Too close to the enemy and this gun gets useless to the point that you can’t get a shot straight. The boss will have to go all the way around the ramp to try to get to you. During battles, you will also earn Medals that can be traded for Skill Points, Memory Chips, Outfits, Accessories and Weapons. You do not have to be in combat to use these skills. All is bliss. You can increase the affection with your teammates in the shortest possible time by a simple method. Becoming the best in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet means that you must level up quickly by utilizing all of the mechanics available to you. Moderated by: Z e r o S R L Z e r o S R L, kyoslilmonster kyoslilmonster, Nyomdalee Nyomdalee Long cooldown times can be reduced by using Handgun Weapon Art. Began writing a year and a half ago so that he could fill his library with every Steam game that exists. Be sure not to add a lot of heavy stuff with it as it’ll kill its advantage. Increasing the proficiency means that you get more efficient with the skill and it gets increased benefits for the time it is activated for. If the boss tries to come up to you for ranged combat, jump down the ramp and wait for the boss to jump down too.

If you are looking to level up as quickly as possible, there is a short method to level up quickly. Whatever suits your style, you can adapt and perfect over the course of the game to make yourself more effective in battle.

There are tons of different playstyles for you to try out as you play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. They are the best guns to shoot sprays of bullets at your enemies and making them count. Another thing that you can level up in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is Friendship Affection Level. Handgun . Do not expect to get a lot of kills with it at the start as it has a bit of a learning curve.

The trick here is to keep one enemy player alive all the times so he can revive the fallen teammates.

Its accuracy is the greatest in all weapon thus it can easily be put to use in any situation. First-tier is unlocked at the start; second tier is unlocked when you reach 50% proficiency with skill while tier 3 is unlocked when you reach 100% proficiency with that skill. Handguns Longstroke 2++ Damage type: Physical Power: 550 Effective Range: 20 Rate of fire: 163 Accuracy score: B+ Ammo Capacity/Fire type: Remant WasteLand.

It’s a decent amount of XP, along with some great drops for you to sell. A more or less complete catalogue of Rank 7 weapons. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. They do not have much of a clip size and fire rate as they fire only one Rocket at once. For earning Weapon Medals, you need to kill enemies with weapons and get kills in quick succession. You can also cast the skill and just teleport to the same area to refresh the cooldowns and cast it again. You can also equip items with ‘Experience Gain Increase %’ passive skill to further increase this experience gain or simply switch to Extreme difficulty. Their accuracy at mid to long range is not good but they make up for it with their mobility, allowing you to get close to your enemy in a whiff. Some skills have three tiers, which unlock after reaching a specific level of proficiency with that level. You will kill them easily and will earn medals on every kill. There’s a Level 10 Automation near the Floating Tower area. Enemies are weak here. This area is for the big boys, if you’ve levelled up to a considerable Level 40, then it’s time to head to the Industrial Zone found in Solitary Sands. The weapon gets really easy kills but it’s not easy to get into enemies’ range to use it without getting a lot of damage yourself. The trick to getting proficient with skills is that you can keep casting them whether you are engaged in combat or not. This Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide has all the information about the different weapons that are available in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. There are a lot of different play styles and strategies that you can use when playing through SAO: Fatal Bullet made possible with the variety and types of weapons at your disposal. Keep repeating the process until you have levelled up enough. It’s the lightest weapon in game, making it the most maneuverable and best for agile gameplay. This will increase your Friendship Affection Level in no time. 4.Get the Amulet after you’ve cleared Kirito Mode.

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