Dewey, how did Cashman do a solid job here? Flipping Long for Stowers is a big win for NYY. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalised web experience. Though if the incentives are huge, then it may be moot, but you definitely cherry picked his hurt year and his NY pressure zone stats, and completely ignored everything else he has done. It’s not like Gray had a no trade to leverage an extension. Absolute lies.

All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. Why not ? 2010, Bruce Brentz, OF MTSU, BOS. If he can’t play 2b, is he really anything special? Explain, I liked Long, but he isn’t that good. Can MLBTR now stop reporting on this guy every day of the week? They have pretty decent prospect depth that can help out for spot starts. Take a look at the Yankees last 10 first round picks and besides Aaron Judge, no one has made a real impact in MLB.

36 slot last season came with a $1.967MM slot value, meaning the Yankees have likely added another $2MM+ to their bonus pool in the 2019 draft. The yankees… not so much. Total Zone Rating and initial framework for Wins above Replacement calculations provided by Sean Smith. I still believe in Yu to make a comeback. 2016 wasn’t a rebuild. Stowers also had no place on the Mariners in the future, but Shed does. Anything his old coach does is just a bonus. Yanks are short on OF prospects. i don’t have to be in his head. He’s pulled off a lot more great ones though. Ah shoot, I should have saved this for when the Nationals sign Harper…. if he was signed before the trade, he would have had more value. They got more compensation than what the qualified offer would have ( which the yankees would never have given to Gray next offseason ). ! These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. Improved rotation. Add to the fact that Long would need to be added to the 40 man roster and his blocked at 2b makes it even more understandable that he was traded.  •  With the extension now in place, the trade of Gray differs starkly from Cincinnati’s acquisition of Wood and Roark, each of whom is a pure one-year rental. Quintana who signed the extension early in his career matches up with Gray’s new salary. All three were top 100 prospects entering the 2017 season. They will probably wind up giving a top prospect for 2 months of a pitcher when someone gets hurt. You should have saved this comment for Harper and Machado. Roark is basically a #5, but he’s had some really good years and some really bad ones.

No longer a Cy Young level guy, but if he can give the Cubs 100-150 innings of 4.00 ERA ball, that’s an improvement. Reds currently sitting on a potential gold mine of trade pieces. None of that you rambled on about Sanchez/Bird Etc. Cease was in his first year of A league, so he was more of a gamble than a top prospect. Remember when Pirate fans said this last year?

So what about his road numbers the season before that, with a 3.11 ERA in 2017? Is there a chance that they could be a “mystery team” for Harper? They will start reaping the rewards this year. This Cubs team is projected way lower then I think they will actually come in and with something to prove, I expect they will come out fired up in 2019. But Cash also seems to b one of the few who turn his bad ones into something that actually helps again.

Throw in Suarez and the Yankees will even send Ellsbury with him. Depending on the gray that shows up, I would say pretty fair trade all around, Honestly I’m happy with this trade sinc eheadcase Gray is gone, 7.5 mill off the books and we got a draft pick. I think people over value prospects. Easily could bounce back, and they only traded for him after they locked him into a very reasonable contract. He’s got no place to play in Cincinnati either.

Can I get a draft pick? If he had unlimited money Manny & Bryce would be in pinstripes, … and I’m sure your stance that Jeter gifts Cashman has infinetly more validity than anything else; marinated in reality as it is. Jesus desclafani is a fringe #1 now? New York originally acquired Sanmartin out of the Rangers organization in a swap that sent righty Ronald Herrera to Texas. But I believe in grabbing what u can and having ammo to make a trade.

What they have is inconsistency.

Why wouldn’t it make sense for the Yanks? Can you provide one source that says he’s even close to elite in centerfield? I’d say their rotation is vastly improved and solid….but formidable? Shed Long is blocked by three players.

