También te puede interesar: Trucos para conseguir recursos gratis en Rise of Empires.

Cleopatra VII –  Cleopatra VII tiene el rasgo de recolección, lo que significa que es mejor para reunir recursos. This will take you to 150% stars, and you'll have a good chance that it will critical, you'll get double experience, and the 3rd star will open. Must be the most advanced commander we have in terms of skills, experience level, and stars. Baibars –  Baibars es realmente bueno si estás comenzando el juego. Lo bueno de los comandantes de defensa es que algunos de los que son excelentes para atacar (pero más aún para el apoyo) y también se pueden usar así, por lo que al final no tienes que trabajar para subir de nivel a tantos comandantes. Right on days 35-40 he first appears in the “Wheel of Fortune” event and players can spend some gems to obtain it. Therefore, if the gatherer's skill has a higher gathering speed for a certain resource, try to keep them gathering that resource type. Every commander has three specialities that determine which talent trees can be levelled.

Charles Martel is a great infantry commander, tough, and has very good buffs for this type of unit. Otro gran comandante con bonificaciones interesantes. Gran comandante que también se puede usar como un soporte sólido para ejércitos mixtos. Then you have come to the right spot because in this guide, I am going to share the meta Rise of Kingdoms commanders. Legendary Commanders are the best, but also the most difficult to upgrade. Hopefully you have found this article helpful. This is a fan site and it is not affiliated with Lilithgames in any way. . They are so strong that they do a lot of damage compared to other commanders. Bueno como comandante de apoyo, principalmente gracias a su segunda habilidad, pero no me centraría en él como mi comandante principal. También es importante mencionar que no debes subir de nivel a tus comandantes más de lo necesario. They combine the raw power through weakening your enemies defense and boosting your attack power. Some can be obtained by opening golden keys in the tavern, this is the easiest and most effective way. These effects can be boosted from troop-specific talent specialties.

Por ejemplo, si tiene un comandante centrado en reunir recursos, elegir una ruta diferente a la de recolección no tendría sentido, ya que necesita hacer que sus habilidades sean aún mejores a través de los talentos. Comandantes. Este también es bueno contra los bárbaros gracias a su segunda habilidad, pero puede ser un gran comandante para las batallas PvP gracias a una habilidad activa masiva y excelentes estadísticas. It is not impossible for everyone to use Legendary commander.

This prowess will likely be needed by your alliance for major tasks. Most gatherers have a resource-specific preference, where they gather that specified resource faster than others. Mais si vous souhaitez jouer à ce jeu avec un ordinateur, pas d’inquiétude ! Caution - Sometimes it is UNDESIRED to level up your commanders as fast as possible with experience. Epic commanders are still good and having 5/5/1/1/1 compared to legendary commanders who are 5/1/1/1/1 will lose epics. Skill: One of the most used specializations in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to its privileges of granting powerful improvements to commanders in terms of its rapid rage regeneration and increased damage skill, the effectiveness of its talents in both PVP and PVE battles is excellent. Martel is one of the best options in Rise of Kingdoms to defend any type of garrison, thanks to his excellent resistance as a leader, talents, and his skill “The Uncrowned King” that increases watchtower’s defense by a maximum of 10% and the damage that Garrison any enemy. Prioritize lower rarity gathering commanders as primary gatherers, as they are easier to maximize gathering talent specialties (at level 37, this is enough talent points to max Superior Tools in the gathering tree) earlier, and require less experience to level up. La Mejor Guía de Comandante de Baibares: Habilidades, Desarrollo de Talentos, Parejas y Roles.

Infantry: Specialization for commanders’ expert in leading infantry, their talents will grant these units improvements in fundamental statistics that will systematically grow into a powerful army under the command of these leaders. The downside to specializing is that unless you plan on spending money to accelerate troop training, it takes a long time to get a full march of specifically one troop type.

