Hey, Alina, good morning.

We're going to take a break. FORD: Eighty-five miles per gallon. I mean -- TOOBIN: It would be determined by whatever state she happened to be a resident of, but that's not clear where she lived. So that is a big factor either way. The big winner will be revealed on this AMERICAN MORNING. STEPHANIE ELAM, CNN FINANCIAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, more than likely when you hear the name Trim Spa, you think of Anna Nicole Smith. And here's what he had to say about the congresswoman's progress. The godfather of soul's fourth wife, she's also going to be in court, she wants back into the house that they shared. S. O'BRIEN: Five months old.

A svelte Smith, once again, ruled the runway, and basked in the limelight. There is plenty of them here in Davos. I don't know if he is a Green Bay fan, or if he's going to root for Green Bay, but we'll try to get you that important, pertinent information as soon as we can. HUNTER: The locksmith industry is also worried the lock bumping reports may scare the public.

He moved ahead, kept tweeting, at one point telling the president through Twitter, "All children will be poor if we continue with Obama's policies." (END OF VIDEO CLIP) S. O'BRIEN: So there are lots of questions this morning, about just how Anna Nicole Smith died, and of course, even more legal questions. CHAI: Not to this degree, maybe. China is proposing to shut down the north's nuclear facilities and offering energy and economic aid in return. I just wrote that down, "shared norms of the new reality." Now Nichols was trying to cop a plea to avoid the death penalty, but prosecutors said no way. In South Carolina James Brown's children will be in court today. We'll tell you about plans for a sequel. If you think about it, even big companies like Google are saying, we are staying in the startup mindset, and we work in small groups so that we can innovate. S. O'BRIEN: All right, Miles, thanks. It was then that he began to film his weight loss documentary, “Why am I So Fat?”. So there you have it. And it's a favorite site for millions, but not necessarily for law enforcement. We're no longer hearing these stun grenades.

Stephanie Elam, many thanks, from New York. So, if I'm just a person sitting here unemployed, and I hear the president say, hey, we have to be innovative, that's how we're going to create jobs, how is that helping me?

All right. We saw one person call it a legal quagmire: Custody of her baby girl -- and her inheritance. COSTELLO: Elise, stand by. How to swipe an expensive bag of coffee and bump or open a lock with a doctored key -- all available on Youtube. She has an interest in photography and regards herself as an amateur photographer. And in a few weeks, I will be sending a budget to Congress that helps us meet that goal. We'll tell you why law enforcement is very unhappy. Later, she joined the Bridge News where she helped coordinate seamless 24-hour news coverage. The fattest, Vegas. Also, believe it or not, Rupert Murdoch is a huge fan of "Borat." MARCIANO: Isn't it. "V" is for value. There's a very heavy security presence in Jerusalem today; as many as 3,000 policemen and border guards around the city. She won her famous case in the Supreme Court earlier this year, but that didn't resolve the whole thing. It is hard to understand. CNN's senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman, now live in Cairo. A 200-Pound Weight Loss Documentary looks at one man's road to weight loss.

Members of the Arizona delegation sat circled around her empty chair.

Very nice as he would say. S. O'BRIEN: She was trying to get her share of her husband's vast -- her former husband who died, the 89-year-old tycoon, Howard Marshall. Well, over the last year, you have seen President Mubarak take some kind of steps, kind of political steps, to open up the space for this fledgling opposition. Happening this morning in Jerusalem, Muslim protesters clashing with Israeli police at one of the most-disputed pieces of real estate in the Middle East. COSTELLO: I was just wondering -- I know that police -- I don't want to say went kind of gentle on the protesters yesterday, but they certainly didn't use the kind of force they're using today. We met him a year ago, still struggling and calling on friends to help him sew clothes, relying on donated makeup and models to put on shows. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) OBAMA: And let's make sure that what we're cutting is really excess weight.

