Despite being narcissistic, he has Luther (who is the opposite of who JP is) as a riding partner. Eddie Wachowski is a SSX character who made his debut in SSX Tricky. ", the entire forest began to move down the slope. That's no way to treat your mother. SSX TRICKY - MOBY QUOTE GUIDE V1.5 ----- by FishEye ( First version (v1.0) finished on: June 20, 2002 Updated to v1.5 on: September 13, 2002 - added more quotes This Quote Guide was created using the North American version of SSX Tricky. At age 21, Marty is the shortest male at 5'6. Man, that Moby's always on me.

And if you add that to my poise and class, you have the secret to my success. The judges love me … Although JP didn't properly appear in SSX 3, but Blur (which chronologically took place the year after SSX 3), Mac had him as his rival, while Moby diverted his attention towards Psymon. We like, travel from place to place together, so you know, you hook up with people and get tired of others. He and the character Maya have similar personalities. What do you do when you are not snowboarding? I'm real, it's everything else that's unreal. And Marisol is a ton-o-fun, and wooo! SSX TRICKY: SEEIAH QUOTE GUIDE by Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather Initial Version Completed: August 8, 2002 FINAL VERSION Completed: September 7 ,2002 … Centered... get it? I have many friends around the world, last summer, I was in Ibiza for a while, and then Skiathos, Greece, to chill. If I find an old courier uniform, sometimes I'll like try to sneak into super high-tech companies and try and get passwords and stuff. I dunno why he doesn't like me. According to Marisol's SSX Tricky profile, she used to date JP in between the first and second games, despite the fact JP is 7 or 8 years Marisol's senior. Can't think of any... Oh, I know! Billy Zane, Brodi's voice actor, had a previous connection to the producers of Tricky; even thought of Brodi's concept. This was implied in Brodi's SSX Tricky profile.

Eddie may not be pretty, but he is FAST. He walks his own path - I like that. To unlock Brodi, you must earn one gold medal in any mode in World Circuit. Cutting his teeth in the Alps, and recently, constant training, have helped JP stay at the top of the heap in the SSX Circuit. Marty replaces Mac as in character only in the PAL version. Marty's voice actor is Tobias Pippig, who is known in German-speaking regions as Naruto Uzumaki in the German version of Naruto. At the heart of it all is a very fragile ego that leaves him easily put off his game by the slightest stinging remark. SSX Tricky Marty is Mac's older ex-patriot cousin. Walking the Dog. Be … Legend: F - Freestyle | BX - Boardercross | A - Alpine.

This is supported by the "behind-the-scenes" bit, in the game. Kaori?

Friend(s) Luther (Tricky) Elise (SSX & Blur) Enemy(s) Mac (SSX 3 & SSX) Kaori (SSX) Zoe (Tricky) Moby (Tricky) Brodi (Tricky) Romantic None On my board or my street luge rig - snow or pavement - I have that track totally DIALED. It's possible that JP manipulates people into doing his bidding. With his natural good looks and winning personality, girls want to be with him, and guys want to BE him. What is your greatest strength? Although he has appeared in other games since SSX Tricky, he did not make a proper appearance until SSX (2012). It looks like we don't have any Quotes for this title yet. Yeah, sweeeeet... peeling off hot, sweaty rave chicks, oh yeah, that'd be dope! You seem pretty close to Kaori. He is also very similar to Tane due to them both being surfers. I have a weakness for beautiful women! His family moved to Germany from the US in the early 80s, but still spend the holidays with family back in the states.

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