They aren’t going to give that up for a DH. youre an idiot strike four the 36th pick and a very recent 2nd rounder is a fine return, the yakees liked josh stowers last year but the mariners got him before the yankees could. My A’s haven’t made many moves, the Profar deal is about the only thing of substance but yet the team is weaker than last season, I’m more concerned about what CIN is giving up….if it’s more than Long and a pick, it’s a bad deal, The pick is really what doesn’t make sense they have gotten Taylor trammell and jeter downs in that pick. Gray I have a much bigger problem with giving up talent for him when Keuchel is still out there on the market for just money. GABP – 1.395 for HR I’m surprised Gray signed for so little. Ahhhh but they didn’t BUY anyone which is the whole point stu……I meant dude. LOL. Fans cried and complained still didn’t show up and it forced the team to make a bad trade for Archer.

Nah your just an anti Yankees lunatic. They won’t replace them for the 43 MM they are paying them. Yankees already traded Long 5 minutes after they got him. As a Yankee fan, I do appreciate it when the brass get “The best team that money can buy.” Every fan wants to win, no? Facts. Big turtle spent a sizable amount of time showing the # 36 picks for the last decade, AND THEIR PROGRESS, and you lazily complain that he/she should’ve scoured all of the rest of the picks in each draft to determine if teams overlooked a player? Not a chance. He’ll fit right in with the rest of the Yankee infield. Okay. Exactly. This is painful on a cell. The fact that Fowler made it back to MLB means he’s not “awful”. He lost SO hard on this trade what drugs are you on?? I wouldn’t leave reds out of the wild card talk at this point, I wouldn’t include them in the wildcard talk at this point. Maybe he’s got something left.” But if you watched him, especially from late June on, you realize the injuries have finished this guy off as a premier starter. Shed Long is a loss to the Reds? The winner in this deal is still the Oakland A’s. Or write about sports?

His bat would play really well there. What’s the dollar figure on that extension? Or you wouldn’t respond. Signing Gardner and CC back aren’t exactly great moves. That puts them 16 million short of the luxury tax. WAR needs 2.3 seasons of data to stabilize defense, so please can it with this nonsense. He is a 22-23 year old guy in A ball who is nowhere near a top prospect, and who likely will end up as a middle reliever if he ever makes it at all. That Sanmartin guy has a career BB/SO of 28/177 including 4/58 in 2018 DAMN. And I’d rather be named Regis than Reiver! Than I see Cincinnati as the favorite in that division. He has a .289/.321/.458 slash in over 2,000 minor league plate appearances. Just a guess. Well played Cash.

Stop being a homer, the guy objectively stinks at GMing – if you have unlimited resources and can’t win, you aren’t good.

His what is just an anti Yankees lunatic? The Reds drafted Trammel at #35 a couple of drafts ago.

But sure he has no clue what he is doing. He is their best player, they have made the playoffs 2 years in a row and are trying to make it 3! Which means he’ll most likely have to move to a corner Outfield slot … which sounds like he’s not major league material. 36 pick by recent seasons:

Shed long is a 2B only prospect. And Gray is a guy that has had some #1-2 years and some #5 ones. I agree – the Reds seem to have won the offseason in a big way. I think one more trade is in the works or possibly a free agent signing for a pitcher? I love how Yankees homers think anyone bringing up how bad Cashman is at GMing is “hating” – its facts, and the proof is your lack of winning. you point out Henry Owens who went at #36 but you don’t mention that they passed on Bradley Jr, Fulmer, Snell and Story who were all taken in the next 16 picks (40, 44, 45 and 52)? i’ts happened dozens of times before. Also a 40 man roster situation was taken care of. Should be easy to find a vacancy. Gray’s numbers look much better then they were because Boone had a really, really short leash in the 2nd half with Gray. Funny how you word that. And if there is a legit log jam but he turns himself into a top prospect then you can always package him for some other need. Not saying Gray performed well, but considering how Gray failed to perform in NYY they were able to make up most of the original return. He is getting less than some relievers who’s whole season compared to just Gray’s road stats last year. Hinch Manager, Rays To Decline Options On Charlie Morton, Mike Zunino, Latest On Plans For 2021 Minor-League Season, Mets Sign Mallex Smith, Jose Peraza, Arodys Vizcaino, Brewers Add Quintin Berry To Coaching Staff, Starting Pitching Notes: Kluber, Nats, Orioles, Kolten Wong Has Heard From “At Least” Six Teams, How To Set Up Notifications For Breaking News. So he puts together a 100 win team and it’s his fault the players under-perform?

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