These really scary games are sure to run a shiver down your spine. Wrap a rope around your neck. Let the blood drip down. He should wear a scary Halloween costume. And never showing up to a social event without the coolest accessories: tattoo choker necklaces, ‘girly’ visors, sequined belts, black platform shoes, and butterfly clips galore. 3. Close your eyes and begin washing your hair while chanting the words “… Go loaded with cameras and flashlights and explore these spots with friends you’ve invited over for a sleepover. Scary Game to Play at Sleepover in the Dark. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. If nothing daunts you, then playing this in the cemetery with friends shouldn’t pose as a worrisome situation. 17. His eyes should be closed. Concentrate. Let the blood drip down. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. Immediately after finishing the story/stories, ask the lying person to get up quickly and lift his shirt. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 7. How To Spot A Sociopath Or Narcissist Read this: 9 Ways To […]. Stab a knife in your back. Make sure everyone is carrying their individual cell phones to help keep in touch with one another.

Concentrate on what I’m saying. Planning out the Friday or Saturday extravaganza several days in advance, because you needed time to call each other up on your landlines, figure out who could host the big night, have your moms talk to one another to coordinate details and get very specific directions to the host’s house, etc. Match the color with their fortune from the list given below. Children are crying.

Verse 2: Poke the person and then run your hands down both the sides of his back. Saving a large portion of the night for makeover time – when you’d whip out the purple, glitter-splattered, plastic box containing all of your makeup, and begin giving each other what you deemed were gorgeous new looks. Not all sleepovers have to be boring and end up with everyone just whiling away the hours doing nothing fun or engaging. Whoever started the idea of sleepovers was brilliant, because the whole idea of having people meet and stay at a friend’s place a whole weekend doing fun / outrageous things, is ingenious. If you call upon these spirits they can answer questions and predict things about the future that will fascinate you, often letting people push boundaries. Verse 3: Tap him on the back with your fist and then run your hands down his back. Copyright © Party Joys &, Inc. 17 Sleepover Rituals Every Woman Born In The Late 80s Or Early 90s Understands | racheljanefoy, A Letter To The Grown Man I Dated When I Was Only 16 | Thought Catalog, 17 Sleepover Rituals Every Woman Born In The Late 80s Or Early 90s Understands | According To Grace, 5 Serial Killers Who Would Have Gotten Away If It If They Weren’t Complete Idiots, Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Full Moon On Halloween, How Yalon Hutchinson Turned A Decade-Long Battle With HS Into Her Life Purpose, We Chose Each Other, And Now I’m Letting You Go, When You Stop Letting Your Trauma Define You, You’ll Heal, I Was Almost A Wife, But Now I’m Back To Living The Single Life, 60+ Witty Mae West Quotes On Men, Sex, and Love, What Each Zodiac Sign Thinks When They See Their Person. Another activity where throwing caution to the wind would seem foolish and quite retarded, is messing with black magic. Now the person can open his eyes and ask him the color he saw. Steps. The player who is sitting begins to gently rub the temples of the person on his lap while reciting any one or both of the following scary stories on cats. And in the aftermath of the makeover, turning to stare in the mirror at your glitter lotioned, Lip Smackered, neon eyeshadowed, hair crimped new self and screaming, “I love it!”. People are dying. The last player gives it an appropriate conclusion. Turn sleepovers into spine-chilling experiences by playing this unique collection of scary games. However, the list features some games that can be played with only 2 players and also a few that suit an outdoor setting. Verse 1: Tap the top of the head of the person sitting in front of you with your fist and run your hands down the sides of his head while chanting the below. Concentrate. […] Source: 17 Sleepover Rituals Every Woman Born In The Late 80s Or Early 90s Understands […], […] this: There’s No Point Dating In Your 20s Because You Don’t Even Know Who You Are Yet Read this: 17 Sleepover Rituals Every Woman Born In The Late 80s Or Early 90s Understands Read this: Was Your Ex Actually Insane? Clueless. And never straying from your classic sleepover movie choices: Clueless, Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, She’s All That, or Bring It On. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. Get a reliable book on black magic (seen Craft, the movie? 1. turn off all lights in house leave on light in a room on (not bathroom light) 2. go in bathroom have your friend stand outside the door turn on tealight turn off bathroom light shut door.

Let the yolk run down. As kids, we’d always play this game which is very much like Hide and Go Seek except that this is done in the dark. The origins of this mysterious fortune telling game can be traced back to Japan. Let the yolk run down. Concentrate on what I’m saying. Verse 5: Put your hand on his shoulders and whisper the next verse in his ears. 14.

