This is super handy for those times you forget to charge your headset.

Games Reporter, For comparison, an Xbox One controller weighs 9.9oz. This is a slight change from the RIG 800LX model, as the 800 had a switch for when it was plugged into a console or a PC, allowing it to be utilized for both. All rights reserved. Among the other headsets, the Plantronics RIG brand started to become more prominent, providing solutions for those looking to expand their gaming headset experience. Plantronics also scaled back on texture this time, abandoning the ribbed plastic of the 800LX for smooth piano black planes and curves. I’m not going to bother braving Nintendo’s near complete lack of online support, but blowing on the mic picked up the sound, so I imagine that it’d work in-game. Removable Noise-Canceling Mic: Let team members hear your game calls clearly and easily.

My one worry with dedicated gaming headsets from the likes of Corsair, Razer and now Poly is always that they’ll look garish, but in the RIG 700 HX there’s been some restraint shown – it’s all the better for it. Overall, the RIG 700 HX doesn’t disappoint design-wise. Ron has been married to Gaming Trend Editor, Laura Burke, for 21 years. So where do they actually differ? IMPORTANT Optical cable connection is only for RIG 700HD and RIG 700HS. Lastly, battery life. Again, the revs of each car engine could be fully heard from every direction and angle, whether I was pulling ahead of rivals in the lead solo or aggressively battling it out neck and neck with other racers on the track.

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Instead, there are three holes machined into each side of the headband.

Please visit Plantronics’ official website for more information on the RIG 700HD. Having acquired Polycom in 2018, Plantronics took the opportunity a few months back to ditch its old name and rebrand as “Poly.” Why’d they change it? The RIG 700 HX’s 40 mm, high-sensitivity drivers with bass tubes results in incredibly sharp and clear in-game audio, only aided by the cushioned isolated earcups that work to trap all of this in. I’ve detached the headset and you can see all of the dials and buttons. Detaches for solo sessions. There were many music tracks where the bass didn’t distort when cranked to the max, a problem in earlier models. The reason I’m putting such a heavy emphasis (enjoy the pun) on weight is that it is the largest contributing factor for long gaming sessions. It eliminates the weight of a metal headband and reinforced hinges, resulting in a RIG 700HD that weighs a mere 8.5 ounces. Pressing it causes the whole headset to shift since the RIG 700HD is so lightweight. bvseo-msg: HTTP status code of 404 was returned; Ultra-lightweight: One of the lightest gaming headsets on the market, providing hours of fatigue-free gaming.

But, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of a manual off switch in the down position, the 700 series has a single button to be held for power on, off, and sync. Visit our corporate site. As we head towards what looks like the most visually stunning holiday gaming season... “Reactor Online, Sensors Online, Weapons Online, All systems nominal”. Stripped-down songs, like piano-and-voice tracks, come through great thanks to the RIG line’s warm mid-range and open sound. Poly … We grabbed a couple of units and put them to the test. Technical specifications. That part is personal preference, so it’s up to you what you like. The earcups on the 700 model aren’t massive cushions over your ears. Please refresh the page and try again. It’s fairly comfortable with squishy ear caps and a cushioned head band.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. And with Windows Sonic surround sound, you’ll hear game audio the way game designers intended—giving you the competitive edge you need. The 40mm drivers in this headset can really put out some amazing audio. This is, of course, a personal preference, so you’ll have to decide if it’s your cup of tea. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. As a matter of convenience, the Rig 700 HD also features a removable microphone boom. And simpler mixes still shine on the RIG 700HD. While the RIG 700 HX might play it subtle in terms of how it looks and feels, it’s in the various quality-of-life features where it packs the most punch. We tried this out in the best way possible with me using the lower notch for my comfort level, my wife using the middle, and Holly’s 5 year old son Gavin able to wear the headset on the highest notch. It’s so light, in fact, that I would have forgotten I was actually wearing it were it not for the left-side boom mic poking out in my peripheral vision.

The RIG 700 HX is being advertised chiefly as an "ultra-light wireless headset". Further up the left ear cup is the digital dial for sound. The thing I liked most about playing with the RIG 800LX in Apex Legends is the fact that you can generally tell where an opponent is running in from. Above this is the final dial on the headset — the aforementioned audio mix dial. More than just a bold claim, however, I was left extremely impressed with how airy it always feels to wear even during the most extended of play sessions. Victory never felt so good. With a physical min and max hard stop, this dial lets you adjust the balance of chat and in-game sound. Reviewing the RIG 800LX, I said it had “one of the strangest sizing systems I’ve ever seen.” That’s underselling it though. Audio Mix isn’t something new for headsets, but the Rig 700 HD is the only wireless headset I’ve used that has one. The Rig 700 HD is capable of working with both the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC, and the only thing necessary to rapidly move them between that trio was moving the wireless receiver. For fun, I decided to try this on the Nintendo Switch, even though Plantronics doesn’t advertise compatibility with that platform. RIG 700HD Ultra-lightweight Wireless Gaming Headset for PC Model: PT-0295 SKU: 383573 I don’t know in what world such a long distance would be required, but the battery life did indeed see me through an entire playthrough of Gears of War 4 entirely lag-free.

