white. :) Those awkward angles also become even more difficult to paint if you’re avoiding already wet surfaces. Our countertop was not damaged by removing the matching strip of backsplash, but there was silicone adhesive left behind that we carefully scraped off. You can read the five-year review here if you’re curious about the longevity of the finish! The stained wood is oak. Something like this would be a better look for Tom’s folks. When we moved into our house–a much smaller scale than this one–I removed a railing at the top of the stairs and built a low wall instead. And this staircase isn’t as graceful. Actually, in my old townhouse, there was at least one chair lift, but from the garage, there is a run of stairs, a landing, turn a few steps up, short landing, one more turn a few stairs, a short landing, another turn about six stairs, a big landing one more turn and the final run of about 10 steps. We tried to delay this step as long as possible to keep our kitchen functional. I learned it from 1992 on when I started working in this business, first for others and then my own business in 1996.ReplyCancel. If I could do it all over again, I would tint it Benjamin Moore Simply White to match our trim, ceilings, and other built-ins. More specifically how do the people from Ralph Lauren combine so many patterns into one room.

Stained wood trim, unless the house is a Victorian, or Craftsman or is decidedly modern in styling,(or from the mid-century period) is usually incorrect.

My 20 All-Time Favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Colors, Dark Bathrooms – Here’s What You Need To Know, Affordable Bathroom Fixes With Big Impact, The Killer Spiral Staircase Alternative You Will Love. In the end, I was happiest with the results of the process I’m about to share with you, which I found practically on accident. It has oak trim, an oak stair case, oak banister, oak mantel, oak doors… you get the picture. And the worst is when they distort the size of the space. I apologize for being so late to answer, I took a step back from the blog when my daughter was born last winter.

Rinse well.

Which direction should I go? ). Possibly.

(please check this post out for some great front door paint colors). It is perfect. I hope this doesn’t sound self-aggrandizing, but 90% of what I talk about here, I did not learn in design school. We did it in phases, during weekends, and took some breaks when it got overwhelming. I love all your suggestions for this home.

Well, ripping it out is going to be expensive, but let’s have some fun!

Can you share what you did about the hidden hinges for the cabinet doors?

I prefer the Cabinet Coat for anything that you will be using as a surface (like a shelf), but the BM Advance does work very well for wall treatments and doors. My parents are moving into a new home and I’m project managing the remodel! I’m just wondering if you happened to try out the Benjamin Moore Advance paint that lots of people recommend to paint wood cabinets? Vacuum everything. It made me so happy!ReplyCancel.

Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario.

Thank you!ReplyCancel, There’s a product by Minwax and maybe other companies that has stain and poly in one. It’s not cherry, walnut or 200-year-old heart pine. If I bought a house tomorrow that had orange oak, I would do it all again! Paint small areas and tough angles first! If they keep it, the white would need to harmonize with whatever shade of grass cloth that is. Or else, a deeper shade. In my particular experience, we didn’t experience yellowing with either product. mount sink with a farm sink, and you had to cut your cabinet down.

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