He sits with his eyes closed and doesn’t say a word.Concentrate. 2. Ensure that no one else will be riding this elevator with you, and then you can proceed with the ritual! 10. The participants must close their eyes. The cliché is that girls spend sleepovers braiding each other's hair and telling secrets.

Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Concentrate.

Whipping out your disposable camera at some point and using up all of the film in a matter of minutes – with 50% of the shots containing at least one peace sign. Movie suggestions that you should add to your list are The Exorcist, The Rite, Amityville Horror, Insidious, Paranormal Activity 1,2 & 3 and so on. Your email address will not be published. Saturday nights can be one spooky episode thanks to the cool games. One person sits behind the other and chants the following verse while doing rituals. I suggest you brace yourselves for some pretty wacko, not-advisable-for-small-kids ideas that are sure to give you the jitters. Wrap a rope around your neck.

Teenagers and adults would like to participate in this. Required fields are marked *.

Hone your story-telling skills in this game.

Turn off the bathroom lights, make a player enter and close the door. […] These sleepover rituals from the 80s and 90s? Turn off the lights. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. He should wear a scary Halloween costume. Limited Too. Let the yolk run down. Then screaming like idiots when the phone rang, and forcing your bravest friend to answer it. You need 2 people for this game that tells the future about how you will die. Stick ten needles in your sides. No doubt that watching a couple of movies and going on an all day binge seems inviting, but for how long can you keep that up? This particular ritual came from Korea and if this is performed correctly, then it will take you to another dimension by an elevator. 1. The Ouija board is a game made for those who have an inclination to summon spirits, where it comes with instructions on how to communicate with the other world. Concentrate. Let the blood drip down.


This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. To make it more interesting, show up at their home with frightening masks and other props to add a touch of extremity to it. I remember the silk pajama sets from Limited Too!

Out of the group, secretly earmark a person who should hide in the bathroom. The old lady decided not to get anymore cats. There once was an old lady who owned a Cat. edit subscriptions. Picking out the late-night movie ahead of time (by either going to Blockbuster or checking the Friday/Saturday night schedule in TV Guide) because you couldn’t just turn on Netflix and see what was available at the touch of a button. 4.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Once inside, you will have to do a 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo on … All rights reserved. Concentrate. Let the blood drip down. You could also stake out a cemetery around 3 am – the known time where spirits are most active.

jump to content. Anything based on true events or real-time recording should be watched post midnight, with a back-to-back marathon of the best in spirit based movies. It’s time for letting out those loud frightening shrieks and screams to your heart’s content. This game can turn from fun to not so fun, so be sure to read extensively about this game before you take part in it. 8. Samara sleepover game Items Needed: Tea light one friend. To make it even more fun if you’re the seeker, don’t make a sound when you tiptoe through rooms but make loud sudden noises to scare your hiding victims – their screams will lead you right to them. As soon as an exciting, scary part of the tale is reached, the flashlight is passed to the next person. If he doesn’t want to say, don’t push. Would you like to write for us? Alert someone you know that you’ll be there should anything go wrong with the group (in case you split up or can’t find someone). The circle of … Bring One of These Unique Gifts, Top Party Themes for a Fabulous 40th Birthday, 5 Theme Ideas for Your Next Virtual Party. Be sure to prepare yourself for accidents or effects of this ritual where things could get out of hand. You run, but the cat chases you and jumps on you. Climb inside the tub and position yourself in front of the faucet. It is important to know that this isn’t a safe game to play, where the outcome may not be pretty – just remember that you’ve been warned.

You’re on the edge when someone….pushes you! The alley is filled with garbage cans and litter. 12 Little-Known Holidays to Celebrate in Every Month of the Year, Attending a Housewarming Party? Out of the group, secretly earmark a person who should hide in the bathroom. Let the blood drip down. Now hide it in the closet. Involving minimal supplies, the ancient ritual can give you the creeps. To play this game or to conduct this ritual, you will need to find a building that has at least ten floors and has a working elevator. And, finally, when it came time for bed, getting out your Limited Too pi’s that matched all of your friends: either a silk combo with a flower print, or a cotton duo with clouds all over it. The fun part is relying on your sense of hearing to pick up movement and presence in a room where your friends could be possibly hiding. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. The genre is horror. Take a comb and something to cover your face with to a crossroad when it is pitch dark outside. Bloody Mary. 12. Let the blood drip down. Know a place where people claim to have seen spirits or know anyone who’s told you that a place is supposedly haunted?

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