The traits contained in these slots can be changed in game whenever out of combat. I have assigned each Trait a grade using the following rubric: Although one will often prefer a higher-graded trait over a lower-graded one, there are situations where a lower-graded trait will prove more effective (this is especially true for traits in the S grade). Disclosure: it is, because PvE is run more often, by more players, than PvP. Concealed Repairs; Version 6.4.51 - May 9, 2020. Each of them has a different bonus determined by its race-specific innate trait as well as the race-specific pool of selectable Personal traits.

We show you some Cannon and Beam builds for this ship. Otherwise, it is generally recommended that these traits are to be avoided. Race-specific Personal traits (not to be confused with the unchangeable, innate species trait) are optionally selectable Personal traits whose availability is determined by the player race. Reaching level 15 in an R&D school unlocks a specific Personal trait from that school. Personal traits are selectable for each player and can be changed in game whenever out of combat. Energy Refrequencer Heals Hull when Dealing Damage Advanced Targeting Systems Slightly increases critical severity in space combat Tyler's Duality By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Until now, there has not been a whole lot of discussion about which personal traits are useful, and which ones aren't; I hope this post provides the proper foundation for those discussions to begin among new and experienced players, alike. Should be avoided, as trait has no foreseeable use in any situation (that would warrant selection over a higher-graded trait). If it becomes easier to increase its duration, it could definitely see a half-tier bump.

Causal Entanglement • Chronometric Diffusion • Chronoplasty • Degeneration • Paradox Bomb • Recursive Affliction • Spread Decay • Tachyonic Conversion • Temporal Narcosis • Uncertainty Burst, Channeled Deconstruction • Heisenberg Amplifier • Entropic Redistribution • Causal Reversion • Entropic Cascade • Shared Fate • Rapid Decay • Gravimetric Conversion • Chronometric Inversion Field • Timeline Collapse • Recursive Shearing, Generate Ablative Protection • Gravitic Induction Field • Harmonized Shields • Logic Bomb • Overload Power Cells • Technical Mishap • Throw Regenerative Nanite Canister • VISOR Emulation Overlay •, Null Pointer Flood • Narrow Sensor Bands • Reroute Shields to Hull Containment • Align Shield Frequencies • Deploy Gravitic Induction Platform • Energy Weapons: Exceed Rated Limits • Torpedoes: Nanite Repair Payload • Destabilize Warp Core • Overwhelm Power Regulators • Mixed Armaments Synergy. If you are doing space missions, just choose the ones for space and if you are doing ground missions, just choose the ones for ground. You may have already seen some suggestions in our PvE-DPS-Basics. I'll admit my first-hand experience with PvP is low, so I'm happy to solicit suggestions on this point, and make adjustments accordingly. Until level 60, 2 additional personal trait slots (1 ground, 1 space) are unlocked every 10 levels, resulting in a total of 18 slots (9 ground, 9 space) available at max-level (total of 20 for Alien characters). March 8, 2020 Ship Builds | 29 (by @minerk, thx a lot) Hi everyone, here is our suggestion for the latest Event Ship, the Kithomer Class Alliance Battlecruiser T6. "O" - for "One/Off builds", or "Only under certain uses" although some might see this as "zero" and confuse it with "F", "X" - although some might confuse this with "F" for "avoid" (might not be a bad thing since you should generally avoid these traits anyways). Re-doing my traits, I noticed one was missing from your list: inelastic collisions, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A Subreddit dedicated to Mechanics and how to apply them to Builds for the MMO Star Trek Online. Reputation traits might be easier; we'll see. For announcements on Mobile please see the “About” Tab, Press J to jump to the feed. Improves performance of a build's healing abilities. Auxiliary Power Configuration (Offense) [+X% All Damage Based on Auxiliary Power Level] - Nukara Reputation, Precision [+4% CritH] - Romulan Reputation, Advanced Targeting Systems [+16% CritD] - Dyson Reputation, Chrono-Capacitor Array [+7.5% Bridge Officer Abiltiy Recharge Speed] - Temporal Defense Iniative. :). Trait: Anti-Time Entanglement Singularity, Trait: Auxiliary Power Configuration - Defense, Trait: Auxiliary Power Configuration - Offense, Trait: Deploy Sensor Interference Platform, Trait: Piezo-Electric Weapon Amplification, Trait: Restorative Protomatter Specialist/boff, Trait: Streamlined Retrofit Engineering/boff, Should only be slotted for specialized roles, builds, and/or circumstances. Personal traits through Research and Development, Personal traits/Race-specific Personal traits, An example of Beam Overload being used against a Nausicaan vessel. This category has only the following subcategory. When it gets finalized and put in the wiki ill unsticky it. Beams: Overload in its current state now applies to all Beam Weapons in a fashion similar to. Performance is improved by use of hangar pets. In many other video game Ranking systems, "S" is higher than "A". Races available to more than one faction, such as Alien or Liberated Borg, have the same trait choices available regardless of faction. Can we get an updated link to your ground builds now that STO academy has changed formats? Each player starts with 6 personal trait slots, 3 each for ground and for space combat (4 each for Alien characters). its a decent trait and if you’re a kdf toon using disruptor, fed toon using phaser, rom toon using plasma and jem toon using polaron its a good one , You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, A brief guide to getting the most out of Hangar Pets, Give your All (R&D eng lvl 15) or Repair Crews (Lock Box / Exchange) or Ablative Shell (Lock box / Exchange, Terran Targeting System (Emperor Lockbox / Exchange), (Superior) Beam/Cannon Training (free or K13 fleet holding for Superior), Context is for Kings (Lockbox / Exchange), A Good Day to Die (Lockbox / Exchange | Tac) or Nadion Bypass and  eps Overload (Lockbox / Exchange |Eng) or Photonic Reinforcement (lockbox / Exchange | Sci), Redirecting Arrays (Tactical Miracle Worker Cruiser), Calm Before the Storm (Cardassian Intel Flight-Deck Cruiser), Controlled Countermeasures (Temporal Rep), Auxiliary Power Configuration – Offense (Nukara T4), Bombardier (Vaadwaur Lock Box / Exchange), Emergency Personal Cloaking Device (Terran T3). If you are confused about the placement of a trait, I heavily encourage discussion in the comments below! Personal Traits Accurate Space Trait. Some of the traits above a really expensiv, if you don’t have the money for that, we are recommending the following traits: Accurate Astrophysicist (if romulan: Romulan Operative) Beam Barrage (R&D beam level 15) Elusive Beam Training Fleet … Huge amount of appreciation for this. While this list claims it is not specific to PVE or PVP, I still see it somewhat biased in favor of PVE content. Avoid.

