Fixed v2.1 issue (discovered thanks to ImperialWanderer): when the camera was forced to 3rd person on a melee weapon draw, even if the 'Auto Switch 3rd Person View' switch for Melee Activity is disabled. You have permission to translate < language.txt > files and must present a translated file to author (by the forum's personal message).2. I'm not the only one, either: "I don't think I've ever seen a crosshair while on a horse. Note on iHUD + SkyHUD + Customizable UI Replacer + AIM FIX compatibility: 4. It fits those who play as a spell-blade: prefer to have a Melee camera behavior during a right handed weapon along with left handed spell equipped (e.g. - Disable the "Show while Hovering on Objects" option for each Activity.

when both mods hooks the same keys or game events).

I personally didn't getting such issue on my PC (powerful enough), but if this happens on your config then I suggest you to: - Hover on object again or perform any ingame action (attack, crouch, etc) to make AIM FIX update the crosshair settings. Also while it enabled the stealth meter position will be locked and cannot be dynamically changed by AIM FIX. [*] Optimized Smooth Camera Follow: now the camera will start following fast & fluid and less stuck on the opposite side on stop strafing. Archery Gameplay Overhaul requires Skyrim - Enhanced Camera or Immersive First Person View. If you want stealth meter to be centered dynamically and get the aiming offsets during sneaking then simply disable the "Stealth Meter Lock (Custom UI)" option in MCM.

[*] Improved crosshair offsets handling and anti-twitching: [+] Added twitching prevention for a spell-blade mode (left handed magic offsets during melee activity). 1.3. Fixed issue (discovered thanks to Tony48): when the camera min/max distance (vanity) was not applied once on first game load after Skyrim was fully restarted from desktop, but during the next game loadings all worked.

3rd/1st person camera switch via mouse wheel will become instant. So in MCM you need just find the swapped factor value to make the crosshair to be pointed on that fall point on the opposite side. for any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping (incl. The 'Stealth Meter: Lock (Update Custom UI)' option will be disabled. See description above in "[+] MCM Exploration Activity.." setion. [+] New option "Tweaks for Archery Gameplay Overhaul" - available only if AGO is installed. AIM FIX Combat Camera mod version history. [+] New option "Reveal Advanced Compatibility Menu" - activates hidden MCM-section - 'Advanced Compatibility' next below General Settings.

I just got the Remaster for the Xbox One and this advice just totally saved me a lot of headaches! [-] Removed all dual eqip offsets (it is described above, look under the text "[*] Offsets apply: improved handling of dual equipped magic and attacks"). Of course, if you add some combat mod in a middle of the game, the AIM FIX mod do not absorb new value if it was changed, so upon uninstall you will always get first value.

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