How does the weather affect midges in Scotland? Surprisingly we had a whole week of glorious weather and didn’t see a single midge.

Midges can be seen throughout most of Scotland, but are more numerous (and notorious!) • Wild camping A warm, damp spring. - Site by Braveheart Islay - Sitemap - Contact - Advertise.

Anything over that and the wee blighters struggle to take off. One Scottish insect you might need to be wary of though is the Cleg, otherwise known as the horsefly. Hot, sunny days. Some people have lots of this natural midge repellent, while others do not. Impact of the removal of midge larvae from soil ecosystems is also believed to be relatively small, since they constitute only a very small proportion of the total soil fauna. Midges are one of the reasons for the relatively low population of the Scottish Highlands, and help keep the wildernesses wild. Some people will have a stronger immune response, and will get big red lumps at the site of bites, while other people will see only a small red mark at the bite site.

While the males of the species prefer to chow down on dead plant matter, females need protein to prepare for their egg-laying – which they do in vast amounts. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Midge season then runs until early/late September. Another thing to bear in mind if you are visiting an area where you expect to encounter midges is that they are at their most active in the early morning, just before dawn, and in the evening, as light levels begin to fall. That being said, I’ve got a great article you might like to read about summer in Scotland that’ll tell you all about our summer weather as well as offer a few suggestions for summer activities and places to visit that guarantee a great time when the sun decides to come out.

It was an absolutely superb holiday and has whetted our appetite to go back and visit some of the islands off the west coast. Windy days. Excellent write-up. Yes, their sting hurts, but seriously, what do people expect when they instantly start flapping their arms around as soon as a wasp comes nearby? A hot, dry June or early July can reduce the likelihood of subsequent midge generations.

Once the midges (or any other similar insect) is in the vicinity it gets sucked into a container by a strong fan and a trap (usually a sticky pad) stops them escaping.

Without the midge, Scotland would not be the same. Scotland isn’t alone in the world for having midges but we do seem to suffer from them more than most, mainly due to the fact that our climate offers them the perfect breeding conditions.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. There are no midges here at any time of the year. There was a young Indian graduate carrying out investigative work with Dr. Kettle, the first head of the unit. The pipistrelle, for example, the most common bat species in Scotland, is known to feed unselectively on whatever insects are available. A more comfortable option which also works is to crank up the air conditioning. Thankfully the bite-a-thon declines once the temperature starts to fall so you’ll rarely be bothered by them once autumn comes along because the females die off from the cold. Highland Titles’ mission is to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time™.

Meanwhile, the females are laying more broods ready to annoy the sightseeing plans of the following year’s tourists. These have produced a wealth of information on population dynamics and the life cycle of the midge which have helped to determine potential ‘solutions’ for humans to live in harmony with the biting midge. Besides, they’re only attracted to the food people can’t be bothered to dispose of properly anyway, so if the litter is cut down the wasps will be less of a problem. Legend has it that when training in the Highlands, Marines and other members of the armed forces slather it on to avoid being bitten. May to September, though it can vary because because extended cold periods delay their emergence. Print this page.

Whether you and the kids are experienced or novice campers, this book will give you a new perspective on the best Scottish sites for your camping holiday. Midges can be active from April through to October, but are only a significant problem between June and August. Open hillsides, windy seashores and cultivated areas are less attractive to them. Midges in larval stage remained safe below the ground, but the cold weather killed off more of the midge’s natural predators such as bats and birds, and so midge numbers were higher. [email protected]. I live In Edinburgh , Scotland ‘S capital city. It’s made from natural oils like basil oil and it doesn’t harm the environment. Midges are active in the morning and the evening and when it is overcast and drizzling, they favour damp windless conditions. A dry and hot June and July will drastically reduce the number that survives in the second generation. This historic site is surrounded by classic tenement buildings that line the roads along the iconic West Bow and Victoria Street but it’s best known for the lively pubs and restaurants that offer superb outside seating areas. Open hillsides, windy seashores and cultivated areas are less attractive to them. Will they spoil your enjoyment of the Scottish Highlands?

DEET, a chemical formula of diethyltoluamide, is the active ingredient in many insect repellents. If lucky, the midges wouldn’t appear till very early June – the non-biting males might be out and about by mid-May, and the biting females 2 or 3 weeks later. Midge traps are used in problem midge areas to capture midges and reduce midge numbers considerably. The east coast of Scotland is relatively free of midges.

Astoundingly, during the height of summer, when midges are at their worst, these tiny creatures can be a true impediment to forestry, agriculture, and for all those spending time working outdoors. The midge. Still, humid conditions; Dawn, dusk and cloud cover When sun’s irradiance (or penetration through cloud) reduces to below 260 W/m 2 the midges … They prefer damp sheltered uncultivated areas, in valleys and in woodland. The arguments for eradicating (or severely controlling) the Scottish biting midge are many and varied. The highland midge (scientific name: Culicoides impunctatus; Scots: Midgie; Scottish Gaelic: Meanbh-chuileag) is a species of small flying insect, found across the Palearctic (throughout the British Isles, Scandinavia, other regions of Northern Europe, Russia and Northern China) in upland and lowland areas (fens, bogs and marshes). After you have stopped scratching – the histamine you release makes you scratch all the more, resist at all costs to reduce itching – you can spend many happy hours lying on your back in your wee tent, squishing the dozens/hundreds of midgies against the tent fabric above you. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Other members of this family are known as ‘no see ums’ in North America, and have been implicated as vectors for the spread of disease-causing pathogens in the tropics and elsewhere in the world. One of the best anti-midge sprays is Smidge, but if you’re not sure about insect bite treatment you should head on over to the NHS insect bites and stings page which has a number of suggestions including applying over-the-counter antihistamine cream.

There are a number of different repellents that have varying degrees of efficacy when it comes to getting rid of midges and making sure that they do not bite. Attracting bats and birds that eat midges is an ecologically friendly way to keep midge numbers down – but the midges they eat are still only a drop in the ocean. The Scottish midge belongs to a family of midges known as Ceratopogonidae – biting midges.

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