Be sure to learn how to do 4 Stars Upgrade trick for your commanders, especially with Advanced / Elite and Epic commanders.

RoK is the next-level RTS game for smartphones and tablets. Sons (or Daughters) of Gods.

You'll likely want to make a specialized fast march for quickly joining rallies or gathering runes. No te pierdas nuestra guía con mejores comandantes de Rise of Kingdoms y aprende cuáles debes elegir según su función y habilidades. Once your commander has reached level 10, you can upgrade his or her star level. Ricardo I –  De los mejores comandantes de soporte, excelente incluso con la primera habilidad desbloqueada, pero aún mejor si logras desbloquear la segunda y quizás subirle de nivel un poco. Cleopatra VII tiene el rasgo de recolección, lo que significa que es mejor para reunir recursos. House of Kingdoms is the biggest Rise of Kingdoms guides and tips. You can only upgrade Star when the Commander hits the current max level cap. PvE will always be something you should do, as they are a major source of experience, drop rewards that are worth your action points, and events can have neutral targets to be defeated as tasks. You may want to have a garrison commander pairing set up as well, as having all those resources may make your city a target for plundering. Download Rise of Kingdoms on PC for free!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'houseofkingdoms_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_10',148,'0','0'])); Sometimes you will need to defend your city against enemy attackers.

Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players! In Short, The Best 5 Commanders in ROK Right Now are: Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (November 2020). Yi Seong-Gye –  Es más un héroe de apoyo que un defensor, sigue siendo una gran opción para defender las guarniciones si no tienes otras opciones. Rise of Kingdoms is incredibly dynamic in its gameplay. En este sentido, guarda tus libros de experiencia y úsalos solo en los comandantes ofensivos o defensivos para luchar y subirlos de nivel.

. Plus, the archers also have a chance to heal for a small amount and increase overall defense by 40% for a few seconds. Being F2P players: Focus all your golden sculptures in a single commander until you achieve your ultimate skill “Expertise”, so little by little. Yi Seong-Gye is a very powerful archer commander that excels at dealing damage. It is one of the most used commanders and the best option for the first KvK event due to his excellent resistance.

Get some of the gatherers (Centurion​, Constance​, Šárka​, Gaius Marius​, Joan of Arc​​, Matilda of Flanders, Cleopatra VII​, Seondeok​​​​​​​​, Ishida Mitsunari​​​​​​​​) and upgrade all their gathering talents and skills. Currently the best meta archer commanders are. The goal here is to be as strong as possible (and as you want).

We are the biggest fan site for Rise of Kingdoms. If you're unlucky and miss it, you'll just have to wait until the commander levels to level 20. “Rain of Arrows” is his active skill that causes great damage in a small radius, up to a maximum of 5 units. Before you upgrade, decide if you want to attempt to jump to 3 stars (so the commander can get a secondary commander on marches), or not. Like the stars, do not waste experience books on commanders that you will not use, they can be of help later depending on the game progress you have and the more advanced commanders you have can benefit from this experience. in Rise of Kingdoms.

Excelente para atacar a otros jugadores y destruir a los bárbaros (a pesar de no obtener ningún talento con aumentos contra ellos per se), en mi opinión, es uno de los mejores comandantes ofensivos del juego. Focus on them until you feel comfortable enough to expand beyond these 4 commanders to grow your roster.

No estamos respaldados ni afiliados a Lilith Games. The expertise skill “Emperor Wu of Wei” increases cavalry attack by 25% and decreases troop defense by 10%. This guide explains how to go about planning your build, and lists some common builds. 3 Mejores Comandantes de Rise of Kingdoms – Rarezas Todos los comandantes pueden serte útiles, ya que cada uno cuenta con habilidades únicas. Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players! This is because If you do it right, you can progress a lot faster throughout the game and maximize the potentials of your Commanders /armies. You can fully upgrade all her skills and talents for gathering, and in the end, it won't make a difference if you use her as a secondary commander.

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