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function funShowHideSearch() { $(".search").toggle(); }. it makes sense to structure your story in the same time frame when read in a subreddit as it's happening; it probably works a lot less when people are binging on it months later.Maybe the rewrite will be structured differently, we'll have to wait and see.So I just finished reading the entirety of the story as well.I thought the shards ended up being unrelated to the phenomenon, they were a separate weaponized virus that a government has been experimenting with and (accidentally?) Aristotle Metaphysics Summary, He catches Maria and impales her with the drill. The film follows a group of teenage girls in California, whose slumber party is crashed by a masked killer. I still have no idea what Shards are, how they kill humans in such a terrifying way, why they are so resistant to attack, why they return to earth every 40K years like clockwork.

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