The latest chick emerged Thursday night, and another chick hatched Wednesday. She was also seen on the camera-monitored platform by our staff throughout the weekend. Thankfully our second chick continues to get stronger each day with close attention by both parents – its meal delivery (dad) and feeding (mom) service is keeping up with the demand. Keep up the good work you two! Numerous family feedings spotted through June and July. Golden Gate Audobon Society installed two high-def streaming video cameras at an Osprey nesting spot on the historic Whirley Crane in Richmond. We also don’t know the underlying reason for the fracture, or why he wasn’t able to get back up to the nest in the first place. We’d like to thank the following for their crucial cooperation and support: • City of Richmond and Port of Richmond, CA • Craig Newmark, Founder Craigslist • Joe Pifer and HDonTap

In fact, in just one more week, our chick will be full grown and is already showing signs of independence. 6/25/2020 – Hatch day, continued. How many babies do they have? 6/8/15 – A sad example of the impact of marine debris. Osprey fly overhead and look for fish, then dive in feet-first.

Now, the two are back for another season. 4/6/16 – After observing a few daily visits over the recent days, we were able to catch the pair sharing lunch today!

Golden Gate Audubon is deeply grateful to the many individuals and organizations that have made this first-ever S.F. Although it may seem like long delays at times, Marshal is providing regular meals for Lily and their growing chicks. Two chicks are out of their eggs. 5/28/15 – We have an egg! Unfortunately, the rain makes it difficult to see but there it is!. Osprey return to the same general area annually, but not necessarily the same nest. He is now 20 days old and growing very fast. In 2009, wildlife biologists moved the nest to its current location just east of … In eight weeks you go from this tiny thing hiding in an egg to a raptor with a 70-inch wingspan," Margulis said.

The osprey returned to The Wetlands Institute to nest in 2013! We know it can be challenging to see the little chick in the nest with all the condensation and ‘natural elements’ on the camera lens, but with the chick so close to fledging it would not be wise of us to disrupt the young chick and adult pair this late in the season.

He was last seen flying off the top of a crane in Richmond, and presumably the flight ended in disaster. 8/18/2020 – First flight! This answer depends a lot on the environment. In the spring of 2003, this osprey pair began nesting on a light pole at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and returned each year.

4/10/11 – One bird is eating a fish while the other rearranges grass on the nest. 9/22/15- Chance is getting more and more difficult to spot on the livecam but fear not, she is still around and dad is still here as well. Try doing it with your feet! 6/27/2017 – We are experiencing camera feed issues but rest assured – all is well in the nest. An old rusting crane at the Richmond Shipyards has become home to a family of Osprey and now you can keep tabs on the birds; a camera has been setup near the birds' nest.

When will they learn to fly?

Males and females usually migrate separately, and spend the winter apart. She has lived in the Bay Area since 1988. Remember, practice makes perfect, so watch for Chance to fledge in the coming days!

Tam was injured on July 5, but how he was hurt is not known. 6/6/16 – Our Ospreys have names! The third egg was last confirmed yesterday and was still being incubated, though it had passed its expected hatch date. The third chick hatched over the weekend. Set on a bridge piling in the shadow of the Richmond’s skyline and hemmed by James River Park land, the RVA Osprey Cam was a huge hit in the city and beyond — generating nearly a quarter of a million views. Do the same birds come back to the nest every year? 6/19/2017 – Our chicks are growing very quickly! CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. 8/24/2017 – Lily and the two oldest chicks seem to have flown south by now but Marshal is still around, making sure the youngest chick is fed. Wily rats are making Bay Area residents highly uncomfortable, Gerald the turkey that terrorized East Bay neighborhood has been captured, Acorn woodpeckers turning Los Gatos treehouse into a storehouse, Raccoons break into a Redwood City bank, leave empty handed.

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