Highlighted. More information on how this feature works can be found. My runs, too, are indicating I'm running twice as far as I actually ran and at a speed that would put me on a better than world record pace!

Today we did shuttle runs of a mountain bike downhill track that is next to the road. Does Strava plan to address this in a future release?

Is there any way to amend this? Finally - I've left this page open for comments in order to get feedback about the article itself and how it can be more helpful; if you have specific questions about your own segments, etc. Installed Strava and a GPX Route Tracker. New Member ‎18-03-2019 09:08 PM. I use Garmin for road cycling and it is very good with no errant points. I use the iPhone 4. If you make the assumption that people aren't running on the roofs of buildings (generally safe) there could be a "lock to street grid" mode which could correct some of the issues.

- please create a support ticket.

If a segment didn't match your activity, but you think it should have - you can request that the Strava support team review and attempt to force that segment to match your ride or run. Thanks for your thoughts, Matt. Here is some more information about, You can create a manual activity to account for the lost mileage - although this won't count toward Strava Challenges and won't match to any segments. In some cities it might also help if the map data were leveraged alongside the GPS data. Most of me doesn't care, but would love more accurate data.

Most notably, some f... A few weeks ago, we rolled out new algorithms to catch impossible efforts upon uploads. Bad GPS data can result in your activities on Strava having missing or extra distance recorded; segments not matched at all or recorded inaccurately; inaccurate elevation data; inaccurate achievements such as estimated best efforts; and more. More information can be found here.Because we're dealing with extremely fast signals requiring precise detection, any slight inaccuracy in the signal's reception, or disturbance to the signal itself, can translate to a significant dislocation of your reported position. The best way for you to get rapid and personal support is still to create a support ticket - so in light of that I'm going to close this thread for comments. For people having problems with iPhone GPS data, I honestly think it is the iPhone and not the app. We did 15 runs and I have 1 of the runs with a 50s time vs all the other runs that are over 2 mins.

thanks for the article -- I have a related issue; a friend and I regularly run / bike together and his Strava app records a longer distance than my Strava app. Galaxy Watch Strava not recording speed and distance. We use the term "bad GPS data" to describe any circumstance where your GPS device records location (or other) data that does not accurately represent your activity.

Todd; there isn't any specific plan to implement a feature like this - but rest assured that we're keeping it in mind and always working on improvements. I rebooted my iPhone 4s and the GPS is working well again, so far. For more information on how this feature can be found, Your friend can send you their file so that you can upload it to your own account. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. I'm using the iPhone app and haven't had a problem until my last 2 activities.

We cannot adjust your time on a segment, however. Here is some more information on. For example this weekend, my mileage was 9.6M and his was 10.2 for a 10M run, we ran side-by-side and the course was likely closer to 10.2M than 9.6M. Is there a way to remove the one faulty segment run without cropping the ride into 2 parts and cutting the bad segment run out. One of your competitors allows you to modify the route post ride, ie manually drag the "straight line bad data" portion to fit the road. If it was just a bad data thing you have thought the regular half k alerts would have been affected? People tend to have these data problems with particular devices that do not have good firmware with their GPS or are possibly outdated.

Your device may have simply lost a connection to GPS satellites and did not record any data.

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