I haven't met a reporter who said, "Yes, I saw it coming." And they wanted to invest in him, and that's exactly what they did. CROWLEY: He spent eight years in state politics, the last two in national politics. But this has turned serious.

Her parents moved to California in the 1960s and she was raised along with five siblings in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's a hard sell to allies who have already thousands of troops there.

(END VIDEOTAPE) MARCIANO: You really feel like are you out here on the frozen tundra across this sea of ice.

But it's easier said than done, no doubt about it -- Carol. Apparently, the memo did not make it to this Georgia congressman, Paul Brown. Unlike everything else, this is something that will probably be resolved with pretty clear certainty in the immediate future because there's going to have to be a DNA test.

By Stephanie Elam. And I didn't have my ID on me and I had to sit outside. Once we get through tonight, and set things up for tomorrow, it could be another story. Tell us what's going on. Don’t starve yourself. The pictures you are seeing at this moment is this is the Corniche. (on camera): "S" is for skis, whether it's downhill or cross- country. SCOTT STEIGER, PROF. OF METEOROLOGY: We've been plowing since Friday, last Friday. So, how did you score an invite to the State of the Union? At Davos, there is always a lot of talk. No snickering this time. Stephanie Elam of our Money team joins us now from New York. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Completely irresponsible. Health Magazine. Local news from across Southern California. And that's why I am calling for a new jobs bill tonight.

Why? Actually, a few minutes ago, we passed the 12,000 mark, which is an important psychological milestone. Right Pete? Apparently, someone posted on his fan site quoted as saying, "let the hacking begin." “That’s not a little overweight, like, that’s almost 3 times what my weight was supposed to be,” Evans said.

(END VIDEO CLIP) COHEN: Now, the last we heard, the congresswoman was not able to speak and not able to stand on her own. In fact, most popular right now at cnn.com, the autopsy, which is scheduled for this morning for Anna Nicole Smith. She actually paid off $20,000 in debt in a little over two years. FORD: It was amazing. Cheesecake or cheese steak rather without trans fats? Now take a listen to what he said at the State of the Union last year.

Those trees were brown, but now this is picture postcard. And remember, it takes three to six months for a change to become routine.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) OBAMA: We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our times. Plus, you have the will, was there one or wasn't there one? Or cook using all those seemingly random ingredients in your fridge. celebspodium.com Contact us, Know About Brooke Baldwin; Net Worth, Education, Wedding, CNN, Bio, Know About Kaylee Hartung; Height, Husband, CNN, Instagram, Parents, Who Is Quenlin Blackwell? Congress and cabinet members wore black and white ribbons to honor the 19 victims of the Tucson shooting.

They're doing some construction work to try to repair it. Take a look at incoming 18. “I can’t hang out.

Another space walk yesterday, even as NASA has been trying to deal with that Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who was in the midst of that lover's triangle, up in space.

I like his stuff. Weight loss tip #3: Drink LOTS of water. COHEN: Right. The markets are going crazy. And some of them took steps to calm their citizens down. And everyone loves YouTube, right? SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Miles. Every designer, of course, wants a fragrance, and that could be next, too. Roll the tape as they used to say in the broadcast biz. ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey there, good morning. Oh, there you see it as they pan.

That's straight ahead on AMERICAN MORNING, back in just a moment. At least I hope you saw it.

But how do you change that mindset?

It is in the end the biggest question on the Barack Obama bandwagon. He died on Christmas morning of heart failure.

There will also be a legal hearing about DNA testing to determine the father of her baby daughter. S. O'BRIEN: Shocking. Stay with us. VERJEE (voice-over): With Donald Rumsfeld gone, it's Condoleezza Rice's job to sell the Iraq war, and like Rumsfeld, she's taking the heat he used to bare.

MARY ALICE STEVENSON, "HARPER'S BAZAAR": Slowly but surely we'll start to see Richard Chai collaborating for bags, Richard Chai collaborating for jewelry, some perfume, and maybe one day even some underwear.

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