The materials suffer a bit at this price point, but as long as you take care of … Store shelves and endcap pegs are usually packed with a few brands, most of the time those being Turtle Beach and, more recently, Razer. You wouldn’t normally have seen something like the RIG 700HD hanging around. Having used the Rig myself for a time, I liked the quality of the mid-range headsets they released like the 500 Pro, but wasn’t a huge fan of the aesthetics or the comfort. Blair Witch boots with a note that indicates it utilizes binaural sound. The choice is up to you in the end. All-day comfort, zero lag and Windows Sonic surround sound. At first glance, you might think the 700HD is nothing more than an entry-level wireless gaming set. I only wish it were easier to tell which was the volume wheel and which was chatmix without taking the headset off. One standout feature, though, is the live mic-monitoring. This presence is what led me to sample and review headsets like the RIG 800LX, RIG 600, RIG 400, and various others in the ever-expanding line for review.

Adjustable Mic Monitoring: Hear exactly what your team hears, so the only times you’re yelling are when you’re winning. Now, for the RIG 700HD’s faults. Although it does boast a 12-hour expected life, which it seems close to, I did find myself recharging a few times simply based on their design. This wireless headset has up to 12 hours of battery life. As a side note, I often crank up the movies and music for additional tests. Onto the sound, which is where I had the most trouble with the RIG 800LX. The tagline for Poly’s RIG 700 line is "Gear Up", so to test the audio performance of the RIG 700 HX gaming headset I thought it appropriate to play through some Gears of War – namely, a bit of Gears 5 and its 2016 predecessor.

If you’re playing or streaming all night, you’ll want something super lightweight. Not only does RIG 700 Series answer that call, but it also brings competitive gamers the audio precision they crave, and endurance build that they need to rack-up their wins and get totally immersed in gameplay. But if you want the full immersion of sound and a wireless headset, it’s a done deal with the 700 series! Why not pop a few buttons on the right? That same button doubles up as your microphone sensitivity adaptor, which can be toggled between three settings with a simple tap. Sticking with the theme of Xbox One exclusive games, I also gave the RIG 700 HX the tall task of accurately immersing me in the thrills of Forza Horizon 4.

This is an incremental upgrade though, not the leap needed for the RIG to vie head-to-head with Logitech, HyperX, or even Turtle Beach. Since I have a variety of headsets, I put their claim of being “one of the lightest headsets on the market” to the test and compared it to the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark, and the Astro A50. Does the RIG 700 HX gaming headset live up to its bold ultra-lightweight claim? It’s even lighter than the RIG 800LX, already one of the lightest headsets I’d ever held—though that comes at a cost, as we’ll get into later.

Do you want something that’s 29 grams lighter in the 400 series? This is especially the case when you weigh other headsets on the market. Just as easy is the ability to adjust overall volume using one slider and tweaking the levels between in-game sound and party audio with another. This dial is the secret sauce of the Rig 700 HD.

...The RIG 800LX’s bass presence is busted though, as is the top of the treble range. A console gamer gone rogue. While we all may appreciate the extra armor a metal headband or swivel arms on a headset may bring, those things also bring extra weight and bulk to the table. The Who’s “Baba O’ Riley”, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F”, and of course “The Imperial March” from John Williams) I was able to really test the lows, highs, and midrange of the Rig 700 HD, and I’m happy to report that this headset delivered on every front but one. In practice, it was as simple as long-pressing the mute button to pair the headset with whatever device I wanted to use, meaning I could easily move between PC and console with the press of a button. Audio Mix isn’t something new for headsets, but the Rig 700 HD is the only wireless headset I’ve used that has one.

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But, uh...apparently the folks who designed this headset’s packaging didn’t get the memo: The box touts this as the Plantronics RIG 700HD, a follow-up (sort of) to the RIG 800LX we reviewed a few years ago. It’s easier to find the built-in controls as a result, though the back of the left ear is still very crowded: volume wheel, another wheel for mixing the game and chat levels, a power button, a MicroUSB charging port, and a mute button, all on one ear. We listen to the gaming community and strive to continue delivering what gamers want. Not so long ago, those were reserved for the best of the best. Your opinion may vary, as this is one of those hot-button topics audio people like to debate, but I wish Plantronics had sprung for the Atmos license.

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