Causes Bleed On Hit. Deals 65% less damage. [Faster Than a Speeding Bullet plays as the warehouse doors in Well rise, revealing a crouching RED Scout with other members of RED team., If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Team Fortress 2. Extinguishes fire on wielder and allied players. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people. You can now duck twice in the air. If one shot is unused before reloading, it is lost. Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit.

After the effect wears off, the user will be subjected to a slowdown effect based on the damage absorbed; this scales from 25% at low damage to 50% at 200+ damage. As seen, The Scout's pose in the official group picture, which is shown at the end of each. Kills are labeled as "FISH-KILL!" After players noted a resemblance between the Scout and TV pitchman, The "Crazy Church Guy" from Left 4 Dead is also voiced by Nathan Vetterlein. On miss, causes self-damage and bleed to the player for 5 seconds. It then cuts to the usual Team Fortress group photo, in which it zooms from the specific Mercenary's face. ], [The Scout watches various BLU team members stationed around the center point: an Engineer industriously making defensive preparations, a smoking Spy, and a Soldier juggling rockets. Team Fortress Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is a guide about certain hats you can use to make your Roblox avatar look like a TF2 Merc! Umm... TF2 Official Website - Hey good job, there, hardhat. ], [Back to fight. This is a guide about certain hats you can use to make your Roblox avatar look like a TF2 Merc!

If one shot is unused before reloading, it is lost.

He also has a tattoo of Tom Jones with the title "Sex Bom", however, this could be a result of him nearing death and hallucinating. © Valve Corporation. The scene where the Scout can dodge bullets fired by a Sentry-Gun is deemed inaccurate, as Sentries are always accurate with their shots, excluding Rockets. Fixed Scout taunt kill achievement firing for people who didn't actually qualify. +20% bullet spread. He then joins the charge, dodging several bullets.After using his firearms, we then skip to a cut to where Scout rushes into a building on a railroad, with a BLU Soldier and Pyro tailing him. Only the Scout has this ability naturally; the Demoman and Soldier only have the same ability the Pain Train is equipped. ], Scout: D-Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? He is at least 26 years old during the events of the comics. His speed also makes him perfect for capturing intelligence briefcases. The Scout is a great class for quick "hit-and-run" tactics that can either sap away enemies' health or kill them outright due to his ability to get in, do damage, and dash away before even being noticed. TF2 Official Website - Okay, this does not look good here. I mean, do you even know who you're talkin' to? Killed enemies freeze into solid Australium statues (purely cosmetic feature). How to look like Pyro,Scout, and soldier from tf2 in roblox Boost reduced when hit. Your Scattergun is deadly at point blank range. Scout's Appearance in the Main Menu during Halloween. Has a 60% smaller clip size. Fixed the Scout's legs twisting out of shape during a double jump. 10% slower movement speed on wearer. 20% increase in push force taken from damage and airblast while deployed. Cuts back to Scout.

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Heh! Just as he jumped to cross the said railroad, a Train quickly barges in and hits both BLU enemies. TF2 Official Website - That's what I'm talking about! Carrying a Scattergun, a Pistol, and a Bat, the Scout is an ideal class for aggressive fighting and flanking. Has a 66% smaller clip size. Your Pistol is great for picking off enemies at a distance. The weapon deploys 50% slower. However, the Scout is tied with the Engineer, Sniper, and Spy for having the lowest health of any class, leaving him vulnerable when he is on the front line; a fair trade-off for his ability to run in and out of a contested hot-spot very quickly, letting him lead the team to victory without the other team even noticing in time. Has 50% faster firing speed.

Long-distance hit reduces charge time by 1.5 seconds. Has a 33% smaller clip size. October 26, 2012 Patch (Spectral Halloween Special). It is only visible to you. Thank you for taking time out of your life to read my guide of sorts. ", Scout: "If you were from where I was from, you'd be f**kin' dead! Alike every 'Meet the Class' video, the intro has the "Copyright LOLOLOL" written on the bottom-right corner. His Double Jump leaves slower opponents such as the Heavy struggling to keep up and helps him navigate the terrain while dodging oncoming bullets and projectiles. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Slash!".

Boost reduced on air jumps.

Scout's Alternate Appearance in the Main Menu. He can capture control points and push carts at twice the rate of any other class. Melee attacks mini-crit while airborne. Has a 25% smaller clip size. At the end, he ends up killing the Heavy with his steel bat, winning the battle and eventually eating the Sandvich.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. His first name is Jeremy, as revealed by the Spy. He runs towards the center of the map, dodging everything that BLU throws at him, then outruns and crosses a passing train as it crushes a BLU Soldier and Pyro. what is this, i guess this is good art maybe or maybe not, Yes I understand this now, I dont feel like updating the guide, There is a better alternative for pyro, the, i mean why would u spend 2 hours just to get a virtual skin that only kids play including pedophiles (also i assume you live in america because u only earn 5 $ per hour, Me when Keanu Reevesdoes the sex to Big Chungus (, and you can get it on crates so technically it does.

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