Star Trek Online Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. For those who don't, well, Last Ditch Effort for this particular niche might be as good as any other trait, which is why it's in S, and not D or F. If you're not trying to get the miraculously-low GDF damage bonus, you actually get far better durability returns from other, higher-graded traits (Ablative Shell and Nanite Repair Matrix are better "uptime" traits; stuff like Coalition Starship Tactics, Elusive, and Give Your All are better passive traits), not least because Damage Resistance Rating gets pummeled by diminishing returns hard. What follows is what I hope will be the definitive tier table of every currently-available personal space trait. *The Profession-Specific trait for engineering and science captains is different than for tacticals. I've also tried not to severely demerit those traits that are more useful in PvP over PvE (particularly true of some of the Control traits). You might have missed the S13 memo, then. In this guide we will give you a complete overview about recommend traits for space PvE and ground PvE. Should only be slotted after all A, B, and C traits have been exhausted. Personal Space Traits.

Space Traits are innate abilities that affect players while aboard a ship in Space and not while on the Space.

Improves the speed and/or maneuverability of a build. Thank you for spending time on this. Deadly Aim (Reputation: Dyson Joint Command – Rank 1 @Tier 1, Rank 2 @Tier 6) +20% Critical Severity. Traits can be changed in every social zone. Last modified: 11 December 2016 at 22:36. Further updates will be considered as I receive feedback after it has been posted, and I'll also make changes (if appropriate) once the new skill system goes live. When comparing traits, remember to keep in mind both the Grade and the Class: you will always want to prioritize those traits that correspond best to the equipment, powers, and abilities applicable to your build.

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