All deck segments were carried from the construction yard to the viaduct by a transporter that would travel to, and along, the completed section of deck to deliver the segments. The River Teme enters from the west below Worcester and the Avon from the northeast at Tewkesbury, a yachting and motorboat centre. • An access gantry for the main span of the Shoots Bridge. The number of strands per cable varied from 19 to 75. The gantry was used to build the viaduct deck using the balanced cantilever method. Part elevation of the viaduct – over two km long on both sides of cable-stayed bridge. Because of this difficulty, and the fact that each anchorage has its own unique orientation, the anchorage tie beams were cast on-shore where the position, and the vertical and horizontal alignments of the anchorages, could be more easily controlled in a purpose-made formwork jig on-shore. The two largest caissons, 13 m wide by 53 m long, were used to construct the foundations for the bridge pylons.

The foundations had to withstand the dead and live loads from the bridge and be able to cope with possible ship impacts. Each was lifted on to the partly constructed pylon and was then cast, in situ, into the pylon itself, during the next concrete pour. The viaduct deck is supported by elastomeric bearings (essentially, large thick rubber pads) located on each pier. The main piers of the bridge were designed to look similar to those of the viaduct. It had been prepared by the government’s consultants, to assist tenderers in their initial assimilation of the problems to be faced. Standard deck unit on the Econofreight transporter. After the first and subsequent repetitions, a further complete span would have been constructed, except for a final segment in the centre, and that segment would be placed before the next repetition commenced. Seismic activity provides the critical loading case for the bearings which are designed to restrict the pier’s horizontal acceleration. All rights reserved. Later, the temporary tendons would be removed and replaced by the permanent set. This second strand was tensioned using the mono strand Jack until the load measured by the load cell was equal to that measured on the first strand. Successful erection of the deck units was achieved through the use of two DSL cranes, each comprising a pair of luffing jibs (see illustrations) mounted on a common body, with a lifting frame permanently attached. Building the Second Crossing Viaduct Piers. Once a balanced pair of segments had been erected, the permanent cantilever tendons at the top of the segments were stressed so that the temporary tendons could be de-stressed and released, allowing these tendons to be reused. …production first began in the Severn River valley in Shropshire, Eng., where the necessary mineral ore, coal, and limestone were all available. Copyright; Neil Thomas of Photographic Engineering Services. A production yard was established in the main Avon construction complex for the assembly and casting of the deck units, each 7.3 m long.

In response, Walker ordered surface workers to down tools. The reinforced concrete slab varies in thickness between 200 mm and 350 mm. The program dictated that both pylon legs should be under construction at the same time, necessitating two complete sets of construction equipment. Design of the Shoots Bridge Deck and supporting Cables. Updates?

Access to the main span of the bridge was provided by a conventional under-slung steel gantry supported on rails beneath the deck and at the edges of the deck. The ends of the slip roads on the west side of the M 49 junction extended 240 m past the Avon abutment, causing an additional complication.

Then, in situ concrete would be poured to provide the lateral 2 m concrete stitch between the new unit and its predecessor. 1996: Second Severn Crossing, 30 years on, built to relieve traffic congestion on the original Severn Bridge. All bridge tolls (fees) are to be scrapped at the end of 2018 and both road bridges will return to public control.

1873-86: Built by the Great Western Railway (GWR). The better ground conditions and accessibility are found on the east side of the river and so the consortium decided to concentrate activities on that bank. The cables consist of between 19 and 75 parallel seven-wire strands, held together in a sheath. These caissons weighed 2,000 t each which was the maximum weight that the construction equipment could manage. Each of the twin box girder flanges would be 15.6 m wide and there would be a 2 m concrete stitch between them, bringing the total width of the viaduct deck up to 33.2 m. The key to the load bearing strength of the viaduct spans is the use of the high tensile steel tendons that would be added during the actual construction of the viaduct deck. In the event, very good agreement with the design geometry was achieved.

The estuary widens gradually between South Wales and Somerset and eventually becomes the Bristol Channel. It took 3.5 years to build and was opened by the Queen in 1966. This means that there are five separate, homogeneous sections of deck on each side of the cable-stayed bridge, each capable of small longitudinal movements, relative to its neighbours. The process was continued until all the strands in the cable had been installed and stressed to 60% of the required cable load. The anchorages for these tendons are visible between the exit points of the cables. An interesting fact emerged from this story. The revised piers would vary in height from 7m to 40m, with a footprint of 6m x 3.5 m and with walls 500 mm thick. However, the consortium rejected this idea in favour of the tri-planar form illustrated on the photograph. The town of Bridgnorth, with the River Severn in the foreground, Shropshire, Eng. Engineers decided on the shape of the bridge after extensive wind tunnel testing.

The next section of more detailed information, on the design of the viaduct deck (go to botton of current section and click on link to return to Main Text. Members of the public were invited to walk across the Bridge, and back again, to raise money for a charity of their own choice. Two independent methods were used for these calculations and the results compared. Then click on the next available link in that text, “For more on Design of the Second Crossing Viaduct Deck”).

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